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Ivy Morgan Mystery series by Lily Harper Hart
Author Lily Harper Hart writes the “Ivy Morgan” series of paranormal mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2015, when “Wicked Days” was released.

Ivy Morgan is a witch and lives in a small town called Shadow Lake. She works with Detective Jack Harker to solve the case. Jack is also her love interest in the books.

The Ivy Morgan books are in the same universe as the “Rowan Gray Mystery” series and the “Harper Harlow” series. The main characters in both of these series Ivy has worked with in different novels.

“Wicked Days” is the first novel in the “Ivy Morgan Mystery” series and was released in the year 2015. Ivy Morgan is truly happy with what she can do and who she is. She definitely doesn’t need to second guess her life, or her witchy ways. Until Shadow Lake’s newest detective comes into her life.

Jack Harker is haunted by a past that he refuses to ever talk about, and in no way is he looking forward to a future with anybody. Especially not with a sassy witch that has boundary issues.

Jack and Ivy find that their paths continue to cross on a regular basis when a corpse is found on the edge of Ivy’s property. Jack isn’t looking for any romantic entanglements, however there is something about Ivy that continues to draw him in.

The truth is finally revealed, and Jack must figure out what he really believes, and must do so before a killer turns their attention to Ivy. Will Ivy be able to heal Jack’s wounds? Is she even going to get the chance to try?

Fans liked Jack, and liked him and Ivy together. When they match wits with one another, it makes for entertaining reading. They have strong chemistry with each other. The novel has an enjoyable story, a stellar mystery, and plenty of humor.

“Wicked Dreams” is the second novel in the “Ivy Morgan Mystery” series and was released in the year 2015. Jack is living in his dreams, although they’re actually nightmares. Ivy Morgan would like to help, particularly since she has become a frequent visitor in his subconscious, if she only knew how.

A battered teen girl shows up in Ivy’s greenhouse, the two have to set aside their misgivings and all their miscommunication in order to try and help her out. Kelly Sisto, age sixteen, is living in a nightmare of her own, and either through refusal or trauma is unable to tell what happened to her.

Jack and Ivy have got their hands full with Kelly, however, it’s their hearts that are getting away from them. The truth of Kelly’s life is revealed, everybody is in danger, and they will have to work with each other if they want to survive. And find any kind of happy ending.

Lily’s writing is always engaging and the characters are endearing. The book is tough to put down, as Ivy and Jack continue to be fantastic characters and are simply cute together. The climax of this leaves you right on the edge of your seat, and wraps up a very satisfying novel.

“Wicked Times” is the third novel in the “Ivy Morgan Mystery” series and was released in the year 2015. Ivy Morgan (Shadow Lake’s resident witch) and Detective Jack Harker are finally on the right romantic track. Now they’re finally able to go on their first official date.

A police officer, while eating dinner in a neighboring town, gets shot and killed on the street. The ballistics come back, Jack realizes that his tortured past is still a part of his turbulent present. Jack’s demons are out on display, and he is danger from an old foe’s grudge and a current foe’s vengeance. Jack is worried that Ivy will get caught in the crossfire. Those concerns come to fruition, and it makes him take a step back from things.

Ivy is no normal woman, or witch, and she is not about to allow Jack to go through all of this alone. Jack is unable to stay away and Ivy refuses to give him the space he believes he needs, this duo finally gives in to temptation. Now they will have to survive, and save one lost soul along the way, to be able to look forward to a promising future.

Jack and Ivy are great together, even as they have some rough times with one another. The mystery in this one has a paranormal twist to it and comes to a very satisfying conclusion.

“Wicked Places” is the fourth novel in the “Ivy Morgan Mystery” series and was released in the year 2015. Jack is going on vacation and he wants Ivy, now his girlfriend, to go with him. Only, he hasn’t asked her yet.

When he finally works up the courage, she agrees to a week long camping trip with Jack’s former police academy buddies and their wives. Jack has never been camping before and needs Ivy for more than just company, he also needs to be taught a few things about surviving out in the woods. Once they get out to the campsite, Ivy finds she fits in just fine with the men, even if one of them appears to be interested in more than friendship. The women are a bit more hostile to her.

A teen girl goes missing from the campground, Ivy is the one that finds her body and ends up a suspect. Things get worse when a friend of Jack’s starts acting suspicious, and then his wife disappears. Between the strange animal tracks showing up and the local hermit that claims it’s Bigfoot, Jack and Ivy have their hands full.

The truth is finally revealed, and it makes Jack have to figure out if he is able to trust the people he refers to as “friends” and whether he is able to get to Ivy before she is the next victim.

The book takes some crazy twists and the real killer is shocking to say the least. Fans found the mystery enjoyable, and had a tough time putting the book down, wanting to know what would happen next.

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