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Publication Order of Darkness Within Saga Books

Sins of the Past (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Legacy (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood of the Lost (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fallen Sepulchre (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Curse of Home (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fallen Goddess (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inara's Grace (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Fall To Rise (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Origins Books

JD Franx is a bestselling Canadian author of suspense, graphic novels, and fantasy. He is best known as the creator and author of the Talohna fantasy world.
This is a high fantasy and epic-scale world that is known for taking several fantasy tropes that are then twisted in a whole new way.

He had always been interested in creative writing ever since he was in high school, but he never had much time to do it until the early 2010s.

Franx spent more than a year creating and building his fantasy world before he finally sat down to write the manuscript for his debut novel in 2013.

By the time 2014 rolled around, he was done penning the first draft of the debut novel of the “Darkness Within” series of novels. In that very year, he published “Sins of the Past,” a novella prequel to the series, which got a very good reception.
In 2016, JD Franx published “The Legacy,” which would get even more attention as compared to the prequel.

Franx has since published several more titles in the “Darkness Within” series, most of which have attained critical acclaim and been loved by romance fiction connoisseurs all over the world.

Outside of his writing, JD Franx is a family man and is the father to two teenagers. He also has a very strong interest in Medieval Europe and has always dreamed of traveling across Europe with his family.
In fact, he has always asserted that his conception of the fantasy world of “Talohna” has been strongly influenced by some of the very popular sights and sounds of old-world Europe.

Some of his favorite places include the Irish and Scottish castles, which are the inspiration for the “Cascade Citadel” in Talohna.
On the other hand, “The Ageless Library of the Arcane” was brought to life from the Parisian catacombs.

“The Legacy” by JD Franx tells the story of a man named Kael, who was born as a Death Wizard under the Black Sun. But that is just what the Wizards of the Blood Kingdom believe.

His wizard father had moved across the dimensions and taken his newborn son alongside him to the Earth. Kael was happy on Earth with Max his friend and Ember his wife and life could not have been better.

One day Kael and his three friends are pulled back to his home planet but Kael finds himself in a very different place from his friends Max and Ember. Due to this, the friends have very different adventures.

Kael is taken hostage and tortured in Arkum Zul but makes new friends in the cell where he is held. Together they work toward freedom even as he has to exert all his will to keep himself from turning.

On the other hand, Max and Ember end up with a man named Giddeon who is working with his daughter who is looking for Kael who they intend to kill.

Along the way, they pick up Yrlissa and together, Max and Ember make a plan to save Kael whom they still love like a brother. Their quest takes them all over the land as they deal with all manner of troubles but they never let that stop them.
Will they make it out of Talohna or could it be that they were all meant to live on Talohna?

What is certain is that they have magical powers and all they need is the right moment to tap into it.

“Blood of the Lost” by J.D. Franx continues from where the debut novel of the “Darkness Within” series left off.

There have been few people who have ever suffered as much as Kael Symes who has had to endure the loss of people he loves, demonic magic, and hot steel.

After escaping Arkum Zul and its horrors, Kael and his companions survived a night filled with terror out on the ocean only to find themselves stranded in the Wildlands following a shipwreck.
In the forest roam old enemies, even as tribes from the forest have gone on the warpath. Kael is struggling with the fact that he is becoming a DeathWizard, in essence, a killer.

In the face of consuming evil, Kael learned that the Mountains of the Dwarves which lay in the far north may be home to the ancient monolith, which is the answer to the corruption running in his blood.
Trekking across the land is very dangerous, given that it is a world that never lets out its secrets. Uncovering them may be very expensive and may even cost him his life.

All in all, it is a Shakespearean tragedy in a fantasy world that will have you on the edge of your seat.

J.D. Franx’s novel “Fallen Sepulchre” opens at a time when the sanctuary Max and Ember sought in Dormasai is under threat from the Elloryans. In Cethos, a civil war is raging and attacks from the Wildland tribes upon the Blood Kingdoms is imminent.
It is impossible to offer any help to their neighbors and it seems that the only thing they can do to stop the ancients is to leave DormaSai. Upon the crumbling of the peace conclave, unexpected allies force the Ancients out of the Dormasai.
However, Max and Ember do not rest on their laurels as they are certain that the Ancients will soon be making a comeback, and in a very massive way.

A year following the death of Kael, the Ancients are back for the Human Animus seal, coming with the full might of the military machine of the Mero Elloryan empire.

At the very beginning of the war, the Dormasai military camp receives some startling news from the north as King Kohl’s spies return home.

They are back with tales of a DeathWizard who restored the throne to the rightful Bell heir and freed the only ArchWizard in Talohna from the clutches of the DragonKin.
Yrlissa, Max, and Ember are certain that Kael the DeathWizard is the only one who would have cause for that.

With war with Ellorya breaking out, what Talohna dreaded for years is about to come to fruition.

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