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JK Swift is a Canadian historical fiction author who has several bestselling fiction novels in several series. Swift lives in a log cabin in British Columbia in Canada, well off the beaten path. Before he became an author, he worked a range of jobs that have included calling Bingo games, school teacher, technical editor, jailhouse guard, massage therapist, Japanese translator, martial arts instructor, accountant, and log peeler. JK wrote his debut novel “Healer” the first of the “Keepers of Kwellevonne” series of novels in 2011. He has never looked back since and by 2020 he had more than nine titles in the “Keepers of Kwellevonne,” “Forest Knights Duology,” and the “Hospitaller Saga” series of novels. He has said that he gets most of his inspiration from his travels. The “Forest Knights” series which is set in medieval Switzerland was derived from his torus in Switzerland where he learned all about Swiss middle age history. JK Swift has made a name for himself for writing solid stories with excellent backstories as compared to many other novels in the historical fantasy. He is also known for writing enjoyable conflict narratives as his novels are full of intrigue and action sequences in addition to engaging characters. He usually blogs about his writing on his website, where he also runs contests and giveaways to fans from time to time.

“Acre” the first novel of the “Hospitaller Saga” series is a fascinating story set in the tail end of the thirteenth century. It is the story of a doomed mission as the Kingdom of Jerusalem is about to fall forcing one Knight Justice to do all in his power to face up to what is coming or die in the attempt to save his land. Brother Foulques de Villaret of the Hospitaller Knights of Saint John had sworn to protect the kingdom of Jerusalem and this usually involves staying in Acre like the good soldier he is. But these are different times as he has to go on a perilous journey from Palestine to a small village in the Swiss Alps nicknamed the “Spine of the World.” He has been asked to convince 500 peasant boys to come back with him to Acre, where they are to be forged into Soldiers of Christ. The entourage is pursued by slavers across land and seat and when he comes back with his band of boy soldiers things are not any better once they are back in Acre, they will be thrust into the greatest conflict of their lives as they face off against the Mamluks. If they are to survive, they must make risky alliances and hope their choices will not cause their destruction.

“Mamluk” the second novel to the “Hospitaller Saga” series by JK Swift is a fascinating tale with the fatality and frenetic energy typical of siege dramas. In this novel, Acre falls to the biggest and most fearsome force to ever invade the Middle East – the Mamluks. At the start of the novel, the Kingdom of Jerusalem is hanging on by a thread after the fall of Jerusalem with only Acre the port city still hanging on by the skin of its teeth. The boys who had come from the Swiss Alps are now young men fighting in the Hospitaller Army led by Brother Foulques de Villaret. However, they are yet to receive all the training they need, as Foulques requires more time. They have teamed up with the Teutonics, and Templars but it will be a while they are ready. Before they can make ready, the Mamluk armies arrive at their gates. In their midst is Badru Hashim the Northman a Mamluk warrior that Foulques only knows too well. If Acre is crushed, it will mark the end of more than two centuries of Christian crusades into Palestine.

“Hospitaller” the final novel of the “Hospitaller” trilogy is a story reminiscent of “The Last Kingdom” by Bernard Cornwell. The story is set in 1291 AD, where Acre has been lost and the Hospitaller Order decimated. Acre is the only home Foulques ever knew but the Mamluks have razed it to the ground. Only by the grace of God did he and several of his companions from the Hospitaller Order among several other Orders manage to flee to Cyprus. Once safe on the island, they get the news that Badru Hashim is holding Najya captive. Foulques goes around the island rallying the men hoping to go rescue Najya. But his uncle now controls most of the knights of the Order of Saint John and believes they should not undertake such a risky mission. Foulques has two options either forsake the Hospitaller Order and go find Najya as a lone ranger, or remain loyal to the Order and his uncle. But there was only one way he could ever take and Badru Hashim was sure to be at the end of it.

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