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J.M. Miro is a poet and novelist and the Pacific Northwest, who also writes poetry and fiction as Steven Prince. As a child growing up in the Northwest, he was a huge lover of speculative fiction and fantasy.

In his teenage years, he went to the University of Victoria Canada, where he got his BFA in 2000. He would, later on, earn an MFA from the University of Virginia.

He had made a name for himself writing novels in gothic settings with melancholic and atmospheric prose. He usually explores bleak themes such as the veil between death and life, Poverty, grief, and prejudice.

He writes exquisite historical fiction bursting with a heart. These works captivate his readers who are taken through remote states and gaslit streets, through peril and depravity.

Miro’s works have at various times been compared to the likes of Miss Peregrine’s “Home for Peculiar Children,” “Umbrella Academy,” and “X-Men.”
J.M. is currently a professor of fiction and poetry at the University of Victoria.

Given how many projects J.M. Miro usually has, it can be hard to decide what he should write at any given time. For this reason, he can vividly remember how he came to write “Ordinary Monsters,” the first novel of the “Talents.”

He had just come back home and Esi Edugyan the “Washinton Black” novelist who also doubles up as his wife was in the kitchen. He hollered, “what do you think about children living in Victorian London who have superpowers.”

She stopped cooking came out of the kitchen and told him you have to write that. He would go on to publish the compelling, twisting, and dark fantasy” Ordinary Monsters,” which recalls the eeriness of Charles Dickens and some of the ideas in the “X-Men” comics.

“Ordinary Monsters” by J.M. Miro is a stunning historical fantasy work that is the debut novel of “The Talents Trilogy.”
The work is set in Victorian London in 1882, where two children with paranormal powers find themselves targetted by a man, made of smoke – a true creature of darkness.

Charlie Ovid is a sixteen-year-old who lacks any scars on his body despite years of brutality. He has the ability to completely heal all his wounds without needing to do anything.

Then there is a foundling from the freight car named Marlowe who usually emits a bizarre bluish light. His special power is the ability to mend or melt flesh.
Given their powers, two veteran detectives are hired to protect them as they head north. They are forced to deal with the deadly edges of the monster and try to find some sense of belonging.

What follows is a tale that happens on the eerie estate where other paranormal children live just outside Edinburgh and the streets of London. The world of the living and that of the dead threaten to collide.

As secrets within the witching estate unravel, Charlie, Marlowe, and the rest of the paranormal children will discover the nature of the forces coming after them and come to full knowledge of their paranormal abilities.

Sometimes the sweetest gifts may be borne on the hands of the most terrible monsters.

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  1. Marilyn: 3 months ago

    Just WOW I love this book and I want recommendations as to authors you love who even come close to this novels………wonder and awe. I dont want to finish til I can find another book of equal or almost equal content!! Its actually scary but truly well written!! More I want more!!

  2. courtney: 7 months ago

    I am currently on page 48 and can not put the book down which is proven difficult with a 3 year old . I hope to have more time today to read . your writing is memorizing . Thank you to your wife who said you should write this , thanks Courtney

  3. Edw. Robinson: 1 year ago

    Wonderful book.(Ordinary Monsters). Looking forward to the next book.


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