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Publication Order of Ivy Beasley Mystery Books

The Hangman's Row Enquiry (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Measby Murder Enquiry (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wild Wood Enquiry (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sleeping Salesman Enquiry (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blackwoods Farm Enquiry (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ann Purser is an American author of fiction. She resides in a small village in the East Midlands that boasts a church, pub, garage, and village shop. It is the place where she finds much of her inspiration for her work about country life. Purser enjoys shopping in her small village and taking in the sounds of real life all around her in the village. She loves to gossip, walk her dog, fetch eggs from the garden, and just enjoy regular village life!

She was a journalist before becoming a full-time writer and worked for SHE magazine for six years as a columnist. She was also the proprietor of an art gallery, running her very own gallery in an old barn behind the house. It was here that she accidentally gained insight into the minds and conversations of everyday people in the town, which has added to her writing skills and plots. She earned an Open University degree as well from college and has since moved on from running the gallery after a successful ten years.

She is married to her husband Philip Purser and managed to write two nonfiction books while she was working to get her degree. One was designed to educate parents who had handicapped children, while the other was a reader for schools. The aforementioned book was released in 1981 and is called You and Your Handicapped Child. The second was released in Looking Back at Popular Entertainment and was released in 1978.

Purser is the author of the Round Ringford series, a fictional village that has a colorful cast of characters. While the group of characters largely remains the same from book to book, there are always a few newcomers to add a little variety. There are six novels in this series and they all share some common details with Ann’s village and all small villages across the world.

Ann Purser followed that series up with the Lois Meade series. It had fourteen books in it and starts off with Murder on Monday. The series features the life and insights of Lois Meade, a local cleaner in the small town that is not partial to indulging in gossip from time to time. But when a murder happens, she might be just the person to dig up information and solve the case for good. Each book focuses on a different day of the week and this murder mystery series was the perfect vehicle for Purser to dive into the detective fiction genre.

She is the author of the popular fictional series, the Ivy Beasley series. The main character in this series is actually a character that readers might know from the Lois Meade mystery series. The cranky spinster Ivy Beasley is back in this exciting mystery series of her very own. Things are always afoot in a small town, and Ivy is always craning her neck and her ears to pick up all of the latest gossip in this village.

The Hangman’s Row Enquiry is the debut novel in the Ivy Beasley series. In this exciting murder mystery novel from beloved author Ann Purser, readers get to see what Ivy has to bring to the table! This spinster has plenty of energy, and she’s going to use it to get into everybody in the village’s business. She may be in the retirement phase, but she is not going to just hang around and watch soap operas on the television if she can help it.

Ivy isn’t just sitting around knitting and doing other classic things ladies her age might be interested in. She’s far more interested in solving cases and has crafted a new identity for herself as that of an amateur detective. No case is too small and Ivy could use a new hobby besides just gossiping and finding out things about people.

When Ivy finds a partner in crime with Gus, things really kick off. The small village of Barrington usually doesn’t get many visitors, so she is a bit curious about why he came here out of all the places in England that he could go. Gus wants to keep his past in the past, but can it stay that way? For Ivy, she has to deal with the burden of her cousin, who is also a widow. Her cousin has way too much time on her hands and some coins in her pocket, and she’s really becoming a thorn in this spinster’s side.

When Gus’s older neighbor is murdered, the two of them have a case. Who killed his neighbor, and why? Ivy and Gus are determined to find out and bring a killer to justice. Can they do it? Pick up The Hangman’s Row Enquiry to find out!

The Measby Murder Mystery is the second book in the Ivy Beasley series. The spinster Ivy is back in this exciting mystery sequel from Ann Purser. The amateur sleuth Ivy Beasley may be older, but she’s still sharp and has got what it takes to solve mysteries. Barrington may be a small village, but Ivy is finding out that this fact alone does not guarantee that it will be a quiet place.

Barrington is fairly hopping with activity, and the gossip alone is a lot to keep up with! She’s already adjusting to life in assisted living, finding friends and forming her very own detective agency. Already she has solved one murder, and Ivy is about to find a new case dumped on her doorstep very soon. Luckily, this older lady is more than up to the task.

She might not be the warmest old lady, but she’s certainly quick-witted and Ivy Beasley’s heart is definitely in the right place. With one murder already under her belt, it looks like another has sprung up when a mysterious death is Measby is reported. Ivy is on the case, and she’s enlisted her team to help her out and hopefully get to the bottom of this murder. Can they find the parties responsible? You have got to read The Measby Murder Mystery to find out for yourself!

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