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A God in the Shed (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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J. F. Dubeau
Jean-Francois Dubeau has been working in the marketing and graphic design racket for more than twenty years. However, telling stories has always been something, gnawing at the back of his brain, just chewing toward the very first opening it could find.

After he tried role playing games, comics, improv, as well as any and every form of expression, it is through writing novels that his stories are beginning to finally find their voice.

J.F.’s preferred genre is much less about the limits of a particular sandbox and more about the types of castles that he is able to build inside them. The single thing that matters are the characters and what part of their lives he can explore.

J.F. also builds his narratives is through assembly and painting of war gaming miniatures. He isn’t the best painter and is easily one of the worst strategists, he has won some awards for the themes and look of the models he puts together.

He writes everywhere. His first book was written on an iPad while he laid in bed and while he commuted on the subway. Since this time, he has kept up a habit of writing wherever he is able to. During lunch while at work. Or while in restaurants and cafes. Once or twice a week he will go to the library and there is an office at his home with a comfy leather chair.

While he writes, he likes to pick a piece of music or some short playlist for the book he is writing and listen to it the whole time he is working on that project. This allows him to block out all the noise from whatever environment that he is in as he writes. It also serves as an auditory trigger to get him to work and give him the correct mindset.

He plans well in order to pants better. He puts down a solid foundation of his structure and comprehension his characters so that he is able to write with a lot more abandon once he gets into it. This allows him to have an easier time sitting and writing and improvising all the connective parts between two plot points.

His debut novel, called “The Life Engineered”, was released in the year 2014. His work is from the genres of science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror.

“The Life Engineered” is the first novel in the “World Engineered” series and was released in the year 2014. This book starts in the year 3594, when humanity is a bit more than a memory. A legend from the distant past, and destined to reappear. Capeks, which are a race of artificial creatures that humans originally created, have inherited this galaxy and created a Utopian civilization that was built with the shared goal of working ceaselessly until their makers returned.

One instant a cop dies in the line of duty while in Boston, and the next is ‘reborn’ a Capek, Dagir has to find her place in this rather intricate society. This vaguely remembered ‘death’ was just the last of her hundreds of simulated lives, and a distilling of her current personality. A robot that was built for rescue and repair, she discovers her abilities are tested right away after she is awakened when the sentient and large facility created her gets destroyed. This is the only instance of murder these peaceful Capeks have known. For the very first time in all their history, some conflicting philosophies clash with each other, setting off a rather violent civil war that might lay waste to the stars.

Dagir heads out on a quest to figure out who the killers are and finds much more than she set out to. While the layers of the Capeks’ past peel away to show their early origins, some centuries-old truths begin coming to light. The resulting revelations could tear the children of humanity apart, as well as destroy every remnant of humankind.

“A God in the Shed” is the first novel in the “A God in the Shed” series and was released in the year 2017. Saint Ferdinand is a village that has every trapping of a quiet life: a tiny police precinct, farmhouses that stretch from one main street, some cafes and diners, and a grocery store. Should an out-of-towner stop by, they would notice an unusual thing. A cemetery that is much too big and way too full for such a tiny town, as its lined with the victims of the Saint Ferdinand Killer. This is a killer that has been able to elude the cops for almost two decades.

It is not until after Inspector Stephen Crowley is able to finally catch the killer that the town has much darker forces at work. A spirit shows itself to Venus McKenzie, a teenage resident, she learns this creature has a long history with this town. Not to mention the fact that the serial murders just barely scratch the surface of a past that is burdened by some evil secrets.

“Song of the Sandman” is the second novel in the “A God in the Shed” series and was released in the year 2020. After a horrible mass shooting at Cicero’s Circus, the evil presence responsible for this carnage gets taken in by a doomsday cult that lies in wait for such an opportunity.

The village has a tough time getting back to normal during the aftermath of this shooting. This massacre was the last straw for quite a few inhabitants, and it triggered a mass exodus. Families began leaving their homes with once looking back, not even trying to figure out what might have set off such a tragedy. However, to those that know the truth: one evil god unleashed its own wrath upon the village, it is just a matter of time before these events repeat themselves.

Venus McKenzie moves in deeper into the pit of secrets that are left in death’s wake, only praying what she is going to find is actually going to help her against dark forces she was unable to defeat previously.

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