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Publication Order of Isaac Bell Adventures Books

By: Clive Cussler, Jack Du Brul, Justin Scott

Chronological Order of Isaac Bell Adventures Books

By: Clive Cussler, Jack Du Brul, Justin Scott

The Isaac Bell series is a series of detective fiction and adventure novels written by one of the noteworthy authors of America named Clive Cussler. There is a total of 9 books published in the series between the years 2007 and 2016. Each of the novels of the series is set in the western region of the United States during the early years of the 20th century. All the novels of the series feature the main character in the form of Isaac Bell, who is depicted as an investigator working for the Van Dorn Detective Agency. Author Clive Cussler has described the detective agency based on another popular investigative agency known as the Pinkerton Agency. The character of Isaac Bell shows a lot of similarities with the other famous character developed by author Clive Cussler known as Dirk Pitt. Both the characters are very much fond of cars and are considered to be crack shots. Each and every novel of the series is regarded as a techno-thriller despite the fact the they are set in a time period of approximately a hundred years ago. Author Clive Cussler has described the use of a lot of advanced technology during that time frame.

A few of the technologies widely used throughout the series include telegraphs, railroad tunnels, battleships, etc. The character of Isaac Bell is more like a dedicated private investigator, who does not like any kind of nonsense. The physical appearance of him is similar to that of a tall and thin man with blonde hair and a cunning brain. He is said to be the son of a man named Ebenezer Bell, a fictional and prominent banker, and the grandson of another prominent banker named Isaiah Bell based in Boston. In the later parts of the series, it is shown that Isaac Bell gets married to a woman named Marion Morgan. The first novel of the Isaac Bell series introduces Bell as the new and electrifying hero, who is mostly driven by his strict sense of common justice to all. He keeps chasing the killers and thieves and does not rest until he becomes successful in catching them. The fact that the series depicts a new and audacious historical adventure series has made many readers to like it very much and eventually become one of the bestselling series. The success of the series also helped author Clive Cussler in becoming a New York Times bestselling author and regarded as the master of the historical adventure novels.

The first novel of the Isaac Bell series written by author Clive Cussler was published under the title ‘The Chase’. It was released by the G.P. Putnam & Sons publishing house. Before this novel, author Clive Cussler had been entertaining the readers with a number of action, suspense, and thriller novels. And with the plot of this novel, he has once again produced a wild and entertaining thriller novel. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, author Clive Cussler has shown the time period of April 1950, in which the steam locomotive engines used to run around all around the waters of the Montana lake. One such locomotive carried the dead bodies who were believed to have died around 44 years ago. However, the people of Montana do not seem interested in the locomotive or the remains that is carried, instead they were more interested in knowing what was going to happen next. After this, the plot of the novel is taken back to the time of the year 1906, in which the author has shown that the all the western states were witnessing a series of criminal activities for the past couple of years. A man was committing a series of bank robberies and was murdering all the witnesses in a cold blooded manner.

After committing the crimes, he used to vanish and was not found anywhere. Being fed up with the increasing criminal activities by the man who was notoriously called as the Butcher Bandit, the American government hires the best man that it could in the form of the private investigator named Isaac Bell. Just like the robber, Bell was also famous for carrying out his duties with a great dedication. He used to catch the killers and thieves wherever he went. However, this case was a tough challenge for him. He begins on the trail of catching the sharpest criminal he had ever seen in the middle of the calamitous fire and earthquake throughout Arizona, Colorado, and San Francisco. In the pursuit of the deadly criminal, Isaac Bell comes to know that there is a woman who is the only person knowing the true identity of the bandit and therefore, he begins to chase her also. Bell makes use of all the science, technology, intuition, and deduction that he could, but becomes successful in getting only a little near to the bandit. Even though the outcomes of his dedicated efforts seem very small, Bell seems satisfied that he is having some effect on the activities of the sharpest criminal. He becomes able to make the quarry of the bandit angry enough to chase him back. He finds it very much useful to get closer to the mastermind criminal. This way Bell becomes successful in making the hunter as hunted. He seems to have made up his mind to use all his skills to counteract the deadly criminal and survive his attacks.

The second novel of the Isaac Bell series was published under the title ‘The Wrecker’. It was released by the Putnam Adult publishing house. The plot of this novel is set during the year 1907 and continues to depict the investigative activities of the main character Isaac Bell in trying to bring down the crime in the city. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, a number of incidents take place in the Southern Pacific Railroad including fires, train wrecks, and explosions. The company becomes very much desperate and contacts the Van Dorn Agency for help. The agency sends its best man, Isaac Bell. Soon, he discovers that a mysterious man in haunting the jungles of the West. He also learns about a man called as the Wrecker, who hires henchmen for attacking the railroad and then murders them. He strikes whatever place he wishes to and causes enormous damage as well as lost of life and property. In the middle of his small and petty damaging activities, the Wrecker seems to be working on a plan to cause a large scale damage. Now, it is up to Bell to stop him from doing a large scale destruction and safeguard the future of the country. Just like the first novel of the series, this novel too is filled with dazzling and intricate plots, which help to make it a complete entertaining thriller novel.

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