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J.B. Turner is an acclaimed author from Scotland, who likes to write thriller, suspense, and mystery novels. He is particularly well known for writing the Jon Reznick series.

This action thriller book features the chief protagonist in the role of an American assassin named Jon Reznick.

Before author Turner began his career in the writing and publishing field, he used to work as a journalist. The books written by Turner usually feature conspirational themes and elements throughout their plots.

Turner’s work has been broadly described as military thriller, suspense fiction, political thriller, and crime fiction. Recently, he has started writing a new series that is included in the mystery genre. This series is known as the Deborah Jones Mysteries series.

The writings of author Turner are greatly influenced by the well acclaimed literary works of authors such as James Lee Burke, Brad Thor, JD Robb, James Ellroy, John Buchan, George Orwell, John Grisham, Noam Chomsky, Lee Child, Vince Flynn, Stieg Larsson, Greg Iles, Karin Slaughter, Michael Connelly, Thomas H. Cook, Harlen Coben, Val McDermid, Robert Crais, Jack Kerouac, David Baldacci, etc. These writers are also included in the favorite list of author Turner.

Besides writing and journalism, author Turner is also interested in geopolitics. He hopes to make a career in this field someday. In his free time, author Turner likes to listen to his favorite music and drink lots of coffee. He likes to listen to every style of music, starting from Beethoven up to The Cure, Bach, and The Bealtes. His intake of coffee increases too much when he sits in the circle of his close friends. During such times, music and coffee run for long hours as no one cares for time and work.

Turner likes to develop his own music occasionally. He even loves to watch good films. Some of the best ones on his list include Payback, Sideways, The Deer Hunter, Animal House, Babette’s Feast, Wonder Boys, Annie Hall, etc.

Author Turner was born in Edinburgh. At home, he spends most of his daytime writing thriller novels and mysteries. Occasionally, he likes to take some time off from work and meets his pals at local restaurants. He even likes to spend some time alone with his family at a famous vacation spot. As of today, author Turner resides in Scotland.

He considers himself blessed to have found the career path of writing. He enjoys his work very much and loves to get them reviewed by other prominent authors. The critics generally label his work as exciting and full of action sequences. Even his mysteries are a treat to read for his fans. They always support and eagerly wait for the publication of his next books. Author Turner appreciates feedback about his literary works so that he could know the areas in which he could focus more and make his work better.

He interacts with his fans on the social platforms like Twitter and Facebook or through his personal website, and gives out information about the latest happenings in his writing career as well as the release dates of his upcoming projects.

Each book of the Jon Reznick series features the lead protagonist as Jon Reznick, who as a specialist black-ops commando. The debut novel of this series is entitled ‘Hard Road’. It was released in the year 2013 by the Thomas Mercer publication. Author Turner has described the important characters in this book as Jon Reznick, Martha Meyerstein, etc. At the start of the story, it is depicted that Jon Reznick works like a ghost. He takes salary from the United States government, but works on the orders of shadowy hunters.

Reznick mourns the death of his wife, whom he lost in the 9/11 attacks. His latest mission requires him to carry out a high level hit and make it look like a suicide. Reznick knows that he is well experienced to do this job quite easily. However, when he learns about the target, he realizes that he has been set up. The operation gets compromised midway, which makes Reznick run for his life from the same man whom he was asked to kill. This man seems very dangerous as he is linked to a deadly terrorist organization that wants to destroy the US. The man is also on the most wanted list of the FBI, and so its Assistant Director, Martha Meyerstein, shows an interest in knowing about Reznick’s mission. Later, Jon Reznick’s own daughter lands in the center of the deadly game, which forces him to come out in open. But, he is not someone who would surrender so easily. One thing that his military training has taught him is not to surrender at any cost and do whatever it takes to bring the situation under control when the nation’s safety and security is at risk.

Another excellent novel written in the series is called ‘Hard Kill’.

Once again Martha Meyerstein and Jon Reznick are depicted in the lead roles by author Turner. At the beginning of the book, it is shown that a diplomat from America goes missing after which Martha Meyerstein leads an FBI team to find this whereabouts. The former Special Forces operative, Jon Reznick, also joins Martha teams to locate the diplomat. The team suspects that there is an Islamist terrorist group that has kidnapped the diplomat as he works in the Persian Gulf area. However, Reznick thinks that there is something else at play in this case. He suspects that a leading surgeon from Washington DC has something to do in this case. Probably, he is involved in the kidnapping. Soon, several attacks take place on the FBI team, which makes them realize that the diplomat’s abduction is just a small part of a bigger plot. And due to this, New York as well as the whole country has come under a great risk. Reznick needs to use his specialized skills and reach the roots of this conspiracy so as to prevent the nation from getting destroyed.

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  1. Jim Tait: 1 year ago

    I have just discovered your Jon Reznick books and am currently reading your first in this series. I note your favourite & influential authors (mine too) & note that whilst there is a similar genre & theme that is present in your work I’m impressed with not only your writing style but also the extensive research that you have done to make this book credible.
    I believe a side career in Geopolitics would be a good fit for you.
    Keep up the good work!


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