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The It Girl is a popular novel series aimed for the genre of young adults. The entire series was written by a concealed author with suggestions from Cecily Von Ziegesar. Those who loved Gossip Girls, are expected to render the same appreciation with this series. It carries the same theme, covering similar characters although issues dealt are diversifying and becoming surprising over time.

There were 10 books under this series. These include The It Girl, Notorious, Reckless, Unforgettable, Likely, Tempted, Infamous, Adore, Devious and Classic. The first installment was released in 2005 and the most recent was in 2010.

In the beginning salvo of It Girl l (Series by Cecily von Ziegesar), the protagonist is Jennifer Humphrey. She played the same character in popular book and TV series of Gossip Girl.

In Gossip Girl, Jenny is a student of the Constance Billard School for Girl. The school is said to be, situated in the Upper East Side of New York. This represent the upper class sector of the country. She is bound to be friends with Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldrof. Her father was described as a frustrated writer who works as an editor instead. What people will always remember about Jenny’s family, is here journey to become tall, skinny and blonde. She was also often described and gossiped for undergoing breast implant hormone upper somewhere in Taguig. It became too obvious when here cup sized increased to D.

In the book though, Jenny was presented as the protagonist. It relates her life following her expulsion from Constance Billard. She returns in another school, Waverly Academy, in another upstate area New York. Because of probably the negative circumstance, Jenny was making all means to brand herself as the famous and sophisticated city girl.

In the second installment, the focus was given to Tinsley Carlmichael. She was a victim of her own insecurity issues. When she returns to her school at Waverfly Academy, she discovers Jenny to replace her popularity spot. And obviously, this situation thickens the plot of the second novel. Tinsley is portrayed as someone who is overwhelming with a dominating, ambitious and persistent personality. She is also built up to become the leading enemy of Jenny. Tinsley made all means to taint Jenny’s reputation and used all possible circumstances to achieve her selfish plans.

Easy Walsh is the artistic and good looking boyfriend of Callie Vernon. Easy is said to the unfaithful and aggressive boyfriend. He was best remembered for sneaking in the girl’s dormitory to have sex with Callie. Only to later be caught with Jenny in the room. This happened when Callie went to the bathroom. Despite his aggressiveness, Easy was also personified as someone who feels guilty and realizes the complexities of his mistake. In Easy’s mind, Jenny has no fault at all. He was perceived as sympathetic after a fault. But in the story’s progression, he ended becoming selfish but dedicated to Jenny.

Brett Messerschmidt proves to be another controversy. Once presented in the story as someone suffering from her breakup with Jeremiah, Brett later develops deep affection with Kara Whalen.Brett intends to keep her silence over her relationship with Kara. Unfortunately, some uncontrollable factors happen. Another friend unfortunately squealed everything, long before the confession.

Callie Vernon is the head turning room mate of Jenny Humphrey and Brett Messerschmidt. She is presented as the sporty type of girl. She plays field Hockey at Waverly Academy. She was the love interested of Easy Walsch. Unfortunately, some circumstances made Callie a dominating, controlling and manipulative girl friend.

Heath Ferro is said to share the role of Chuck Bass from the original copy of Gossip Girl series. He is described as good looking,rich, obnoxious, selfish and a classic womanizer. Typical to a rich, spoiled and lazy teenage kid, Heath does not organize his things. Hence, this has developed him conflicts with his roommate, Brandon. Despite his imperfection, Heath was portrayed as someone who can keep secrets. He was a loyal and well trusted friend. However, like any other classic novel, Heath will eventually loosen part of his lousiness. He understood rejection, copes with pain and find that one true love.

Each of these characters have specific role and participation in the entire series. Each of them have significant roles played. Although some were just part of the sub stories, their role and participation in the novel doesn’t end. Some may argue that there are novels or series edition that highlighted only one or two character/s. This is true to some extent. It was most of the time all about Jenny and Tinsley. For the other characters, their revelation gradually happens and transitions from one book to another. Also, if one gets too attached with the two female characters, it is not hard to forget and ignore the other characters.

Those who love Gossip Girls, will also like The It Girls novel series. As mentioned, the two novels are said to be interconnected with each other. Readers who are in search for drama, romance, friendship, growing up issues and elements of unpredictability, The It Girl l (Series by Cecily von Ziegesar) will surely work for you. Figuring out what seems to be an endless it of adventure and mystery is also evident on the series.

The females are the primary target of the It Girl (Series by Cecily von Ziegesar). Come to think of it, most of the conflicts in the novel arose from petty female insecurity and popularity issues. It only later mutated to the weird male side that is often presented as another person who loves to play along with women. The initial intention was just to engage the women to some illicit activity. Or cheat a girlfriend once or twice. Only to later discover, the male is already developing feelings for the other girl. Leaving the innocent girlfriend in a aggrieved state.

And one must not forget as well, the wardrobe of the girls in the series are also something to watch out for.

There are no news about the release of a possible sequel. But some readers have wished that the characters remained the same and there are updates about their current lives.

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