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J. Daniels is an American author who grew up in Baltimore Maryland. Born Jessica Daniels, she goes by J. Daniels in most of her novels. Her novels, that include the Dirty Deeds, the Alabama Summer and Sweet Addiction series are contemporary romances. Popular for her narratives that are full of tension and characters with red-hot chemistry, Daniels has that rare gift of making his characters and the story almost jump out of the page. An avid reader Daniels asserts that she reads anything from fantasy novels to unconventional historical romances. Her love for reading is what has made her very successful in her work, as by reading, she has become an expert at character analysis and development, which she employs in her novels.

Growing up in Baltimore, she was always fascinated by romances, which had an alpha with a little bit of a soft side, hence her predilection towards writing romance novels. She is always heavily involved with fans and readers of her novels and sometimes gets some inspiration from them. In fact, she sometimes does interviews and podcasts where she interviews her readers or just has candid discussions with them regarding her books. J. Daniels wrote and published her first book in the Alabama series, Where I belong in 2014. While a relatively unknown author in contemporary romance fiction circles, the book received widespread popularity with rave reviews from fans. Her easygoing nature, which she smoothly transmits into her writing has made J. Daniels into a very popular almost cult figure amongst romantic fiction enthusiasts.

Her style of writing shows a writer that is very well tuned to the needs of her audience, who are always clamoring for that bit more of the tension and emotion that she so effortlessly provides. She once asserted that she loves listening to music that is too loud which, probably explains her fondness for characters that never hold back their emotions. The theme and in extension the character of the tortured and sexy alpha hero recurs throughout her novels. For any fan that likes the hot alpha male that just seems to melt you with their sweetness and still break your heart with pain, then J. Daniels is what you need to read. Her novels can make you swoon, tear up, laugh out loud and sit on the edge of your seat with the taut tension they exude.

With the development of plot and character the cornerstone of any romantic novel, there is no one better than J. Daniels at this. Her stories are chock full of polar opposites with explosive attraction that ultimately leads to steamy encounters that are the bread and meat that every romantic novel fan lives for. But what she really does best is the making of believable characters who make believable choices that culminate in fulfilling and extremely satisfying conclusions. Daniel’s novels are not only addictive, but are also very well structured, making them very easy to read. While she seems to be an easygoing person, reading the novels shows that she goes to great lengths to develop and polish her narratives. The narratives have a good pace, complex characters, and a good balance between emotions and humor. She incorporates the steamy parts into the story without necessarily taking away from its essence.

Where I belong is the first novel, and one of the most popular books in the Alabama Summer series of novels. The novel was first published in 2014 and featured Mia Corelli as the lead character. Mia returns to her childhood town in Alabama to catch up with Tessa a childhood friend, and to have a summer of fun. However, she still carries with her bad memories of one person from her childhood who she would wish to avoid at all cost – his name, Benjamin Kelly. Having made fun of her looks and made her life miserable all those years back, she hates him with a whole being, and considers him the biggest dickhead in the world.

Nine years later, she is on a quest for a memorable summer in which she intends to lose her virginity. She meets an irresistible and very handsome man at the bar who gives her an intimate, gentle, and sweet night that she will never forget. In an unexpected twist, she soon finds out that her handsome prince is none other than Ben Kelly, the one person she had sworn to hate. While Kelly believed it was just a one-night stand, after the girl leaves his house, he finds that he cannot get her out of his mind. He tries to forget her, thinking that he will likely never see her again, only to find her lounging by his parent’s pool with his sister – Tessa. Kelly is now determined to show her that he has changed for the better, while Mia wants to hate him forever; even as she cannot forget the night they spent together. It seems that a night of passion has made them simply unable to live without each other no matter how much they try.

Sweet Addiction is another popular novel in the Sweet Addiction series of novels by J. Daniels. The novel was published in 2014 and features Dylan Sparks as the chief protagonist. In the ultimate wedding hookup novel, Daniels seeks to bust the myth that wedding hookups do not ever amount to anything. The rules of wedding hookups are Get in. Get laid. Get out. Most people that engage in a little wedding romance usually know that you cannot expect such activities to lead to anything more.

Dylan Sparks is well aware of the rules of the wedding romance and does not go in with any expectations. However, she finds that her wedding hookup not only gives her the best sex of her life, but also does not care about the rules. Reese Caroll seems not to have read the wedding hookup book, and wants what he had with Dylan to be more than a one-night stand. Sparks too finds him very addictive, and cannot get him or their night together out of her mind. What follows is a page-turner of one man’s desire and persistence, and a woman struggling to keep her feelings in check.

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