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J.M. Kearl is a bestselling author of romance, young adult, and fantasy fiction. The author has said that writing is something she has been doing ever since she was eighteen.

Unlike her contemporaries, she never wanted to be a writer and hated reading when she was growing up. In fact, she needed to be pulled out of class while she was in grade school since was too far behind her classmates in reading.

During this time, she was painfully shy and hated any attention and hence she was very self-conscious about her lack of reading skills. As she got older, her reading significantly improved even if she never enjoyed it.

For most of her schooling, she only read the required works. Things changed in the 12th grade when she was made library aide by some stroke of fate or destiny.

It was the age before cell phones and so she soon got bored sitting in the library and she picked up Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Demon In My View. Soon enough, she was hooked.

She had never known that books could be so exciting and cool. She had never read anything but had loved “The Lord of the Rings” movies and hence she dove into all manner of fantasy fiction.

In the preceding years, J.M. Kearl read every chance she had whether it was during lunch hour at school, at home or in the library. She transformed into a loner as she read a book every few days.
Following her graduation, she started thinking about why not write a fiction book similar to the ones she was reading.

Kearl then got down to work and after over two months of furiously plotting and writing, she put out “Fire & Ice” a 130 thousand-word manuscript. She was so engrossed in the tasks at hand that her family then became worried that she was depressed.

They just did not know what to make of the fact that she spent much of her day sitting at the computer writing God knows what. However, what they did not know was that she could not have been happier as she was creating exciting new worlds.

In 2005, following graduation from high school, a family member invited her to a writing critique group. The group used to meet every week and she attended the meetings religiously for years.
As a nineteen-year-old, she entered a writing contest, and “Dragonwings” her manuscript scooped the fifth position out of 30 entries. It was this that gave her confidence that she could indeed become a fiction author.

However, life happened to Kearl as she made friends, got a job got married, and had a kid, meaning books took a backseat for the time being.

She still continued to write but it was not as serious as before. It was not until July 2018, that she published Rise her debut novel which she had been working on for more than two years whenever she had the time.
She was incredibly surprised when it went on to become a bestseller title. While she had never been so confident about her writing abilities, this was her moment in the limelight and she took full advantage of it.

J.M. Kearl kicked on from there and now has more than ten works to her name spread across several series.

When she is not writing her novels she often provides regular updates and bonus content to her fans on her social media pages and on her newsletter.

“Rise” is one of the best introductions to a series by award-winning novelist J.M. Kearl in which aspy, an assassin, a prince, and a farm girl find themselves intertwined in a dangerous game that could turn fatal.

Daelyn had always lived a very simple life on her farm until she came to the attention of the Prince of Hesstia. She is then invited to the royal festival, where it is rumored his brother will be seeking to make him choose a bride for himself.

What she did not know is that her seemingly unexpected meeting with the handsome prince had been planned by the Prince’s enemy, the Queen of Delhoon. War is once again threatening to break out and it could just consume both lands.

Daelyn soon finds herself in the middle of the two opposing camps with two very powerful men fighting for her affections. In such a dangerous time, any wrong move could be fatal.
Moreover, every decision she makes has the potential of swinging the pendulum of who will fall and rise in the coming dispensation.

J.M. Kearl’s novel “Wrath” is another brilliant work in the “Rise” series of novels that takes things to an even higher level.

The war to free magic is about to break out and the enemy king is no more. In the quest to free her father from prison, Daelyn had been forced to risk love and even life itself.
She is currently being hunted by the new warrior king of Hesstia and this forced her, her father, and Boaden the warrior to flee to Nordia the outlaw country to find safety.

She has a price on her head and the bandits cannot wait to get the reward for taking her in. This makes their quest very dangerous, as they have more than the king’s men on their trail.

As if that was not enough, her newfound magic could be very powerful but she has no control over it. It may turn out to be a very big hazard that might make it difficult to win the fight for free magic.
Battles erupt, magic explodes and swords clash as the Delhoon kingdom attacks. But when their nemesis acquires a new weapon that gives him an edge, Delhoon’s combat prowess and magic might just not be enough.

“Rival” by J.M. Keearl opens with the arrival of a massive enemy army and a horde of dragons, which complicates the war for magic freedom.

When Daelyn is taken out fighting behind enemy lines, she has only one chance to talk to King Enden to convince him to declare a truce and make magic free in his territories.

But the king demands that she will have to face Queen Kyria, a dangerous and devious man in a savage challenge if he is to sign the terms of the truce. It is going to be a brutal fight as the rules are that only one person can come out alive.

Will she be able to beat the vicious queen and bring peace to the kingdom of Hesstia or will she fail and resign the kingdoms to war and bloodshed for the next a thousand years?

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