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Publication Order of J.J. Graves Mystery Books

Liliana Hart is an American author of fiction novels, mainly written in the mystery and romance genre. She is not only a writer of great mystery novels but has had an interesting personal life too. She worked for five years as a teacher in the schools not only instructing students on music but busting kids for smoking in the bathrooms, all while molding the minds of America’s youth.

She enjoys reading romance novels, but when Hart found herself in a sudden absence of said novels to consume, she figured she should start writing some instead. What came out was an adventurous thriller of 150,000 words with the brilliant idea to write about a main character that was a virgin assassin and wrote a second book to follow up this unique concept– eventually finding out that to lose one’s virginity isn’t that romantic really. Liliana Hart also likes to play Boggle online, kickbox, and watch the show Bones when she isn’t busy reading.

Liliana Hart lives with her cats in Texas. She enjoys getting emails from her many readers.She is the author of the several series, including the MacKenzie Family and her mystery series focusing on Addison Holmes. This was loosely inspired by her days teaching. While the series is kind of autobiographical, but Hart will never confess which parts actually happened!

Her first attempt at writing romance may have been less than stellar, but since then she has joined writers groups and even won some awards for her published novels. She is affiliated with a number of official author’s groups as well.

Liliana Hart is also the author of the J.J. Graves series. This series focuses on the female main characters of who else but the indomitable J.J. Graves? The sarcastic heroine has returned home to take over her parent’s funeral parlor. She also takes on a role as the coroner for the small county in Virginia to help her make some extra money on the side. While she works in what some would consider a morbid field for a woman to be in, J.J. would prefer to be in this line of work than any other. She’s comfortable there working with the dead bodies and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Dirty Little Secrets is the first book in Hart’s series about J.J. Graves. The main character works not only running a funeral home but as a coroner looking at bodies for King George County. She’s used to things being relatively stable and quiet in Bloody Mary, which is a small town. But things really start to heat up when a murder goes down, spreading fear and grief through the community.

Now it’s up to this unlikely candidate and Detective Jack Lawson, her long-time best friend, to find the killer and do justice for their victim who died a truly grisly death.But while you might hope that this one murder is the only one to stick, it turns out that the murders are just adding up far quicker than one might like. Could a serial killer be on the loose?

There has to be a murderer out there somewhere doing this because the residents of this small town are starting to die off one by one and the numbers are piling up.One thing is for certain– it’s not a rash of suicides that is occurring, so someone must be doing the dirty deeds and slowly picking off everyone living in Bloody Mary. The town’s name is starting to feel more appropriate by the day.

But can J.J. figure out what’s going on before the damage is really done, or will she be caught up in a killer’s web? You’re going to have to pick up Dirty Little Secrets in order to discover whether Jack and J.J. are finally able to catch up– or the murderer has caught up to them without them knowing.

A Dirty Shame is a sequel to the exciting debut novel in this series by Liliana Hart. Fans of the first novel will love this engaging mystery story that reunites the reader with the fun and daring character of J.J. Graves, the town coroner for her small Virginian county. J.J. just wants some peace and quiet after dealing with the events of the first book, but is that in the cards?

The last thing that J.J. expects is a popular mystery author to literally show up on her doorstep. He says that he has plans to write about this new serial killer, and the young woman is floored that the author is doing so much just to bring the public a new thriller. While this author is known for writing suspenseful novels, his presence there when the cases are still unsolved is likely only to get in the way.

J.J. doubts how helpful this writer is going to be, and when they find that they are attracted to each other, now her reputation for being a professional is in jeopardy. Not only is the temperature between the coroner and the writer going up, but the kills are continuing to climb.

But when the coroner finds out that each victim shared with the other a surprising secret, they have a pattern to go off of at last. Maybe it will help them to finally get some leads on who they are pursuing and track down the murderer at last. Lord knows that the people who live here could use it. The killer is still on the loose, and even though there’s a new guy in her life, the plucky young coroner must do her best to prioritize her work with Jack so they can finally have a chance to find out who is doing this.

But it’s not only the victims that are hiding their secrets. The coroner might just have a few skeletons in the closet of her own. The past is still alive, and J.J. fears that if her secrets ever come out, it could mean the end of everything that she loves. Will her life fall apart when it’s found out that she is keeping secrets too, or will they finally set her free? Could her secrets actually make her the next target in a dangerous killer’s game? You’re going to have to check out the thrilling mystery book A Dirty Shame from Liliana Hart’s J.J. Graves series to find out!

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  1. Cassandra: 1 year ago

    I have read every book and I am obsessed with them. However, I am deeply disappointed because when I try to get Dirty Bomb it will not allow me to purchase. It says it isn’t available in my region. I waited on this book for a year, it’s so disappointing.

    • Graeme: 1 year ago

      That book hasn’t been released yet.


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