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Publication Order of Sarah Beauhall Books

Black Blade Blues (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honeyed Words (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forged in Fire (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Terrors (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rainbow Brigade (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Bones of My Father (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Collections

Bravado's House of Blues (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

About J.A. Pitts

J.A. Pitts was a distinguished author within the realm of urban fantasy, having crafted worlds where enchantment and modern life seamlessly coalesced. His narratives took readers on journeys through lovingly detailed settings that married the extraordinary with the ordinary. While his stories unfolded, readers found themselves enveloped in realms that Pitts painted with a realism that made the fantastical elements all the more tangible.

Pitts had an exceptional ability to bring characters to life, creating protagonists that were complex and relatable. Readers often saw reflections of themselves within his characters, engaging with their struggles and triumphs as if they were their own. The personal growth and adventures of these characters were among the reasons fans returned to his work. This strong characterization left a resonating impact, ensuring his legacy endured through the lives he depicted on the page.

The captivating plots that Pitts devised were hallmarks of his creative legacy. He expertly spun narratives that lured readers in and held their attention through every twist and climax. His talent for crafting compelling stories resulted in a dedicated readership and established his standing as an urban fantasy storyteller of note. J.A. Pitts left behind a legacy celebrated for its memorable and entertaining tales that continue to delight and engage readers.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Lexington, the United States, on the 13th of February 1965, J.A. Pitts harbored an early enthusiasm for the written word, a passion that blossomed into a prolific writing career. Armed with degrees in English and Library Science from the University of Kentucky, he was well-versed in both the classics and the nuances of literary composition. His educational background laid a firm foundation for his growth as a writer, instilling in him both a love for storytelling and a deep understanding of its mechanics.

As he honed his craft, J.A. Pitts further enriched his expertise by attending the Oregon Coast Writers Workshops. Under the guidance of accomplished authors Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith, he found inspiration and developed his voice within the broader writing community. This collaborative experience was instrumental in shaping him into the author admired by readers, as he learned to weave his unique narratives and create engaging characters.

Throughout his journey as an author, J.A. Pitts balanced his professional life with a fulfilling personal life, being married with children. His experiences as both a family man and a scholar infused his work with authenticity and depth. J.A. Pitts left behind a rich legacy of stories that continue to resonate with fans, showcasing a talent for connecting the imagination to heartwarming and lived realities.

Writing Career

J.A. Pitts launched his career in the literary world with the Sarah Beauhall series, after Tor Publishing decided to publish the first three books of the sequence. The first novel, ‘Black Blade Blues,’ made its debut on April 27, 2010, in both trade paperback and hardback editions. The series continued to captivate readers with ‘Honeyed Words’ in 2011 and ‘Forged in Fire’ in 2012, solidifying Pitts as a fresh voice in urban fantasy.

Besides his work on the Sarah Beauhall series, Pitts exhibited versatility with his short fiction appearing across various publications. His tales could be found in magazines like Fortean Bureau and Talebones, as well as in anthologies like ‘Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies’ and ‘The Trouble with Heroes.’

His range as a writer was further demonstrated with the release of his collection ‘Bravado’s House of Blues’ in 2013 and the novella ‘Bones of my Father,’ showcasing his ability to craft stories that engaged audiences across multiple formats.

Forged in Fire

‘Forged in Fire,’ the third installment in J.A. Pitts’ ‘Sarah Beauhall’ fantasy series, was released by Tor Books on June 19, 2012. This urban fantasy novel picks up the narrative threads of its predecessors, moving the franchise forwards. With this publication, readers delve deeper into the series’ evolving narrative.

Sarah Jane Beauhall, a blacksmith with the unexpected role of dragon slayer, grapples with the covert politics of dragons governing our world and harnessing the magic granted by Odin in his timeless battle against these creatures. She also confronts the challenge of understanding her own identity and forging a life with her partner, Katie.

Yet, these personal struggles pale in comparison when a magic-infused serial killer begins hunting in the Pacific Northwest, targeting individuals linked to Sarah. Amidst the chaos, Sarah must disentangle the conspiracy encircling her, as a formidable necromancer and the fanatical Dragon Liberation Front threaten the world she cherishes.

Bravado’s House of Blues

‘Bravado’s House of Blues,’ a collection of fantasy short stories by author J.A. Pitts, was published on August 4, 2013, by Fairwood Press. This compilation features three stories from the acclaimed ‘Sarah Beauhall’ series, alongside other standalone narratives.

Behind the curtain at “Bravado’s House of Blues” are fourteen narratives, ready to captivate, penned by the recognized John J.A. Pitts. This versatile author traverses genres, imbuing tales with charm and elegance, from Roman battles and zombie confrontations in Vietnam to magical musicians and destiny-forged smiths.

The collection further embarks on journeys with zeppelins on alien surveys, and weaves post-apocalyptic fables, exploring the depths of the future with robots, AI, and deep-rooted love. Notably for fans, three stories entwine with the Sarah Beauhall urban fantasy series, including two debuts, guaranteeing a performance that resonates with every facet of the heart and soul.

Rainbow Brigade

‘Rainbow Brigade,’ written by J.A. Pitts and released on June 10, 2020, is the fifth book in the ‘Sarah Beauhall’ fantasy series. The novel was published by WordFire Press, following the established storyline of its predecessors. Fans of the series can find the continuity of their beloved characters in this series finale.

Sarah Beauhall is drawn into a complex web of mysteries amidst a spate of suicides in Bellingham, Washington. She confronts a conspiracy tangled with forgotten deities, dragons, ancient vendettas, witches, and a lost world.

As dangers mount, Sarah races to piece together the enigma surrounding her. The pressure is on to solve it before her world collapses.

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