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The Little Mermaid: Against the Tide (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

J. Elle is an American published author. She is known for telling stories that fall primarily into the genre of fantasy for young adults, although her books can be enjoyed by readers of any age!

The author was born in Texas and grew up in the city of Houston. She attended college and was the first person in her immediate family to do so, making her a first generation student. She would study journalism and graduate with her Bachelor’s degree. She would then go on to get her MA in the field of educational administration and human development.

J. Elle has a deep passion for giving back to her community and advocates for voices that are marginalized in her community as well as in the publishing world. She has always been drawn to giving back and empowering younger people, something that can be traced back to when she first started out working in education. The experience of being in a variety of different schools for different ages and relating to young people sparked an interest in empowering youth that continues to this day. The author has served as a creative writing mentor for high school students, served as a teacher in middle school, and has been a preschool director.

Volunteering and giving back aren’t all that J. Elle does! She also likes to give back and balance some of her many hobbies with doing things that she enjoys. She regularly makes visits to an alternative school to volunteer, communicates with other writers and gives them feedback, spends time with her three children, and enjoys making different recipes, usually ones that are from her roots in Texas and Louisiana.

Her first book to come out was Wings of Ebony, a manuscript that the author recounts surprisingly that she finished in the span of 35 days. She has been a mentor for various writing-related programs such as Author Mentor Match and PitchWars. She founded something called ‘#MondayMixer’ where the author chats on Twitter with other writers with the intent of sparking a conversation as well as taking on questions about writing, provide networking, and give aspiring authors some encouraging words.

J. Elle first officially became a published author with the release of her debut fictional novel in 2021, titled Wings of Ebony. The book is the first in a fantasy series that will be sure to capture the imagination of young readers! This is a story intended for young adults but readers of all ages can enjoy this book (although it may be too advanced and with sophisticated subject matter for readers younger than ‘young adult’).

This is a book that people like Alechia Dow are calling ‘powerful’ and ‘thoughtful’, getting the attention of readers right from the start and never letting go until the end. Tiffany D.Jackson praised the ‘thrilling fantasy’ and says that the voice of the author is ‘voracious’. Kim Johnson described the saga as ‘irresistible’ and ‘thrilling’. The author herself describes the series as great for those looking for representation and fans of the world of Wakanda or the Hunger Games’ main character Katniss Everdeen. It’s also great for those that are fans of the writing of Tomi Adeyemi or Angie Thomas.

Wings of Ebony is the striking debut novel from talented voice J. Elle. If you are a big fan of fantasy novels or are searching for a story that represents diversity and is interesting too, check this book out and be riveted from start to finish in the emotional story of a young Black woman hailing from Houston who has her entire world change when she finds out something about herself that she didn’t know.

Main character Rue is just your average teenage girl living in Texas. She’s just been used to getting along in life and her goal is to always make a way for herself where there is none. When it comes to life, you’ve just got to power through and create those opportunities for yourself and survive, even if nothing comes easy.

However, Rue didn’t count on discovering strange information that could change everything. The young black girl feels like everything has totally been pulled out from under her when she discovers that she has godly ancestry. As if this weren’t enough, she finds out that she is the only one that can save the worlds of the humans and the gods. Not that there’s too much pressure instantly or anything.

She’s always been used to fending for herself, taking care of her younger sister and her mother the best that she can. They were always their own little family, but when her mother is killed on the front doorstep of their home, the life that they knew vanishes just like that. Shot by a gunman, her mother passes away, and Rue and her little sister cannot be together as Rue is driven away with her father that she hasn’t even spent any time with. Just like that, she goes to Ghizon, an island hidden from the rest of the world where people with magical abilities reside.

Rue’s head is spinning from all of the changes, but she wants to make the most of this journey regardless. There on the island, she’s the only person that is part human and part god. She finds out that magical powers are guarded jealously by the leaders, and suffering among people only makes them thrive.

Rue is unhappy there and when the anniversary of their mother’s passing comes up, she wants to see her sister more than ever. So she goes back to Houston, breaking the sacred rule that you cannot leave the island. But once she returns, she finds out that the young kids in her community are going into lives of violence and crime. Tasha is at risk from this and the same forces that took their mother.

Rue starts to find that the evil that is bothering East Row is also in Ghizon. It won’t stop until it’s taken everything from Rue and those she cares about. Can she accept who she is and channel her power to save the community from the gods? Read Wings of Ebony to find out!

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