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J. Lynn Bailey
J. Lynn Bailey loves office supplies and Brussels Sprouts. She is quite boring, but loves coffee. A lot, actually. She would be totally fine if she had to live in yoga pants every single day of her life. Two must haves for her are a warm cozy towel after she takes a hot shower and clean sheets on Sundays. Her very favorite color is pink.

A little town she lives near, Ferndale, California, is a place that she has always felt there was something magical about. The plot for “Black Five” surged through her head for years, however, she never realized she had the necessary time to write the story. She drove past the town every morning while on her way to work or school. Every time, the voice in her head about the story would get a little louder. She realized she couldn’t make excuses any more about it.

Her reasons for not writing the story were more insecurities about her own writing, and if people would like it or even read it. She knew that she had to stop living in such fear, especially since she told her kids they were able to do whatever they put their minds to. She obviously had to put her own words to good use.

Bailey finds music inspires her. All different kinds. Watching people is inspirational, too. If she had the time, she would sit and watch people for hours. Even though she would sit by herself, she would feel like she conversed with eight people, fallen in love for times, and told two of the people to go right to hell.

She writes the “Granite Harbor” series and some stand alone novels. Her work is from the contemporary, young adult, and romance genres. Her debut novel, called “Black Five”, was released in the year 2016.

“Peony Red” is the first novel in the “Granite Harbor” series and was released in the year 2018. Alex Fisher lost her husband three years ago and since then, she has not been able to find her stride. She is out of time and out of a job and just running on fumes. When she gets a personal invite to visit the picturesque town of Granite Harbor, Maine, so she jumps at the chance to start over.

Eli Young, a game warden, finds his life easier when he is just exploring the back roads in Maine. While he is in the north woods, he isn’t required to deal with his soon-to-be-ex-wife or the politics of the town. One chance encounter with a brokenhearted newcomer gets him all tangled up. Eli knows that he should walk away; except, now that he has met her, he is unable to turn back.

A young woman goes missing in town, the tensions rise up, and everybody becomes a suspect. Eli does not think things can get much more complicated, until a picture of Alex gets discovered at a gruesome crime scene.

In this town where trust is tough to come by and ghosts from the past haunt its citizens in the light of day, the question stops being about whether Alex and Eli can save what is left of their hearts. But whether they are going to live to see tomorrow.

“Violet Ugly” is the second novel in the “Granite Harbor” series and was released in the year 2018. Merit Young left Granite Harbor, Maine sixteen years ago, for California to find a future that did not involve Ryan Taylor. He just left her in pieces on her bedroom floor, delivering a blow she could not have expected. Now, at the request of Eli, her brother, she has to return and confront the demons of her past. Ryan, too. After the loss both of them suffered, and she isn’t prepared to confront him, particularly considering he is the single person who has always been able to see right through her.

Ryan has lived his whole adult life in survival mode. Since he grew up with his abusive dad has made learn to keep women at arm’s length, and that has never once been a problem. Until the only woman he has ever loved, Merit walks right through his door. He is unsure how long she will stick around, however, he is certain it will be just long enough for her to destroy what is left of his heart.

In order to overcome their dark past together, they are going to have to shed some light on a reality that is sure to tear them apart. Merit has been keeping one heartbreaking choice from Ryan, and he has been keeping some lies of his own from her.

Can these two tortured souls heal after their lifetime of pain? Or are the hideous secrets of the past end up burying them both?

“Magnolia Road” is the third novel in the “Granite Harbor” series and was released in the year 2018. Bryce Hayes is satisfied with her series of no-strings-attached relationships, her demanding career, on the outside anyway. Her brother goes in and out of rehab, her dad tries his best to keep any semblance of “normal”, and her mom thinks she is able to beat her son’s addiction.

Bryce’s dad, Congressman Hayes, order her to come to Granite Harbor, Maine, because of a string of threats to their family coming from some unidentifiable source. She does not expect for Ethan Casey, a sexy soldier she slept with before walking out without even a goodbye to be her new landlord.

His past is riddled with bullets, chaos, and loud noise. After he returns to his tiny town after the war, he just wants to return to his roots. Quiet, peace, and a job as game warden for the Maine Warden Service sounds just right as rain.

However, with Bryce in Granite Harbor, living in his house on Magnolia Road, Ethan is unable to quit thinking about his future, one that includes Bryce. To make things right with the love of his life, he is going to have to open up old wounds and risk losing her for good.

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