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“It Ends With Us” is a set of novels by Colleen Hoover, a New York Times bestselling author of nearly two dozen works of fiction.

She has made her name penning some of the most popular young adult, and new adult contemporary romances as well as psychological thrillers.

Unlike many modern authors, Colleen is still traditionally published. Colleen is currently under contract with Atria Books, Grand Central Publishing, and Montlake Romance, even though she has also self-published several of her novels.

She has won the Best Romance Goodreads Choice Award and “It Ends with Us” was also a winner of the Best Romance Choice Award. “Confess” her 2015 novel was adapted into a film and is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Outside of writing, Colleen is the founder of a bookstore and charity subscription service “The Bookworm Box.”
The subscription service offers readers opportunities to get signed novels in the mail every month collated from the works of authors from across the globe.

Hoover usually makes use of the profits from her subscription service to donate to a range of charities and has over the years donated more than $1,000,000 to people in need.

Colleen Hoover loves to describe herself as a forty-two-year-old mother and former social worker. She still lives in the same tiny Texas town where she was born and brought up for much of her life.

Hoover has made a name for herself penning romance-heavy works that have always been a regular fixture on all manner of bestseller lists. At some point, Colleen managed to outsell the bible by several million copies over a year.

“It Starts with Us” the second novel of the “It Ends with US” series set a record for Simon Schuster for the number of first-day copies sold. According to Simon & Schuster, the work sold more than 800,000 copies in a single day upon its release in 2018.

The company has also reported that the work also had more pre-orders than any other in the nearly 100 years of Simon & Schuster’s history. Despite achieving so much success, Hoover is always trying to live an ordinary life.

The “It Ends With Us” series by Colleen Hoover introduces Lily who has never had an easy life. However, she has always worked hard to achieve her desires in life.

She has grown a lot from the small girl she was as she went to college and upon graduating, moved to Boston where she established a business.

Things only got better when she felt a spark of attraction with Ryle Kincaid, a gorgeous neurosurgeon that is just too good to be true. Ryle is a stubborn, assertive, and perhaps a little arrogant man, even though he can also be brilliant and sensitive.

Soon she is overwhelmed by questions about her new relationship which has turned abusive and starts thinking of her first love Atlas Corrigan.

He used to be her protector and kindred spirit, and when he suddenly makes a comeback he threatens everything Ryle and Lily have built.

While there are two men in the series it is not a love triangle. Ryle is a charmer and giver and is more like a father while Atlas is more of a lover whose story is often gutting.

Still, Atlas is also a man with a lot of beauty and strength which makes it hard for Lily to choose between them even if she is being abused by Ryle.

“It Ends with Us” the first novel of the “It Ends with Us” series by Colleen Hoover follows a girl in her twenties named Lily who has always had to work very hard.
Even though she was born and brought up in a family that was well-off, she was often forced to work to achieve her life goals.

She had moved to Boston upon graduating from college and established her own business in Boston. In Boston, she falls for Ryle who is determined to become the best neurosurgeon in the country.

The two are soon in a passionate romance as they have a strong connection and the sparks fly. Lily makes for a beautiful character who grows a lot over the course of the story.

Things get very interesting when she starts thinking of where their relationship is going as it seems Ryle is not all in and has also been becoming very abusive.
It is at this time that she starts thinking of her first love Atlas Corrigan. When the latter comes back into town, things may get very complicated.

Just what will Lily choose when both men have aspects of masculinity the other does not. She may just be forced to make a very difficult choice.

It makes for an emotional work that is sure to make its readers feel like crying as they clench their jaws to force themselves to keep on reading.

The second novel of the “It Ends with Us” series is “It Starts with Us.” Lily has been showcasing her strength in dealing with her thoughts about past fears with some terrifying calm.

She had been forced to share custody of her daughter with her abuser and spent a lot of time in a never-ending cycle of trying to determine if she could trust Ryle.

It makes for a lot of making light of her fear and pain, as she deals with feeling insane as she does her best to keep her daughter safe.

Over time Lily’s perspective of Ryle develops and changes and she starts standing up for herself and refuses to
live in fear. With the trepidation of the unknown and retaliation, all she can think of is the safety of her daughter.

Atlas happens to be a patient, compassionate, kind, and loving man who had quite a gut-wrenching past. The loneliness and pain of his life were at least made bearable by meeting Lily.

While he could have taken out his frustrations on others, he never did so as all he shows is empathy and love even for people that might not have deserved it.
Over time, he rebuilds his relationship with Lily and we can only hope that they will have their happily ever after.

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