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J.E. Daelman
J.E. Daelman is divorced yet lives with the love of her life, and has two grown kids: a daughter and a son. She is retired and loves every single minute of her life.

Her writing is never a chore, she loves every minute of creating her characters and the places that they reside. She’s enjoyed tapping at the keyboard to take the stories out of her head and into an ebook for readers to enjoy. Daelman loves reading MC romance, mafia, shifters, and so much more.

“Brand” is the first novel in the “Satan’s Guardians MC” series and was released in 2021. Brand has taken his club out of the shadier end of life. They have several businesses that now belong to the club, including security, construction, and a garage. Life is good, and he’s got everything that he could ever want. At least that is how it appears, however when he sees this woman getting grief from their idiot of a Deputy Sheriff, Brand just has to see if he can possibly help out. Turns out she has bought the old roadside diner intending to refurbish it and get it up and running.

Brand gives her his card telling her to contact him if she wants to use his construction company or if she needs help with anything at all. Pip calls him up just a few days later, since Deputy Dip has pulled her over again. When she learns that somebody has put a hit on her, he gets her to move to the clubhouse compound in order to keep her safe from the assassin, however not from Brand himself because she doesn’t know it yet, however he has already decided that Pip is his now.

After Pip’s parents died, she decided to start over by moving and opening up a restaurant. With the money from her parents’ life insurance along with her savings and selling their house, she has got more than plenty. Her parents’ partner has been trying to get her to sell him her shares in their new law company, something that her parents advised not to do in a letter.

There’s still some doubt in her mind that their deaths were an accident, however she can’t prove anything at the moment. She moves into this trailer on site so she is close to the building, which is fine until the local deputy comes to visit. Luckily, she has Coal, her dog, with her. She’s also got a fully licensed Glock.

Then she is visited by some rather unusual angels in the form of bikers. As it turns out they’ve got a construction team and a security company which comes in rather handy once her life gets threatened. The MC’s president decided that she’s now his Old Lady. But yeah right. We’ll just see about that.

“Truth and Lies” is the first novel in the “Raging Barons MC” series and was released in 2021. Mia served five years attempting to protect an innocent. She got railroaded by people that she believed she could trust. Now she only wants to get on with her life, however fate can be such a bitch and her past is coming back to bite her.

Zara hates both of her parents. Her dad believes anything her mom says, and her mom is an abusive bitch. Only person she even trusted went to prison because she was too scared to tell the truth. Now she has gotten out and Zara needs to find her to apologize for what happened.

Axel believed that he recognized the waitress at the diner however he never expected to fall for her. When he realized who she was, he knew that he had to learn the truth about what happened however it was not going to be simple to convince her that Axel was trustworthy enough for her to tell him his side of the story.

“Axel” is the second novel in the “Raging Barons MC” series and was released in 2022. Axel is the President of the Raging Barons MC, and he was used to being the boss until she showed up. Making Mia his old lady was done just for her protection, however the time they spent together made his heart long for something that it never had before. Was it possible that he found the one that was his, after all?

Serving time for a crime that she never committed was never part of Mia’s plan. Now her willingness to trust was diminished. Then he came along, proving his innocence and offering her much needed protection. Making Mia his old lady gave her everything that she had longed for; a chosen family, a place to belong, however can her heart ever learn to love again?

“Hawk” is the first novel in the “Triple Kings MC” series and was released in 2022. Tori literally stormed into Hawk’s life, running into their MC compound this one evening, her eyes silently begging for his help. Even though they don’t even know who she is, the Triple Kings MC protect women that need it, it’s just how they roll.

In order to keep her safe, and Hawk’s club from potential blow back, they need to know what her story is. What’s revealed gets his blood boiling and the need to put the threat down is front and center. What wasn’t expected was that his feelings for this spirited sprite, nor the betrayal which came from within.

This overheard conversation had Tori running for her very life, seeking for refuge at the Triple Kings MC compound. Hawk, their president, and his club brothers offered up protection until the danger gets resolved, which she accepted cautiously. The feelings that she starts developing for Hawk were pretty unexpected, given her own history with men, however they’re still feelings she was willing to explore. Then much too soon, her worst nightmare catches up to her, snatches away what snippets of happiness that she’d experienced.

These characters draw you into this novel with some lovable funny moments, yet the darker side tug at your emotions. The story is well paced and holds your attention the entire way through.

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