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Publication Order of Thirsk Garden Centre Mysteries Books

A Spoonful of Murder (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Pen Dipped in Poison (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Clock Stopped Dead (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

J.M. Hall is the writing pseudonym of Jon Hall that is best known for his debut novel “A Spoonful of Murder.”

The author was born in Yorkshire and except for a few short interludes, he has always lived there. Before he became a fiction author, he had been writing for radio and the stage for many years. In fact, he is the creator of “Trust,” the critically acclaimed radio series on the BBC.

The series which starred Julie Hesmondhalgh found inspiration in his many years working as a northern primary school deputy headteacher. Teaching in primary school has been a major part of his life and would come to later impact his carer as an author.
In 2021, Hall published “A Spoonful of Murder” under Harper Collins and the novel introduced the characters, Pat, Thelma, and Liz that form an unlikely crime-solving trio. They are funny and wonderfully war characters that would take on a life of their own and result in the Liz, Pat, and Thelma series of novels.

When J.M. Hall is not penning his blockbuster novels, he usually engages in practical activities such as marking his pile of assignments or organizing a playground rota.

Like many authors, J.M. Hall has been heavily influenced in the writing of his novel by his career. As a deputy headmaster, his skills as a writer are usually called upon on an industrial scale.
Many times he has to pen letters to guardians and parents on mundane things such as asking them not to block the Veg and Fruit van. He may be called up to update the Playdough policy or maybe he needs to do a quick data analysis since some government official is coming to visit.

Most of the things he writes include writing coherently, succinctly, and quickly. Given his many years of writing, he ultimately decided to pen fiction works as he had always been a huge fan of fiction. Once he published his debut novel and it became very successful, there was no stopping him.

J.M. Hall’s novel “A Spoonful of Murder” introduces Thelma, Pat, and Liz who are three women that meet up for coffee every Thursday at the Thirsk Garden Centre Cafe.

On one of their meetings, they stumbled upon Topsy their once-redoubtable former colleague who is with KellyAnne her daughter. It soon becomes apparent that she is no longer the strong and bold woman she once was as she is afflicted with a dementia-like illness.
The three women try to communicate with Topsy and are sad at her condition. But Topsy then confides in Thelma and things take an alarming turn. Apparently, people had been coming to her house and she had heard voices saying that things would be much better if she was dead.
The women decide to help their old friend and keep an eye on her. Within two weeks, Topsy is found dead and according to police sources, she had messed up her medication while her daughter was away. Kellyanne was apparently on a mini vacation in Portugal when this happened.
It makes for an engrossing cozy mystery as it raised some pertinent questions on social issues. Some of these include the treatment of elderly people, especially ones that may be abused while suffering from conditions such as dementia.

“A Pen Dipped in Poison” by J.M. Hall continues to follow three retired schoolteachers Thelma, Pat, and Liz as they go on another adventure.

Sinister envelopes have been delivered to neighbors and friends of the three women and these reveal secrets from the past that for years they have been trying to keep hidden.

Marriages are destroyed, careers come to an end and almost everyone comes under suspicion. It seems there is something very sinister behind the happenings and it may be very close to home than they all think.

Despite the protestations of their family, the three take the decision of taking matters into their own hands. St, Barnabus Primary is no longer what it was before their retirement given that it has been made part of the Lodestone Academy Trust.
Given that the school remains close to their hearts, Thelma, Pat, and Liz still care a lot about the happenings at St. Barnabus.

The school is now administered by Kayleigh Brittain an influential, confident, and enigmatic headmistress. She has a reputation for being a forward-thinking person who has some very innovative plans for the school.
Delightful and masterful storytelling, it makes for an eventful and imaginative read similar to Miss Marple but with a strong sense of unity.

Once again the author manages to come up with a perfect balance between thought-provoking issues and solving an intriguing mystery.

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