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Publication Order of Laura Chambers Mystery Books

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J.G. Hetherton is a published author.

Hetherton was raised in the rural area of Washington. He attended Northwestern University and graduated. Once he was done with school, he moved to Chicago. He would stay for most of a decade.

Like many other authors that came before, Hetherton had a few different positions before he decided to move to North Carolina. The reason was a classic one as well as a romantic one as he chose to move there for a young woman that he had feelings for.

Things worked out and the two of them still reside in the state of North Carolina in the city of Durham. They have two daughters together and they are twins. When the author is not spending time with people or sitting down to write something, he’s probably to be found pursuing one of his other hobbies. These include going on a hike or sitting down to read a book from one of his own favorite authors such as Tami Hoag or Linwood Barclay.

J.G. Hetherton is the creator as well as the esteemed author of the Laura Chambers fictional series. This intriguing mystery series came out in 2018 and featured the debut novel of Last Girl Gone. It was very well received and the Sun-Sentinel named it one of their top debut mystery picks in 2018. The sequel would come out a year later in 2019 and is titled What Lies Beneath. If you’re interested in mystery and have been looking for something new, check out this series!

Last Girl Gone is the impressive debut novel in the Laura Chambers series. Check out this book and you’ll find out why publications like ‘Bustle’ are calling this mystery readers’ new “favorite procedural”.

This is a series that is going to get your heart rate up there and your pulse going! If you are a fan of writers’ works such as David Bell or Julia Keller, then this thriller is sure to provide you with both puzzles and adrenaline pumping action.

In this debut story, readers get to meet Laura Chambers, the main character, for the first time. She is an investigative journalist and really enjoys her line of work. Now she has returned to the small home town that she grew up in.

Born in North Carolina in the town of Hillsborough, she said that she would never come back there. Returning to Hillsborough would have been symbolic of being a failure, and she had sworn that she would never return. But she has little choice but to pack up and start again when she is fired from her job.

The Boston Globe apparently no longer wants her, so she has to go back to square one. She picks up a job working at the paper in town. Laura is not all that thrilled about it but she decides that it’s better to have a local journalism job than not at all.

This simple type of work in not all that important and it is even dull. When a girl that has been missing for some time is discovered to be dead, Laura’s boring work transforms into something way more interesting. The strange part of it all is that the dead body of the girl is clean to the point of perfection and she is dressed in a particularly innocent way.

It’s all too weird to believe, but unfortunately, it’s true. Patty Finch had departed from her home years in the past and she never actually returned. The people of the town were worried about her departure– was it a strange incident where she wandered off or was she taken by someone? It turns out that they all were right to worry because it kept going.

Patty did end up being the start of something that was beyond scary. Children started disappearing and the reign of the terror had begun. Now everyone that lives in town just wants to wipe their memory and forget that it ever happened. When the terror comes back and another girl is about to seized, this is the type of event that the town has been fearing the return of for years.

For Laura, it is the story of a lifetime. This is the type of chance that she has needed to hit the big front page with her stories and if she can just dig into this case then she is going to break this whole thing wide open. But she may not be ready for what she finds in the end.

This whole thing is bigger than she ever thought. Can this reporter get to the bottom of it all and turn her life around in the process or is she doomed? Read this book to find out!

The second book in the Chambers series is What Lies Beneath. Laura is looking for the truth about her dad. He went away years ago and she wants to know what happened to him for sure. The truth hurts, as they say, but she would like to know.

The last year was hard for this hard-working reporter. She tangled with someone that was a killer and is just about done with her small town life and everything that comes with it. She got injured and now has to heal up.

Things are supposed to be cooling down for Chambers, but things are about to pick up again whether she wants them to or not. The sheriff in town has found a woman’s body that was missing weeks ago. The last call she made, of course, was to Chambers.

Laura has no idea why this woman called her for the final call she would ever make. Now Chambers is the primary suspicious person in a case that clearly has no leads. Finding out more about the dead woman would be the only thing that she could do to clear her name or have a shot at it at least.

However, will her discoveries turn over all that she knows? When a picture of her when Laura was young with her dad and his best friend and another young girl, it may just change all that she thought she knew. Read this mystery sequel to find out what happens!

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