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J. Bree
J. Bree is a contemporary romance and crime writer best known for her captivating dark romance stories. The author considers herself a dreamer and spends days thinking about her book boyfriends. Bree is also a mother of two, a cat-wrangler, and a farmer, and her priorities change by the day.
This talented author lives in a small town in Australia, far away from civilization. Her husband is constantly moaning about the wine grapes, and she confesses that she can be a snack bitch with her children. Her fans can find more information about Bree and her work on her website and on social media.
Just Drop Out
Just Drop Outcomes first in the Hannaford Prep series. The book introduces Eclipse, otherwise known as Lips, a fourteen-year-old girl who has had her fair share of challenges. Lips has survived foster care and all kinds of bullies in school. When she lands a full scholarship at Hannaford Prep, Lips is happy to finally get the freedom she so much desired. However, things don’t turn out as she anticipated.
A few weeks into her new school and Lips had already attracted the wrong attention. Like in her former school, Lips is bullied by the rich boys who humiliate her in front of others. These kids don’t know what this young lady has been through or what she is capable of when pushed to a corner. While Lips ignores the bully for a while, things take an ugly turn when she decides to revenge.
While Lips looks like your average high school student, she has another side that she has managed to keep a secret. This young lady belongs to a gang dubbed The Wolf, and she had risen the ranks enough to be feared and respected by others. When one student at her prestigious school attempts to get her killed, Lips has to do what it takes to stay alive and take matters into her own hands.
This story comes with a great storyline, intriguing side plots, and well-fleshed-out characters. You will enjoy meeting Lips with all her baggage, and the brief on her life story helps you connect with her better. The bullying going on amongst the characters is on another level, and it is sad that these kids hurt each other so badly. However, unlike others, Lips doesn’t take it lying down. She is a tough young lady who will go to extra lengths to keep herself safe.
Lips is badass, determined, and strong. However, underneath the hard walls she has put all around her, she is a kind person. She has a huge crush on guys who will not stop bullying her, and you cannot help but wonder whether these enemies will turn into friends over time. Avery and the three boys are also interesting characters that you will enjoy interacting with throughout the story.
Just Drop Out is an exciting read that will throw you in the world of teenagers with their raging hormones, struggles to fit in, and romance. The story stars a strong MC who doesn’t let the bullies get their way.
It is enjoyable seeing how the story unfolds, and the ending will leave you searching for the next book in the series. While there are no sex scenes in this story, there is a build-up for what is to come in the next installments.
Angel Unseen
Angel Unseen is the first book in the Unseen MC series. The book introduces Tomi and Angel, two people from different worlds who cannot get enough of each other. Tomi had vowed never to let a woman get close to him.
After watching the Callaghan Curve ruin his uncles’ lives, this young man knew too well how easy it is for a woman to bring a man down, and he isn’t willing to go down that road.
For the longest time, Tomi has been enjoying casual relationships with the biker girls. No commitment or expectations from him, just like he likes it. However, things take a different turn when Angel crosses his path.
Initially, he thought he wanted to take her to bed, but the more this exotic dancer resists his advances, the more enticing she becomes. Could this be the girl that finally changes his opinion about women?
Angel had arrived in Coldstone with nothing but her late daddy’s Chevy, a fake ID, and a plan. The plan is to find a job and finish her college studies without relying on anyone. Unfortunately, the only thing Angel can sell is her body, and the stage trip club in Coldstone becomes her haven. Here, she entertains patrons to the club and enjoys her boss’s protective nature towards her and other girls working there.
What Angel doesn’t anticipate is meeting a biker in the club. The only problem is that the biker has slept with all the strippers, and it is clear that he wants Angel to join his list of conquests. Angel thinks that Tomi is out of luck because there is no way she will take this womanizer to bed. However, can she resist her growing feelings for this handsome stranger?
Tomi and Angel are such a lovely couple, and, amazingly, the story comes with a dual POV, so you get to read their thoughts. If you have read this author’s Hannaford Prep series, you will be happy to know that Lips makes an appearance in this one.
The interaction between characters is amazing, and it is easy to fall in love with Rue, Posey, Trink, and the rest of the cast. You will also love how well each character is developed, making it easy to identify with them.
Angel Unseen is a captivating story of love, lust, and everything in between. It is the story of two people who are not interested in settling, only to realize that they don’t want to stay away from each other.
Angel is such an intriguing character, and the sexual tension between her and Tomi is fantastic. This book ends with a cliffhanger that will leave you searching for the next installment in the series. Definitely, this dark romance story is worth your time.

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