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Publication Order of Ever After Books

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About Isabel Bandeira

American novelist Isabel Bandeira has been making waves throughout the literary industry, creating a name for herself that is currently resonating worldwide. Reaching readers from all backgrounds, she has been able to establish herself with her uniquely styled contemporary fairy tales for a modern audience. These stories are both magical and engaging, combining realistic protagonists with fantastical worlds, as they appeal to an audience of Young Adult readers.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up surrounded by an assortment of castles, cathedrals and ancient tombs, it’s no wonder that the writing career of Isabel Bandeira took the trajectory that it did. Inspired greatly by her surroundings, she would use it all as material to feed into her work, creating imaginative and highly evocative worlds and literary landscapes. Spending much of her time between Portugal and Southern New Jersey, she would come to experience a lot during her lifetime, seeing and doing a lot, much of which would come to shape her outlook and her stories.

Working as a mechanical engineer during the day, she uses her creativity to build exciting new mechanical devices, which she balances alongside her reading and writing. This then has allowed her to create an inventive and imaginative backlog of work, much of which has gone on to inspire scores of readers worldwide. Currently living in South Jersey with her small black cat, she continues to write to this very day, putting out work at a regular and ever consistent pace.

Writing Career

Largely focusing on her ‘Ever After’ series of novels so far, Isabel Bandeira is a writer who’s fascinated with fairy tales and the folklore surrounding them. Updating them for a contemporary audience, she has propelled them into this century, creating something entirely new and exciting in the process. Over time she has also concentrated on the Young Adult demographic too, setting herself apart from other writers by writing about stories that concern her personally.

Combining magic with elements of the paranormal, Bandeira has created a rich and evocative world that really is fully immersive for the reader. Writing her first book in 2016, she would make her literary debut with the novel ‘Bookishly Ever After’, which she would later follow up with ‘Dramatically Ever After’ in 2017, and ‘Practically Ever After’ in 2019. This has lead to a rich and inventive writing career so far, definitely marking her as a writer to watch in the following years to come.

Dramatically Ever After

Initially brought out on the 6th of June in 2017, this was set to be the second book to come out in the ongoing ‘Ever After’ series of novels. Released through the ‘Spencer Hill Press’ publishing outlet, this would reach an already eager audience of fans worldwide, following hot off the fame of the first title. Providing another story only thematically linked to the first, it’s easy to pick up, providing a fun and casual read that’s entertaining and engaging in equal measure.

Telling individual stories, these books are essentially modern fairy tales for a teenage audience of modern readers. Combining romance with a dash of magic, they really do manage to draw the reader into their rich and evocative worlds, allowing them to feel a part of the action. This time focusing on the relationship of high-school students Em Katsaros and Kris Lambert, it really brings them to life off of the page. With a clear ear for dialogue as well, Bandeira creates characters that her readers can really relate to, making them resonate with her audience regardless of their background.

Everything seems to have mounted up on the plate of one Em Katsaros, a high-school student in her senior year attempting to make sense of everything. Needing to gain a scholarship to get into her chosen university, along with her dad being laid-off, it seems that she’s really up against the elements and, to top it off, her leading man is thousands of miles away. Then, gaining a spot on the US Youth Change Council, she’s all set to head off to Boston with the aim of winning a much coveted scholarship for herself. That’s when news arrives that, horror of horrors, her arch nemesis Kris Lambert is coming as well, as the two of them pretend to like each other in order to manipulate one another, but this soon starts to become more complicated as feelings overcome them both. What are they really both looking for with each other? Can they sort fact from fiction? Will they live dramatically ever after?

Practically Ever After

First released through the ‘Spencer Hill Press’ publishing imprint once again, this would provide the third title in the ‘Ever After’ series. Giving the readers another story thematically linked to the first two titles, it carries on in a similar vein, directed at a Young Adult audience of readers. Originally published on the 29th of January in 2019, this would offer more of what the readers have now come to expect from the series, whilst also providing some exciting new twists of its own along the way.

Coming off the back of the previous title, this provides an insight into the imagination of Isabel Bandeira for a third time. Following on thematically, it this time takes a look into the life of high-school Grace Correa, showing her as a more pragmatic character. This allows Bandeira to uproot her entire world-view, creating a sense of conflict that really resonates with its teenage audience. Regardless of where they come from, this is a story with a worldwide appeal, as it taps into a universal feeling.

Planning everything out to the last detail, Grace Correa has her whole life set, as she sees her entire as a finely tuned equation. Set to attend the university of her choice, she has the perfect friends and the perfect life at Pine Central high-school, with maximum success planned for her future. That’s when everything seems to fall apart as, during her final project, work gets on top of her, with her friendship with her best friend Leia falling apart as well. This is when she’s presented with romance and love, something which she had never planned for, as it threatens to turn over her entire world. Will she find something new and succumb to it? Can she still live the life she always wanted? What happens after Grace plans to live practically ever after?

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