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My Mother's Secret (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
It Was Always Her (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Have You Seen My Mommy? (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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It's Actually a Good Thing (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

J.L. Witterick is a literary fiction author of Chinese origin that is best known for her debut novel “My Mother’s Secret.” She was born to Chinese immigrants that had in 1968 moved to Canada when J.L. was seven.
While she loved writing from when she was very little, being the daughter of immigrants meant that she pursued the stability of a more traditional career. In her teenage years, Witterick went to the University of Western Ontario Richard Ivey School of Business from where she graduated with a business degree.

After graduation, she would become the president of one of the largest international money management organizations in north America – the “Sky Investment Counsel.” Even though she found a lot of success in business, she always had dreams of becoming a fiction author.
She always found it amazing that people could come up with ideas and thoughts that did not exist before and make them into interesting stories. After working for several years and feeling secure with her finances, she made the decision to quit so that she could pursue her passion for writing.

When J.L. Witterick first started out, she intended to become a traditionally published author. She contacted several publishing houses but either got a “no thank you” response or no response.

She would then pivot to self-publishing and worked with iUniverse to publish “My Mother’s Secret.” The novel would become a bestseller within weeks of it being published.

Even though she worked with several English majors, law professors, and Holocaust experts in the editing, she credits iUniverse for making it even better. She believes they had a critical role in giving the work the professional touch it needed before publishing.
Soon after iUniverse published the novel in 2012, one of the leading imprints in the world in GP Putnam’s Sons expressed interest in the work. The imprint bought the international rights of “My Mother’s Secret” and would proceed to translate and publish the work across the world.

Witterick was overjoyed in addition to being surprised that her story had touched so many people. What made her even happier was when it was translated into Chinese, which meant her parents and other relatives could read it in their own language.

“My Mother’s Secret” is an uplifting, captivating, and profound story that is based on a true story. The uplifting story delves into the lives of a righteous and clever daughter and mother that team up to save a fleeing German soldier and two Jewish families running and hiding from the German occupiers.

Helena and her mother Franciszka are the unlikely heroines in the story as they happen to be ordinary people that never stand out from the crowd as they mind their own business. Ever since the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939 and began a massive effort to persecute Jews, sheltering Jews had become a death sentence.

But Helena and Franciszka do just that as they hide a Jewish family and several other persons of interest at their home.

In their tiny two-bedroom house in Sokal, Poland they hide two men and their wives in the backyard pigsty, a Jewish medic and his wife and son under the kitchen floorboards where there is a cellar. They also hide a German soldier who defected in their attic.
What is interesting is that none of the different groups of refugees are aware of the other. For all her guests to survive, Franzszka will need to outsmart the German commanders and her neighbors.

Told from four different perspectives but in a succinct and simple manner, it is a reminder that each person’s character is often a matter of personal choice.

J.L. Witterick’s novel “It Was Always Her” is a profound and compelling romance story full of sacrifice and romance. It opens in 2025 where Bruce Meyer who sometimes goes as Tom Wiates goes back in time and stops the assassination of President Jack Campbell, which would have resulted in World War III.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is General George Emmersons, who orders Bruce to save the president’s girlfriend from high school named Rachel Lee. She would have been his intended wife if she had not been brutally murdered in 1985 while attending her high school prom.

As the plot turns and twists, one cannot help but wonder if Bruce will be successful in his missions. If he is to be successful, he may have to sacrifice his personal goals to reunite with the love of his life he once believed he had lost.
Intriguing and fast-paced, the author builds the suspense and romantic tension between Bruce and Rachel. This is more evident when he gets hurt while protecting Jack from getting hurt by some bad actors.

Bruce ends up staying with her family as he recovers from his injuries and with every plot twist the emotional tension is amplified. Things get even more interesting when Jack ultimately becomes American president and then his true identity becomes known to Bruce.
Witterick combines science fiction adventure as he looks at friendship, love, and the loss of both to take his readers on his intriguing journey that will keep you glued on the page.

J.L Witterick’s “Its Actually a Good Thing” follows the life and times of one very purposeful woman.
Since she financed her education with academic scholarships, she would graduate and become one of the best investors in her organization. She would then be the founder of an international investment firm and during that time also pen a bestselling novel.
However, she started to see things differently when one of her largest clients made the decision to manage their projects in-house. Soon enough, she had cash flow issues and was on the other side of success which was a new reality.
She put a positive spin on things by saying “It’s Actually a Good Thing” and this thinking completely changed her perspective on things.

This is a compilation of her inspirational sayings as she shared unexpected positives, even as she introduces innovative processes that people can use when facing challenging circumstances.
This work provides insights into how a successful leader would deal with the bad and the good, as it offers practical advice on how people can put a positive spin when dealing with life challenges.

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