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Isaac Marion is a popular American musician and author known for writing science fiction and fantasy novels. He is particularly famous for writing the bestselling zombie romance series known as Warm Bodies. Author Marion was born on December 30, 1981 at a place near Seattle. He mostly resided in and around the city. Marion has even stayed in Portland for some times. Before penning the Warm Bodies book series, author Marion had self published 3 other novels. Later, he wrote and published the first book of the bestselling series in 2010. This book received a lot of appreciation and gained critical acclaim from several literary publications, including The Seattle Times, Paste, and The Guardian. Noteworthy authors such as Stephenie Meyer and Audrey Niffenegger also praised the original story penned by Marion. The novel’s film rights were acquired by Summit Entertainment. The novel was eventually made into a Hollywood film of the same name, in 2013 which was directed and written by popular director Jonathan Levine. The film starred Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, and Nicholas Hoult in the lead roles. In January same year, author Marion finished writing a prequel novella to the first book under the name of The New Hunger. It was published in the form of an ebook by the Zola Books. After the release of the novella, author Marion informed that the series will comprise of 4 books in total. The first real sequel of the debut book was released in February 2107. For promoting the release of the sequel, the author co-directed a novel trailer along with Micah Knapp. This trailer was premiered on the Hypable. Author Marion has also published a short story called Jerry Lives Forever. Its release was a joint venture by the literary non-profit organization known as Tethered By Letters. In addition to writing novels, author Marion has even written music. He is credited to have written a solo album in 2007 called Dead Children. This music album has the pen name Moon Colony.

Marion considers the music album as a companion element to his first book. Author Marion was involved with an indie/electronic duo rock band as a member for a short duration. This band was called The Tallest Building in World and consisted of the guitarist named Jared McSharry. Marion and McSharry’s pair released a single concept album in 2005 named Look Down. Author Marion has made both his albums available for downloading via Bandcamp. Besides being involved in the fields of writing and music composing, author Marion also likes to do painting and photography. The Simon and Schuster publication has written a biography of author Marion in which it is stated that Marion chose to let go his college education in order to get direct experience. The result of this direct experience and exposure was that he took to writing while he was still studying in high school. Author Marion spent most of his initial years growing up in the regions of Pacific Northwest. There, he took up various odd jobs, including being a security guard, heating installer, visitation supervisor, etc. After the release of Warm Bodies and its eventual inclusion in the New York Times bestselling list, Marion’s life took a turn for a greater good. His book got translated into more than 25 foreign languages all over the world, and has inspired many other aspiring writers as well. As of today, author Marion stays in Seattle along with his pet cat named Watson. He likes to be in the company of all kinds of pets, including dog, mouse, rabbit, horse, cat, salamander, goat, guinea pig, fish, frog, snail, rat, etc. Marion’s most favorite travel destination is Antartica. He wishes to be buried under the ice in Antartica after dying.

The Warm Bodies series written by Isaac Marion is comprised of 3 novels and 1 novella altogether, which were released between the years 2010 and 2017. The debut novel of this series is entitled ‘Warm Bodies’. It was released by the Atria publication in the year 2010. Author Marion has introduced the chief characters in this book as Nora, Perry Kelvin, M, Julie Grigio, and R. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that R is a zombie, but he does not have any crisis in his life in living the life of a zombie. R does not know his identity, nor does he have any memory. Just like every other fellow zombie, he too doesn’t have any pulse. However, he looks to be a little different from his fellows. He refrains from eating people and rather than hunting the humans, he spends his time riding the abandoned escalators on an airport. R listens to Sinatra while staying inside a 747 airplane that he considers home. Sometimes, he even goes out to collect souvenirs from the civilization’s ruins. Soon after, R comes across a girl, a human. At first, R keeps her as his captive, but does not hurt or kill her. Later, he treats her as his guest, although the girl seems reluctant to be so. This girl, Julie Grigio, seems to have appeared in R’s life as a ray of color in the otherwise gray landscape of his life. After having spent some time with Julie, something starts to bloom inside R. He develops a feeling of love towards and decides to protect her from other zombies at all costs. However, the unlikely bond of Julie and R is surely going to cause unimaginable ripples in their lives and cause a lot of chaos. They will have to put up a great fight to beat the odds and stay together.

The next book written by Marion is called ‘The Buring World’. This book was also published by Atria in 2017. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is depicted that R is on the course of recovery from his death. He is learning to breathe, speak, and live like a human. He is not rushing at things and taking one step at a time. R does not remember his previous life and doesn’t even wish to as he is starting to build a new and interesting one with the lovely Julie. However, it appears that his old life has come to haunt him. Another host from the plague that brought the Dead has arrived and he looks far more dangerous. The plague has come to send the world back to the old days of control and stability, where the strong eat away the weak. It would take a great deal of effort and fighting to stop this from happening. The frightening journey will take R and his lover Julie into the surreal American wastelands, and into R’s mind’s shadowy basement.

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