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Publication Order of Irish Hearts Books

Irish Thoroughbred (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sullivan's Woman (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Irish Rose (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Irish Rebel (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Irish Hearts series is a very well known series of contemporary, romance, and fiction books. It is written by a top ranked and bestselling novelist from America named Nora Roberts. The series consists of three books in total, which were released between the years 1981 and 2000. All the books of this romance series feature a different set of chief characters. They are mostly depicted in the form of male and female pairs, who go on to fall in love and cherish their unbreakable bond of relationship. Author Roberts has shown the character in a variety of setups in different places in the United States. The book’s plot settings, storylines, character sketches, etc., are all very fantastic. This enabled the books to reach out to far and wide places and became immensely successful. A number of readers from across the globe appreciated the stories and expressed their desires to read many more similar stories from author Roberts. Many of them showered their love on the novels and praised them with excellent reviews and ratings. Even numerous prominent critics took notice of the excellent novels and appreciated the dedicated efforts of Roberts in coming up with all the exciting stories. Roberts also ended up getting praised by her fellow authors, all of whom liked the books a lot and did not stop praising them with highly motivating words.

Among the prominent characters described by Roberts in the three books, the ones liked by the audiences very much include Travis Grant, Adelia Cunnane, Burke Logan, Erin McKinnon, Brian Donnelly, Keeley Grant, etc. The settings are shown taking place mostly in Maryland, U.S., in addition to several other places as well. The books were to achieve the tremendous amount of successes mainly due to the unique writing style of Roberts. This is highly evident in most of her novels. And because of her unique characterizations and plotlines, she has managed to become a bestselling novelist. Over the years of her writing career, Roberts has successfully kept up her reputation and managed to produce high quality projects from time to time. She is now regarded as a master in her art of writing romance stories, and numerous upcoming writers from today’s generation take inspiration from her works.

The debut book of the Irish Hearts book series written by Nora Roberts is entitled ‘Irish Thoroughbred’. It was released by the Silhouette Books in the year 1981. The book consists of the central characters in the roles of Adelia Cunnane and Travis Grant. Its setting is done in Maryland, United States by author Nora Roberts. At the start of the book’s story, it is depicted that Adelia Cunnane is an Irish by origin and has stayed in Ireland since her birth. One day, she gets a letter from her uncle staying in America asking her to come and live with him on the finest horse-farm in all of Maryland. As soon as Adelia Cunnane gets the letter, she becomes restless to go the exciting adventure in America with her beloved uncle. When Adelia arrives in Maryland and sees the horse farm with her own eyes, she agrees with each of the descriptions that her uncle had said about it. And in no time Adelia Cunnane falls in love with the natural beauty of the farm and the wide variety of horses on it. Adelia Cunnane come to know that the farm is owned by a man named Travis Grant, who strikes her as an altogether different personality. The more she sees him the more she feels the urge to know many more things about him.

After spending some time in Maryland and visiting the horse-farm on a daily basis, Adelia Cunnane learns that Travis Grant has the ability of mastering even the strongest and the most wild horse on his farm. When Adelia saw his eyes, she felt something deep inside them. It felt to her as if Travis has turned himself into a tough man, but his heart is still soft from the inside. Soon after, Travis Grant also begins taking interest in her and the two come very close. A sense of love and passions develops between them and start seeing each other as passionate lovers. The first time Travis puts his lips on Adelia’s, she feels the demand of a high level of submission to him, which she thinks she is not yet ready to provide. But, when he starts singing the magical words in her praise, Adelia Cunnane could not prevent herself anymore from giving up herself completely to him. They commit to a passionate relationship and live the rest of their lives in one another’s care and love.

The series’ next excellent installment is called ‘Irish Rose’. This book was also published by Silhouette in 1992, after its original release in 1988. Roberts has mentioned the primary characters of this book as Erin McKinnon and Burke Logan. This novel’s story too takes place Ireland and Maryland. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is shown that Burke Logan lived all his life as a gambler. His shining luck helped him become the owner of a fine stable called Three Aces, located in Maryland. One day, he decided to visit Ireland in order to purchase some fine horses to add to his farm. There, he sees Erin McKinnon and becomes a huge admirer of the fiery beauty of the young lady. Burke Logan expresses his desire to make Erin McKinnon his own forever and makes up his mind not to leave Ireland without her. He becomes sure that he will be returning with a lot precious things than just fine horses. Erin McKinnon is shown as having big ambitions in life and always dreams to make it big someday. Being born and brought up in a small town in Ireland called Skibbereen, She did not intend to live there for all her life. Erin Mckinnon wishes to move out and make her dreams come true. And after seeing Burke Logan, Erin knew that he was the man who could help her achieve all that she desperately wanted in life. As soon as Burke Logan offers Erin to visit America along with him, Erin became certain that the time had come for her to grasp the opportunity for gaining success. She could not refuse Burke’s offer and accompanies him to the Land of Opportunities. Burke appeared to Erin as a man she must reckon with. From the time they first met, Erin McKinnon became sure that even if she goes on to lose, she will end up winning. Burke seemed to be the perfect man for her, who would always love her and keep her happy no matter what they face in their lives ahead. This novel also turned out to be a great success for Nora Roberts and her career.

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