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J. Jackson Bentley is an author of fictional novels that are largely set in the thriller genre. He is a British author that enjoys writing suspenseful stories. He belongs to the International Thriller Writers Association. and loves attending festivals on literature all around the world. He is married with four children. Jackson enjoys writing thrillers and traveling but has two places that he splits his time between– Florida and Dubai.

J. Jackson Bentley first became an officially published writer with the release of his novel Final Whistle. It came out in 2010. It made several top sports fiction lists and sold quite well, paving the way for the release of future novels from Bentley. The Final Whistle is the first novel in the Alex Carter series.

J. Jackson Bentley is the author of the City of London series. This fictional novel series started off with the released of the debut book in the series in 2010, 48 Hours. It was quickly followed by Chameleon and the novel Fogarty and after that the novel Ring Ring. The four thriller suspense books take place in London. The main character in this series is Josh Hammond and the series involves threats to citizens made by deadly individuals. If they don’t take them seriously (or even if they do), the consequences could be deadly.

He is also the author of the exotic Emirate of Dubai series. As readers familiar to Bentley’s writing may already know, these books are wonderfully informed because of all the time that Bentley spends in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. No other writer can bring this geographical destination to life quite like Bentley in this series inspired by one of the most wealthy and captivating places on Earth. The series focuses on Max Richmond, a journalist that accidentally uncovers a plot to bring Dubai down in the first book. Readers will want to snap up the second book in the series to find out more and travel back to this fun location!

48 Hours is the exciting first book in the popular London series, which has sold thousands of copies online to tens of thousands of delighted readers. If you love suspenseful thrillers and international locales, you will almost certainly enjoy racing through this high stakes book.

Josh Hammond is shocked one day when he gets an unexpected text on his Blackberry. You would think that it was a message from a friend, but Josh doesn’t know what friend he has that would send him a message like the one that he has received. It’s probably the last text in the world that anyone would want to get because it tells him that if he does not agree to wire someone two hundred and fifty thousand pounds within the course of the next forty-eight hours, then he will surely die.

Not the best message to receive and Josh Hammond feels chills running up and down his spine when he reads it. Josh thinks that at first, the text must be a prank in very poor taste. But when he is attacked in the middle of the day in public, Josh starts to believe that the text was very serious and very real. Not only is he assaulted in daylight, but other people around him suddenly start dying. It’s then that Josh knows that he is caught up in a deadly game where his opponent has all the power– and he might not survive it.It was just another normal day, but the text has changed everything.

Now Josh is faced with the task of getting all the money together for his blackmailer or presumably lose his life as a penalty for not paying. Josh doesn’t really want to wait to find out how serious they are when he’s had more than enough evidence of their capacities presented to him.

He doesn’t even have the time to figure out who is doing this, even though that clearly would help. He just has to hope that his bodyguard can protect him and that he can raise the money. But if Josh can figure out who sent that message, he just might be able to avoid paying the money and keep his life in the process.

With just 48 hours to get down to the bottom of it, he’s got to shift into top gear and hopefully outwit his enemy, who apparently either wants him to give him the money or die trying. What will happen next in this thrilling debut book by Bentley? You’ve got to pick up this London suspense novel to find out! Check out the aptly named 48 Hours online to see how you can acquire this dynamic first book in J. Jackson Bentley’s most-loved series.

Chameleon is the second novel in this popular digital series of literature! In this entertaining follow-up to the events of the first story, events are in full swing once more. A security team is hired for the purpose of helping to keep a politician from Africa alive for a total of seventy-two hours consecutively so she can deliver her speech. While this isn’t overly difficult to do in theory, it happens to be a job that is going to bring its fair share of challenges.

Three days and three nights is all that the Vastrick Security force has to keep one politician alive. But what happens when several people out there don’t want her to live through the night? With a variety of hidden and gradually emerging threats coming at them from all angles, the team has their work cut out for them.

Whether it’s rogue security, African despots, or hired professional assassins, it seems that a number of people would prefer that the speech is never given at all. The security team must work to protect the Stateswoman’s life, which is proving more difficult to do by the second.

From Cuba to London to America, J. Jackson Bentley’s fast-paced story is full of twists and turns that will have you turning the page until the very end to find out what happens and whether the assassins and more can be foiled. You’ve got to check out this exciting book for yourself in order to know the ending in this engaging action thriller!

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