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J.P McLean is a fantasy and supernatural thriller author born in Toronto, Canada.
Her work has honorable mentions from the Victoria Writers Society and Whistler Independent Book Awards.
Her books include endorsements from award-winning and bestselling writers like Elinor Florence, E.E Holmes, Jennifer Manuel, Eileen Cook, and Jennifer Anne Gordon.

McLean is a graduate of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. When not writing, she futzes in gardens, cooks, hikes on local trails.
She’s known for her Gift Legacy series, where the first book was published in 2012. McLean also wrote the Gift Legacy Companion series, whose publication began in 2016. She lives on the northern Gulf Islands off the eastern shore of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Secret Sky
The secret sky is the debut novel in The Gift Legacy series. The book features Emelynn Taylor, an undaunted young lady who one day receives an incredible supernatural gift.

The storyline begins when Emelynn wakes up in an emergency room where her injuries pose more questions on Dr. Avery Coulter. How comes she has injuries consistent after falling from above the tree line?

How comes she was found at the center of sunset park? Why is she lying about it anyway?
The truth comes out stranger than anyone could have imagined, even for Emelynn herself.

Nine years back, at the same time of the summer, Emelynn had lost her father. At that time, she was 12-years- old, and she received a mysterious gift from a lady named Jolene.

The gift was not so appealing; instead, it looked strange, and since she could not return it, she decided to live with it.
As she recovers in the emergency room, she starts wondering whether that was a blessing or more like a curse. The gift gives Emelynn mysterious power. But what is the importance of such power if one cannot control it?

For instance, her gift of flight nearly kills her the time it sends her crashing to the sidewalk of Sunset Park.
She has never lived a normal life since she received the gift.

Emelynn becomes more than determined to master her powers and decides to return to the seaside cottage where her family lived when she was young and received the gift’.

While there, Dr. Coulter helps her to unveil a secret society with people like her. Her plan works even though things turn out in a direction she didn’t intend.

The people live in a mysterious world -within a world that seems to challenge everything Emelynn earlier thought she knew.
She is now in contact with people who can help her tame her powers, although she doesn’t realize it at first.

The more she unveils, the more the truth comes out, but it leaves her wondering the people’s intentions and who to trust. She doesn’t understand the intentions of these people and looks like there are things they’re hiding from her.

The people help her realize the amount of power and skill she’s never thought she possessed.
Things don’t go smoothly as threats, strange forces at work, and some missions should be accomplished.
This time, she can only trust herself after mastering the powers in the fight for survival.

The Secret Sky is a fine fantasy thriller ideal for fantasy fans. The author does an excellent job in character development to make the story more incredible.
J.C McLean describes how Emelynn should use her new gift and how she stumbles along the way.

As the protagonist narrates the story, you’ll experience the feeling of discovery, suspicions of the intentions of the new people who have just come into her life, and the fear of the unknown.
Emelynn is a young lady with no love experience and seems to fall in love so quickly; maybe it’s because she was used to ignoring such feelings for so long.
She is a normal human being, sometimes feeling happy and other times low, and you’ll find yourself empathizing with her even though we share less in common.
Be ready for a journey of fancy and magical experiences and amazing locations.

The story is narrated from the protagonist’s point of view.

The book has elements of thriller and mystery, and they work out so well into the story.
Towards the end of the book, there are some action scenes and an interesting twist.
This roller coaster ride of a book shows how hard it is to keep a secret from the people who care about you so that you can protect your own life.
It’s refreshing how Emelynn surprises and inspires us through her will and determination even after the hardships she faces.
She is proactive in her thoughts and choices and weighs through her decisions while looking for any possibilities in her mind, and sometimes chooses to reason over feeling
Love Betrayed
Love Betrayed is the first book in the Gift Legacy Companion series. The story began when Jackson Delaney’s father died when no one was expecting, and Jackson inherited a New Orleans company with a bad reputation.
Jackson is very determined to clean his family’s name and company, but his plans hit the rock when Cole, his disowned half-brother, shows up claiming the inheritance.
After a failed blackmail by Cole, Jackson’s wife disappears, and so desperate to find her, he calls for help from his father’s heinous colleagues.
However, everything is not what it appears, and from one lie grows a web of lies. When Jackson meets Emelynn Taylor, a mysterious young lady, he lures her into her revenge mission without knowing her powers.

How far is Jackson willing to go, and how much will he sacrifice before finding a way home?

This book retells the ‘Secret Sky,’ the first book in the Gift Legacy series, and from the POV of charming, ruthless, and handsome Jackson and Emelynn Taylor.
Betrayal takes us to the powered world of Jackson, a charismatic man whose focus on material wealth has left him conflicted and with a cold heart.
The book is fast-paced, well layered, with exquisitely described settings and well-developed dialogue.

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