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J.C. Pollock is a bestselling military fiction author that has to be one of the most elusive authors out there. He made his fiction writing debut when he penned “The Dennecker Code” in 1982.
At some point during the 1990s, he penned several titles under the pseudonym James Elliot which made him an even more enigmatic character.

For some time he was confused with the wife-husband writing team of Jim and Carolyn Hougan who penned novels such as “The First Horseman” and “The Genesis Code” under the name John Case.

However, some bloggers have managed to contact the author who confirmed that indeed he was the author of the James Elliot novels including the very popular “Cold Heart” and “Endgame.”

After achieving a lot of success with his debut novel, he penned several more titles under the Pollock name with the last being the 1993 published “Goering’s List.”

While it cannot be proved, rumor has it that J.C. Pollock could have served in Vietnam with SOG recon teams in Vietnam.

During 1993 and 1994, Pollock appeared on network television TV to promote Goering’s list. It was on the show that he was asked if he served in Vietnam and he simply answered that he was never in the military even though he had served in Vietnam.
In addition to the interview, some people have asserted that they met him nearly three decades earlier. A blogger on Medium who was in the military claims to have met him in a highly classified CIA safe house in Saigon in 1966.

It was a house known for being the operations center for briefing black ops operatives. It was also used to process newly arrived SOG reconnaissance teams and brief SOG personnel.

If the blogger is to be believed, it may be argued that Pollock may have been a military intelligence officer engaged in black ops during this time. If that is the case, it would explain why he would later on become a military thriller novelist who pens very realistic novels seemingly from the perspective of an insider.

After achieving much success with his novels, J.C. Pollock went into screenwriting and worked for some time in Hollywood. He is credited with writing the script for “End Game,” the straight-to-DVD film that was directed by Andy Cheng and starred James Woods and Cuba Gooding, Jr.
He has worked on several other projects in Hollywood that have also found some success. He has also worked on “The Venus Fixer,” a New Line Cinema project, which he asserted he found to be a lot of fun as compared to his work on “End Game.”
He continues to work in Hollywood as a screenwriter, even though he has lived all over the United States. For several years, he lived in Aspen, Colorado, and according to reports, he currently makes his home in Virginia.

J.C. Pollock’s “Mission M.I.A.” opens with some lurid scenes as Frank Detimore, a prisoner of war is tortured.

The work is set in a prison camp in Quang Tri Province in 1981. The lead had been captured about a dozen years earlier while he had been on a mission to Cambodia as a Green Beret.

He finally managed to smuggle a letter to Becky his wife in the United States when a prisoner named Montagnard made his escape. However, the American government refuses to accept that he is still alive and wil not rescue him.
As such his wife who has the resources of her moneyed father seeks out Jack Callahan his old Green Beret friend. They bring together a team of survivors from that mission and plan a renegade and independent rescue mission. The team trains hard to get back in shape and they go underground to procure cutting-edge equipment.

Meanwhile, Frank fails at another escape attempt. The team heads to Vietnam where they join some local mercenaries. They ultimately find the prison camp, take it by storm and liberate the mostly American prisoners of war.

They would then watch with approval as one of the prisoners immolates and tortures one of the most psychotic and sadistic adjutants in the camp. They ultimately get into a full-on war with the enemy and annihilate them before they head back home to the United States.

“Centrifuge” by J.C. Pollock had a scene where some character asked a very interesting question. He asked if one rogue KGB officer had the power to cause havoc resulting in the fall of Mikhail Gorbachev. This comes true when Nikolai Malik a top KGB agent manages to steal an American-made nuclear weapon.

If the weapon is deployed it would mean that America would be incensed and retaliate. This would mean the good old Cold War era would return which is just what the anti-Gorbachev faction has wanted for years.

However, Malik happens to be a sadistic pervert that has raped, brutalized, and killed a New York woman named Kate Gannon. He had then abused his diplomatic privilege to get off and return to Russia.

But Jack her husband who is a veteran of the Delta Special Forces and now works as a civilian consultant vows to revenge. Making use of his old contacts, Gannon manages to elude the CIA and the FBI as he goes in pursuit of Malik.
In the meantime, Russian military intelligence is also going after the rogue KGB agent. It makes for an action-filled work with detailed descriptions of a range of weaponry that makes for some thrilling reading.

J.C. Pollock’s novel “Crossfire,” tells the story of several drug lords from South America that are planning to kill the president. They are hoping to avenge the many losses they have had to take as the US launched its war on drugs.

They retain the services of Jerry Sincavage a clinical assassin who had worked in Southeast Asia as a CIA agent. However, American intelligence uncovers their plot and the Secret Service turns to former Delta Force operative Jack Gannon.

As a former member of the best counterterrorism unit in the United States, the man is known to the killer as they had served together. Gradually, Jack follows a trail of killings and locates Sincavage who is residing with guerillas who are training in Peru.
Sincavage manages to evade a raid by the Delta Force and makes his way to New York City. The president just arrived in New York for engagements at the UN and this is where the assassin is intending to strike.

During this time, Steven Whitney Bradford a staffer at the White House that has been dealing cocaine has been reporting to the barons. When he is finally arrested with his briefcase full of cocaine, he tells Gannon that he has information on the assassin if he lets him off the hook.

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