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J.K. Franks is a bestselling science fiction novelist who is best known for the “Catalyst Series” which is a popular post-apocalyptic set of novels. Outside of his writing, he is an admitted cyclist, entrepreneur, tech geen and inveterate storyteller.
Franks’s love for science fiction novels was developed during his childhood when he lived in the rural South when the Space Age was in full swing. Right from when he was still a kid, he used to immerse himself in the infinite possibilities of speculative fiction and the many wonders of technology.

It was also at this time that he would become an avid student of science and history who used to read all manner of biographies and reference books in addition to the most popular science fiction novels of the time.

Franks published “Downward Cycle” his debut novel and the first of the “Catalyst” series in 2016 and has never looked back since. Once he published that novel and copies of it began to fly off the shelves, he doubled down on the near future apocalyptic event theme of his debut.
The “Catalyst” series is set in multiple locations all over the world from Pakistan to Italy: Austria to Ireland and to Mississippi where a bunch of stalwart survivors work hard to survive and even thrive. The author now has more than ten titles to his name across at least four series that have been very popular.

Over the years, J.K. Franks’ novels have become fan favorites on Audible and Amazon where they have been very well received. His work is characterized by seldom-matched gritty realism and meticulous research.

The best thing about his novels is his realism as he has humans rather than superheroes as his protagonists. They are normal people who have ordinary problems but then rise to the many challenges of life when they come up.
Most of his works combine an outlook of self-reliance with a passion for hard science fiction to make for some unputdownable fiction.

J.K. Franks now makes his home in West Point, Georgia where he lives with his wife. Having achieved a lot of success as a fiction author writing long-form fiction, he has also been writing short-form fiction, mostly as short companion pieces for his longer works.
He also loves to interact with his fans and no matter what is going on or where he is, he usually sets aside some time every day to answer messages and emails from his readers.

He can usually be found on his website and particularly his newsletter where he provides regular giveaways, promotions, and updates. He can sometimes be found on email or on his profile on the social media website Facebook.

“Downward Cycle” by J.K. Franks is a work set in a remote oceanfront town. The town is plunged into darkness and begins a downward spiral following a massive solar flare that results in a worldwide blackout.

Planes are falling from the sky, cars are dying suddenly, and most electrical devices also go dead with catastrophic consequences. However, the loss of electricity is not all that the survivors have to deal with.
In the ensuing chaos, an ordinary man watches helplessly as his entire world crumbles all around him, even as the thin veneer of normalcy tries to hide the inevitable collapse.

Scott Montgomery soon comes to the truth about the extent of the flare’s damage to the globe’s infrastructure but also what one ragtag group is planning so that it can finally control everything.

This is a shockingly realistic insight into how people cope when they find themselves back in the dark ages. In fact-based, deadly, and brutal storytelling Scott and his new friends struggle to survive in a world where many people have realized that it is a free-for-all-all with no legal consequences for some very dark crimes.

To make things even worse, there is a paramilitary group that has come up with a draconian plan for the new world that could have some very dangerous consequences.

J.K. Franks’s novel “Kingdoms of Sorrow” is another fascinating addition to the “Catalyst” series of novels. In this outing, things just got worse as the survivors were facing an approaching hurricane, an unspeakable plague, and a murderous army heading toward them.
One man is ready to risk everything to keep his community safe, even as governments, nations, and cities lie in ruins and billions have lost their lives. In the wake of a worldwide apocalypse, struggling to survive has become part of life in a world that seems determined to wipe out anyone and anything with a semblance of normalcy.

Scott Montgomery and his friends continue to hang on in the Mississippi Gulf Coast and have done better than most. However natural and man-made threats have now made their chances of survival on a knife’s edge. Fortunately, they have made some alliances with whom they will face the new threads none of them ever anticipated.

The Messengers who are coming after them are something that seems to have come out of a biblical plague as they destroy everyone and everything in their path. The survivors do not have much time and a new grim discovery just complicates things as they realize the Messengers are just one of their fears.

“American Exodus” by J.K. Franks tells the story of a desperate man who is journeying home in a post-apocalyptic world.

Steven Porter had a very good life that was the envy of most people until he lost it all. He had been away from home when his entire world was upended and millions were forced to flee the cities and head to the country to find a measure of safety with a ton more dead or missing.

Steven is among the people wandering the highways trying to find a safe abode. Every step he takes is full of peril and he can’t stop asking what he will find when he finally makes it home if he is lucky to make it.

To survive and make it home, he needs to deal with thirst, hunger, and relentless attacks by other survivors in addition to having to deal with a very vicious response from the government which is very strange.
Normal is slowly but surely fading into the background as he starts thinking only of survival and knows that he needs to adapt or die.

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