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Chasing Red is the first book in Red series by Isabelle Ronin. The story introduces the readers to a character named, Veronica Strafford, a young woman does not trust strangers quickly, but she cannot ignore the fact that she is homeless and she is not in a position to decline an offer made to her by Caleb to stay in his apartment. Despite how this situation looks now, Veronica has no other alternative than to accept the offer made to her by Caleb.

On the other hand, Caleb cannot believe his eyes when he spots a goddess in red. Having Veronica in his apartment would be pure torture, but to him, it is worth it. The only problem is that Caleb is a man who is used to getting whatever he wants, exactly when he wants it but the goddess in red is not ready to give Caleb what he mostly crucial desires-her heart.

Chasing Red the first story in the series is brilliantly written, the author compounds so many feelings in the story keeping the readers wanting more. Isabelle has the abilities to create a cast of characters surrounding the main characters and still not lose track of the whole plot. The characters are funny, and just like any human being, they have their flaws, they are troubled, and are also entirely reasonable.

Isabelle has created main characters that are likable, strong-willed and who are so real and not superhuman. For instance, there is Verona, the heroine of the story, she is a tough character, and she is also so faithful and real to herself. It is revealed that her past was not an easy one, it was a troubled one, and this significantly influenced the type of person she is today, – she is reserved. Deep down herself, she feels like is she lets out too much of herself she will be giving people the power to break her and thus why she at first behave so different when she meets the hero of this story.

On the other hand, we meet Caleb, the hero of this story who is the embodiment of easy going. It is not that he is an irresponsible man; it is just that he always a smile on his face regardless of the situation that he faces. He is somehow a “loner,” he lives alone in a big apartment, and above all, he is the sexiest man in his school. However, he is a man who gets what he wants regardless of the situation. He has every girl in school he wants, but he is completely caught off guard by red goddess reaction to him. He is a man who cares; he is sweet more so when around Veronica.

Chasing Red focuses on the two characters, Caleb and Veronica, called Red by Caleb because of the color of the dress that she wore during the night that the two met. The plot is straightforward. The knight in the shining armor offers the damsel in distress a place to live before she refocuses on her life. Caleb is a black knight because he is a shameless player. However, the moment that he sets his eyes on Red, everyone in the whole world ceases to exist, and he is not only willing to give her shelter, but he will not stop at anything until he wins her heart.

However due to Veronica’s painful upbringing, she has very serious trust issues especially when it comes to men, and regardless of the efforts that Caleb tries to make, she is too afraid of letting him in for fear of getting herself hurt. Instead, Veronica pushes away the only man who has ever loved her unconditionally, but the big question is, will Caleb ever win Veronica’s heart?

Being from a wealthy family, Caleb has never had any problem with getting attention from girls, but despite his popularity, he had an “empty” space that often made him lonely. Until the day he met Vero in a club where he saved her from the advances from other female admirers. At first, Vero rejected her but on the very same night, their roles reversed, and Caleb rescued her in a big way by letting her stay at his apartment.

At first, Caleb would flirt with Vero, but as time went on, he became more focused on winning her heart. The chemistry between the two is sweet and gradually develops into a strong bond. Chasing Red is full of young adult adventure, and is narrated from multiple points of views.

Always Red

From the time that Red discovered that she had pushed her man too far and he may soon vanish forever, Red acknowledged her mistake; she now wants him back, she wants to be with him, and she does not want him to walk away.

In the second installment, it is not Caleb fighting for Red, but the other way round, because she pushed him away too many times and said lots of cruel things to him by protecting her heart without noticing that she was breaking his heart instead.

So now Veronica is on a mission, to get her man back for she cannot live without him and she is determined to make him understand that she needs him badly. At first, she attempted to find him, but then he was gone nowhere to be seen. Then Caleb, at last, came back, but a different man- emotionless.

However, despite his changes, Veronica wants her man back, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that she rekindles their love- a bond that held them stronger such that only fate would separate them.

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