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Ivy Owens is the pseudonym of Lauren Billings, who is one half of Christina Lauren, who are best known for their romance, teenage fiction, and contemporary fiction novels.

As such, she has spent much of her life publishing and writing bestselling works for nearly a decade under the Christina Lauren name.

As Lauren Billings, she went to the University of California Irvine, where she got her neuroscience Ph.D. Thereafter, she began living the dream of writing fiction with her friend Christina Hobbs and spent her days researching aging and neurodegeneration.
She caused quite a ruckus on social media, particularly when she announced that she was, in fact, Lauren, one-half of the writing duo.

A ton of people were not happy that she had taken advantage of her networks in the writing space to get so many endorsements for her debut work as Ivy Owens.
“Scandalized” was published in 2022 and would become a bestselling title introducing the arrival of Owens as an author in her own right.

She has said that the novel was a labor of love penned in the wild paradox of inspiration and boredom during the pandemic.

Ivy Owens currently makes her home in California, where she lives with her husband their two children, and two rambunctious dogs. She can also be found on Instagram where she sometimes interacts with her fans.

Owens’ foray into reading and love for romance fiction started when she was still young. She got her first introduction to the genre when she read the works of Judy Blume before graduating to Danielle Steele.
It was not long before she got into fanfiction and began reimagining the love stories of the many characters that she grew to adore.

However, her adult relationship with romance fiction took off when she started reading the likes of Kresley Cole, Stephanie Perkins, Tiffany Reisz, CS Pacat, and Jandy Nelson.

While there were many works of fiction that she fell in love with over the years, the most influential work she ever read had to be the works of Kent Haruf, Barbara Kingsolver, and Amy Tan.
These authors showed her what it felt like to desire the world to just melt away so that she could read her books.

As for an author she admires, it has to be Ali Hazelwood.

She loves how she burst onto the romance genre with engrossing, steamy, and smart reads that sold millions. She also admires how she retained genuine compassion and sweetness.

“Scandalized” by Ivy Owens was something of her vacation from writing during August of 2022. During this time, she had just finished writing “The Soulmate Equation” alongside Christina Hobbs the other half of Christina Lauren.
They made a decision to take a small breather and since she hardly has any hobbies she thought why not write?

Owens had always had the idea of a woman bumping into her very first crush and becoming overwhelmed. The man she envisioned happened to be the elder brother of her best friend from childhood.
The idea for the novel came when someone sent Owens a picture of the South Korean actor Hyun Bin at the airport deeply engrossed with something on his phone.

It was an interesting photo that had something about it that would become the spark for an entire manuscript that would become the bestselling novel “Scandalized.”

Ivy Owens’ novel “Scandalized” tells the story of two childhood friends who had a one-night stand that might just become something more. However, a whiff of scandal might just tear them apart.
On a deadline with a story that could make or break her career and completely exhausted, Georgia Ross is an investigative journalist on the brink of a meltdown.

To make things worse, her flight is cancelled and she finds herself stuck overnight at an airport where she happens upon a familiar man.

It is the elder brother of a childhood friend and it seems that she may have caught a break she desperately needed. Alec is a kind, humble, and handsome man and exactly the man she never remembered existed following her many painful heartbreaks.
Following an evening they spend reconnecting and no strings one night stand full of passion, Alec does seem like a gift. But at some point, she realizes that their childhood connection is not the only reason why the man seems very familiar.

Alec will do anything to show Gigi that he is the man for her, even if it means he has to come clean about the fact that he is famous. He also happens to have a familial connection to the story that she has been working on for the past several weeks.
But as they grow closer, they will need to navigate a new reality where their careers are threatened by an international scandal.

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