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Publication Order of J. B. Collins Books

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Joel C. Rosenberg is an author of fiction. Several of his books have become best sellers. He is known for books such as The Last Jihad, as well as The Copper Scroll. There are currently over a million copies of Dead Heat in print, which was released in 2008 to readers. He is the founder of charitable group The Joshua Fund. His book Epicenter was made into a documentary in 2007.

He is the author of several novels and series. Born in 1967, he first became a published writer with the release of his novel The Last Jihad in 2002. The story was the debut novel in his Political Thriller series. He would go on to write four more books in the series. The third novel is titled The Ezekiel Option and was the winner of the Gold Medallion award from the ECPA for the category of Best Novel in 2006.

Rosenberg is an evangelical Christian. His father is a long line of Orthodox Jewish family members and his mother identifies as Gentile. He has worked with several leaders of the United States and Israel. One of the more notable people he has collaborated is Steve Forbes, as well as Benjamin Netanyahu, former Prime Minister of Israel.

The author has not only put out several series (including the David Shirazi series), but he has also been featured on radio shows and television countless times, perhaps over the hundreds mark! He resides along with his wife and their four children close to D.C.

He is the creator of the J.B. Collins Series, a three novel installment of fictional stories. Joel C. Rosenberg kicked off this series with the release of the debut novel in 2015, titled The Third Target. The action and adventure series is highly charged in politics and adventure, with modern countries and enemies coming into play and wreaking havoc on the life of J.B. Collins, The sequel came out in 2015 and is called The First Hostage. The third book made it a trilogy and is titled Without Warning.

The Third Target is the exciting first novel in Rosenberg’s J.B. Collins series! Check out the action-packed first book of this series and find out why it was a finalist for the 2016 Christian Book Award in the category of fiction. Once you start reading this book, you won’t be able to stop!

J.B. Collins works as a foreign correspondent for the well-respected New York Times. His ears perk up when he hears of whispers and rumors saying that a splinter cell may have been able to get their hands on a huge cache of chemical weapons. The splinter cell is ISIS, and they are inside Syria with rumor having it that they have landed a huge haul.

It’s clearly the story of a lifetime, so Collins knows that he has to follow up on the story. Maybe it won’t be true, but if it is, it’s the type of story that can make your career. Permanently. He has no idea whether the leader of that faction has managed to get his hands on those legendary weapons of mass destruction, but if he has, the story is going to be huge.

There are also other things to consider. Who would the WMDs be used on? Would it be Israel or the United States or some other place and entity entirely? Tensions are running high in the area as well, as the leader of the free world will be visiting the area soon. Could the arrival of the American president well prove disastrous?

All it takes is one spark in this land of powder kegs to take a situation that is relatively manageable to a level that is beyond conception. Collins knows that terrorists are already working to try and topple the Iraqi and Syrian governments, two of the largest and most powerful governments in that area. If they fall, the consequences will last decades, if not centuries.

It’s up to Collins to figure out what is truly going on and get to the bottom of it all. The terrorists are doing whatever they can to try and find the third target and use these weapons. Can Collins avert genocide before it’s too late? You’ve got to read this compelling action novel from Joel Rosenberg to find out for yourself!

The First Hostage is the gripping second book in the political thriller series by Rosenberg! J.B. Collins is back at it again, a journalist who will cover anything no matter how dangerous. The scoops of a lifetime are out there and just waiting for him to come up with a byline. Well, he’s about to have a truly great one on his hands, because the American president appears to be missing.

Collins is on the scene at an attack by ISIS in Jordan and doing his job– reporting. The attack has put everyone on high alert because four targets have been affected. The leaders of Palestine and Israel have been badly injured, the king of Jordan is in critical condition and may die, and the American president is missing all together and has been assumed to be taken prisoner.

Faced with an unusual situation, the American government is facing a crisis like none other. Jordan too is feeling the pressure. It’s up to Collins to cover every bit of this story and inform the world while also doing his best to prove his innocence to the F.B.I. The federal agency seems to think that the reporter is the one responsible for an attack on the capital as he caused it with his stories, something Collins adamantly denies.

Meanwhile, splinter cell ISIS has managed to acquire chemical weapons and stands ready to use them. Collins is doing whatever he can to clear his name and also do his job. The Secret Service and the F.B.I. as well as the journalist are all working overtime to try and find the president and track him down before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, ISIS is threatening everything. It’s a time of catastrophe, but can a crisis be averted? Pick up the second book in Rosenberg’s Collins series to find out for yourself! If you love this book, check out the third installment of the trilogy too!

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