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Publication Order of The Ivy Years Books

The Year We Fell Down (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Year We Hid Away (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blonde Date (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Understatement of the Year (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shameless Hour (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fifteenth Minute (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Extra Credit (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarina Bowen is a USA-Today Bestselling author. She is widely known for her steamy and angsty contemporary romance novels. She currently resides in New England. Bowen is the author of best performing book series, The Ivy Years, which is an award-winning book series, that has been set amid an elite college’s hockey team. She is also known for the Gravity Book series. In conjunction with Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen is the co-author of the award-winning book, Him together with its sequel. Recently, Sarina published a new Vermont modern-day series, True North. Currently, Sarina resides with her family, together with eight chickens. During her free time, Sarina loves to play ice hockey.

Ivy Years Series by Sarina Bowen

The Years We Fell Down is the first book in the Ivy book series. The author begins the book by introducing the reader to Corey Callahan. Correy was an exceedingly talented ice hockey player who was more than willing to make the most of her college scholarship at the prestigious Ivy League College. However, during an ice hockey game, she is hit and thrown down, to the floor. She is now attending school on a wheelchair. Thus, not only is Correy going to adjust to her college life, dealing with freshman and new friendships but she also has to do all these in a wheelchair. She tried to go through all these faces and somewhat she managed to. She not only managed to handle physical therapy but she also became conversant with all the tricks that she required to dress herself.

However, her parents had been hovering around, thereby making things a little bit harder for her. Her boyfriend plays for the college that she was going to, while her father was her ice hockey coach. Her mother, on the other hand, worries all the time. The great thing about Corey’s life is that she is usually lucky. She not only has an exceedingly cool roommate but she also has an exceedingly cool housing suite. Furthermore, she also has an exceedingly handsome and friendly roommate, Hartley. The only problem is that Hartley also had an accident; thus, he has not been playing hockey for quite some time. What happens in this installment is absolutely magical in many ways. Despite the main focus being or Corey, as the reader, we still get to experience what truly happens when a person is of that age.

Apart from trying to fit in with the rest, we also get to try to figure out our place while making friends in the process. Corey is an exceedingly strong person while Hartley is not only good looking but also calm in nature. The friends to lovers, romance is great. You will love the way in which Corey and Hartley’s relationship developed into something amazing. The Second book in the Ivy Years book series is The Year We Hid Away. In this chapter, we are introduced to Scarlet Crowley, who has just gone through one rough year. After her father, who is a celebrated hockey star had been accused of a heinous crime, Scarlett became a social pariah within her community and her final year of high school was an absolute disaster. Beginning her freshman year at Harkness College seemed like a great idea since it will give her an opportunity to start over again. Scarlett had already managed to change her names and also had come up with a backstory which would keep everyone at bay. The only challenge is that she is currently dealing with incessant disruptions within her family and also the employees with regards to her father’s upcoming court trial.

She does not want to be associated with the trial; thus she works exceedingly hard to ensure that she stays away from the media as she could. Apart from Scarlet, the author also introduces the reader to Bridger McCaulley, who has also been having an extremely rough year. His mother had decided to go back to drugs; thus Bridger McCauley decided to his younger sister from her mother’s care and secretly moves her into his dorm room. This entire situation is exceedingly dangerous, with McCaulley juggling with work and a full-time degree. While doing, he also tries to keep Lucy’s presence a secret from some of his closest friends and dorm mate. McCaulley’s is extremely terrified of the consequences if his actions will be exposed.

When Bridger and Scarlett meet during a shared class, they immediately form an immediate bond. Though keeping such secrets from one another is a tricky achievement, the two are able to find solace in one another, during the few days that the two get to spend together in class. Slowly, these two characters become more than just friends, and it does not take long before the two begin to open up to each other. They each begin to give each other unwavering support and in the process fall deeply with one another.

The Understatement of the Year is the third novel the Ivy Years Book series. In this book, the author introduces the readers to Graham and Rikker, two hockey players. One of the characters is openly gay, while the other is not. This story parallels the second book in the series, by following the same timeline; however, they do not connect that much. When Rikker and Graham were still in middle school, they were the best of friends. When they completed middle school and finally joined high school, their feelings developed into something completely different and intense. The romance between the two was steaming up; however, it is cut short when an accident occurs. One of them is beaten and broken down while the other is paralyzed by fear.

5 years down the line, Graham is playing for the school’s hockey team. A new player has just joined the hockey team, and it is Rikker. For so many years, these two individuals have not seen nor heard from each other. And Graham who has been hiding what he is feeling inside, this is a total shock. As time goes by, the two interact with one another and even try to revive what they felt a long time ago. With that said, both Rikker and Graham have been well developed. Other noticeable characters in the book include Skippy who is exceedingly sassy.

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