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The Fourth Monkey (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fifth to Die (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sixth Wicked Child (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Dracul (With: Dacre Stoker) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
She Has a Broken Thing Where Her Heart Should Be (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Coast-to-Coast Murders (With: James Patterson) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Caller's Game (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Noise (With: James Patterson) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death of the Black Widow (With: James Patterson) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Behind a Closed Door (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cemetery Lake (With: James Patterson) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Ancient Enemies(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

J.D. Barker is an American author that writes suspense thrillers with elements of horror. The author’s literary efforts have earned him accolades such as the Bram Stoker Prize.


J.D. Barker comes from Lombard in Illinois. That is where he was born in 1971. As a little boy, Barker was a shy reserved introvert. He always found solace in his books of which he was never without one.

Barker’s reading habit initially saw him pursue mystery, the result of all the Hardy Boys novels he read. He was only six at the time, and as he matured, his love for the classics like Mark Twain took shape.

It was also around that time that the author took a liking to supernatural fiction, the result of his encounter with the likes of Shelley and Stoker. A student of Lemon Bay High School, Barker knew he wanted to pursue the arts but he did not know the exact field he wanted to study.

So it didn’t come as a surprise when he settled for a degree in business at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. The author’s first steps into the publishing arena where taken when he met Paul Gallotta who worked at Circus Magazine.

Paul somehow got his hands on a writing assignment that J.D. Barker had done in college and what he saw impressed him enough to invite Barker to join 25th Parallel magazine.

The position gave Barker a new appreciation for pop culture. He eventually found his footing as an entertainment reporter, spending his days interviewing celebrities and breaking scoops.

His work appeared in publications like TeenBeat and Seventeen. He even secured a column in a small newspaper that allowed him to investigate and write about supernatural hauntings and occurrences.
Where other authors saw fit to pursue certifications in creative writing, J.D. Barker’s newspaper and magazine assignments were all the classes he needed to perfect his prose.

Even though he knew fairly early on that he wanted to produce fiction, his entry into the publishing field as an author was a slow and steady process. Rather than jumping into the arena head first by immediately writing and submitting his first manuscript, Barker spent some time working as a book doctor.

That opened the door for him to receive ghostwriting job offers. Barker’s experience as a writer made him the perfect person to help others refine their own work, preparing it for publication. The career gave the author a crash course in fiction writing and publishing. It showed him exactly what he should do and shouldn’t do.

J.D. Barker kept at it until 2012 when he finally sat down to write ‘Forsaken’, his first fiction novel. Barker self-published the book two years late, earning all manner of praise.

Not only did the book dominate the charts but it also earned the author a Bram Stoker award nomination. That, in turn, opened the door for Barker to co-author a prequel to ‘Dracula’.

The opportunity gave Barker access to Bram Stoker’s notes and journals, a privilege few other people in the world had ever enjoyed. By the time the book hit the bookshelves, J.D. Barker’s indie publishing success had attracted the attention of traditional publishers who offered him a book deal.

Even as a child, Barker remembers being attracted to the darker aspects of life. Like most children, he was afraid of the dark. But unlike most children, the assurances of other people that there was nothing under his bed or in the closet did nothing to assuage his fears.

He couldn’t go to bed without first making sure the closet door was shut tight, and he had to check under his bed at least twice before the whispers he thought he heard faded. And at no point did he ever go down to the basement, not when it got dark, no matter the urgency of the situation.

That paranoia was partially the result of all the movies he watched and books he read. His overactive imagination drove J.D.Barker to start writing at a young age. His stories were always filled with ghosts and ghouls.

As an adult, Barker has found that he cannot get enough of writing. Few other activities give him more joy than sitting down in a silent room to put pen to paper. Even when Barker tries to take a break; even when he tries to relax his mind by taking a walk or watching television, the itch to write never leaves him, and it keeps growing stronger and more distressing until he finally gives into it.

Barker’s wife will attest to the fact that the author will wake up in the middle of the night, reach for the notepad next to his bed and write, unable to ignore the characters rumbling about in his head.

+The Fourth Monkey
Detective Sam Porter leads the 4MK task force, a squad whose job it was to find and incarcerate the Four Monkey Killer. Sam is a little surprised to learn that the body of the psychopath who has terrorized Chicago for five years has been discovered.

Sam doesn’t know what to think. As far as he can tell, the killer was on his way to deliver a message alluding to the status of the last victim he took. Sam’s colleagues want to believe that the nightmare is over.

But the personal diary they find on the killer proves otherwise. Now Sam must travel through the mind of a psychopath in the hopes of finding a missing girl while she still lives.

Thad McAllister is an author who cannot stop writing. His latest novel takes a stark look at the witch trials of the darker days of civilization. Thad doesn’t know why but the words won’t stop flowing.

It’s like the story has already been written and he’s just reporting on it. As the words turn into paragraphs, paragraphs into pages and pages into a novel, Thad’s book begins taking shape, with his latest character proving to be the most frightening he has ever created.

Thad knows that this novel might be the greatest he has ever written. But there might be more going on than meets the eye. Thad might have opened a door that he can never close.

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  1. J. H. Turner: 1 year ago

    I’ve read most of his novels and can say he is now in my top 3 favourite authors, after Stephen King and John Grisham. If you haven’t read any yet, suggest you give him a try!

  2. Janice Klein: 1 year ago

    I’ve read all your books and am looking for ward to the next one. I hope it is soon!

  3. Susie Katz: 1 year ago

    I just started reading on a regular basis when COVID hit. I have been reading J. Patterson mostly. I had finished The Noise last week & it was so great I started looking for J D Barker books. I read The Fourth Monkey last weekend & have started The Fifth To Die yesterday. If there is a series, I am curious which one would follow.
    Hope you can help me.
    So happy to have another great author to read.
    Thanks so much

  4. Carol Johnson: 3 years ago

    Just finished the Noise, you are a sensational writer. I don’t see Patterson in the works at all however. Can’t wait for the next book. Keep them coming.


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