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J.K. Ellem is a British published author of fiction.

The author was born in the city of London. When he was growing up, he liked to read comics and books as opposed to getting his homework done. This probably did not help his grades but served him well in his future occupation as an author.

Ellem has written several books and many of them fall into the adult thriller genre of fiction. His books are popular and the author says that he enjoys writing the types of thrillers that can be unpredictable. He also prefers that his stories contain multiple layers as well as different sub-plots. These allow him to gently lead the readers of the book down a unique path that contains all sorts of surprises that they are not able to see coming.

Ellem also writes stories that can be classified in the genre of suspense, mystery, psychological thrillers, and crime. He is constantly committed to making his writing better and as a result is always happy when he is able to get feedback given to him by fans of his work.

The author is married to his wife and they have three children together. He admits that he his humor is dry and this tends to get him in trouble with his family on occasion. Ellem prefers to spend time in different places and can be found usually either in Australia, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

J.K. Ellem is the creator and the author of the Octagon series of fictional novels. The series kicked off in 2016 with the publication of the debut novel, for which the series is named. He would follow that up in 2017 with the release of the second installment of the series, titled Infernum. He also introduced a prequel to the series the same year that is titled Soldiers Field.

Octagon is the first book in the Octagon series by J.K. Ellem. If you are a big fan of dystopian science fiction and thrillers, you’re going to love this book! Great for fans of The Hunger Games books or even The Matrix movies.

The time is the year 2042. In this story and first installment of the Octagon series, readers get to meet the main character of Jon Kobe for the first time. He is a graduate from the Los Angeles Police. He wakes up one day to a day like any other, except for the fact that it isn’t. One morning Jon wakes up and he discovers that his life is a lie.

Everything from his job down to his friends and even his understanding of the society he belongs to is a lie. The worst part about this is that everyone is aware that he knows this now. Things are about to get tricky fast.

Jon’s living in the future, and it’s an interesting one to be sure. All of the problems of the past have been solved in that there is no longer any poverty, no famine, and no war. Nothing too extreme happened and no disasters occurred that would have negatively affected humanity to the point of near extinction. There was never a virus that came and took out people, and no apocalypse ever went down.

This is a future where this world appears to be good. Things have been changed to some extent. The levels of government that previously existed have been deleted. They were overthrown and in their place stand a collective of corporations. This group of eight corporations is called Octagon. They are the ones responsible for managing society and all that comes with it to benefit the people.

It seems that in this timeline, society is content and taken care of. Everyone has enough good, crime has gone to a minimum, and there’s order. However, Jon Kobe can’t shake the feeling that when it comes to this ideal society where everything’s relatively perfect, there’s something amiss. He can’t put his finger on it, but this law enforcement graduate thinks that something is off and not right with this world he finds himself in.

It appears that his concerns are justified when an unexpected event occurs. A young girl’s body is found in an alley, and she’s clearly been tortured before being killed. Her body has a symbol branded on it as well, one that translates to Hell. It is this event that makes Jon open his eyes to the fact that this place isn’t perfect. Not even close.

Soon he starts to observe that this world has its problems too and beneath a calm veneer may still be yet untold of horrors. It seems like their society is set up to serve the common man, but beneath this may be a terrible truth. One where human beings and their lives become simple play things for entertaining a few privileged ones.

Now that they know that he’s onto them, he’s got to find the strength to figure out what he’s going to do about it. Does he have the conviction to let go of what he thought the world was and to become a person that he never was before? His survival may just depend on it. Dramatic and thrilling, this is a creative look at a future that has come to pass. Will Jon make it out alive or is he going to fall prey to those that would rather keep things the way that they are? Pick up a copy of Octagon to find out!

Infernum is the second book in the Octagon series. If you read the first science fiction thriller, be sure to check out this sequel!

Jon is in a bad situation, having been left behind presumed dead. The Dreadful 8 may not be superheroes or possess abilities, but they may have to become heroes if they’re ever going to make it through the days ahead.

They could always become something more, but will they be able to transcend who they are to become something greater? And are they willing to pay the price to do so? No society is perfect, the reality underneath theirs is shocking. Will they make it? Read this book to find out!

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