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Isle of Destiny Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Isle of Destiny Books

Author Tricia O’Malley writes the “Isle of Destiny” series of novels. The series began publication in the year 2016, when “Stone Song” was released.

“Stone Song” is the first novel in the “Isle of Destiny” series, which was released in the year 2016. Clare MacBride has put her life in order just how she wants it. In just one year, she is going to have her geology dissertation finished up, however, she is not any closer to answer the one question that keeps nagging her. Why does she feel stones pulsing with energy?

A curse that is centuries-old, a group of protectors, as well as a mythological Godstone adds up to ancient world fairy tale nonsense to Clare. A rain-filled evening with a silver eyed fae and a handsome stranger that promise to protect her that changes her whole world forever.

Her plans for her life lie shattered at her feet, the lines of both fiction and science are blurred. Clare has to throw all that she thought she knew out of the window and look into her heart for answers.

“Sword Song” is the second novel in the “Isle of Destiny” series, which was released in the year 2017. Sasha Flanagan lives literally by the sword. She deals and collects antique blades, and she is an expert with a sword. Her life’s work has been to accomplish her goal to own one of the best weaponry galleries in the entire world.

Killer fae that pop up out of dark alleys are not a part of her carefully thought out life plan.

Sasha quickly finds she is pulled into a centuries-old curse, which she has the leading role in, which comes as a big surprise. Sasha is required to find some mythological sword while she is joined by some magical beings, which shakes her entire understanding of the world as she has come to know it. The added in distraction of a very handsome protector, who’s name is Declan, is far from what she really needs right now.

Declan has actually been shadowing Sasha since they were both young children. He has spent his youth growing up with her and silently been watching each move she makes. When her heart aches, his does too, and his pride swells with each of her accomplishments. Even if she doesn’t want his help, Declan is willing to die before he sees her harmed in any way shape or form. The clock on this quest runs low, Sasha is not sure which is currently in more danger. Her life or her heart.

“Spear Song” is the third novel in the “Isle of Destiny” series, which was released in the year 2017. Gwenith Donovan, always cheerful, is happy with how her life is going. She owns a hobby store, maintains a collection of comics that makes her nerd heart sing with joy. She even keeps up a daily argument with Macgregor (her chubby cat). She zero interest in a romance to wreck the happy routine she has, and is content just to spend each day managing her store and then having a pint at night with her buddies at the pub in the village.

One single moment changes it all, when Gwen finds out she might really be living in a magical fantasy of her own.

Because Lochlain Laird is a high sorcerer, he is not used to taking orders. But even he cannot disobey Goddess Danu after she punishes him for making a life altering decision. Danu forces Loch to leave the fae realm so that a distracted woman will stay on her quest. Loch, who feels this task is beneath him, remains surly as he attempts to do his best to ensure she doesn’t get killed by the evil Domnua. The whole time, he tries to ignore the unexpected charms she is armed with.

The tension continues to build during their quest to break this centuries-old curse, and Loch has to learn how to set aside his ego. Gwen must trust in her powers before all that they are fighting for is gone forever.

“Sphere Song” is the fourth novel in the “Isle of Destiny” series, which was released in the year 2018. Neala O’Riordan is no stranger to the spicy and sweet things life has to offer. That’s more due to the fact that she is running her wonderful bakery in Killkenny and less to do with her dating life. She has traded romantic entanglements to pour her attention and love into the increasingly growing business she owns as well as the in-demand sweets she bakes up.

An upset guy dashes into her bakery in the morning, and turns Neala’s life right upside down. She is quickly thrust into a world of fairy tales, and she is given the lead role. Neala is told Ireland’s fate, as well as potentially the rest of the world, rests on her shoulders. It makes her eager to turn around and run for the hills. She is stopped dead in her tracks by the storm in Dagda’s eyes. Dagda is the handsome guy that is going to serve as her protector.

With just one look, Dagda issues a challenge to Neala to stick around and fight it out, accepting her own destiny and change the future’s course. Neala, unable to resist a challenge, throws any caution to the wind and joins an unlikely group of fae and magical humans alike. And it is all while she is being sucked into an adventure of a lifetime.

They all race against time running out so they can end an old curse, and Neala attempts to do her best to keep her heart protected from falling for her alluring protector’s quiet charms. Her fight to resist the attraction she feels for Dagda might well be a lost cause at this point, yet she refuses to lose the fight against dark fae. With help from some friends from Grace’s Cove, Neala hangs on to the belief that love is always going to light her way against any and all darkness, no matter what.

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