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About J. Parsons / J Parsons

J. Parsons is a British author known for crafting engaging tales filled with magic and mythical creatures. His strength lies in creating vivid characters and protagonists that captivate readers’ imaginations. Through his storytelling, he weaves entertaining narratives that transport readers to fantastical worlds where anything is possible. His gift for crafting compelling stories makes his works a delight to read, leaving readers eagerly turning each page to discover what adventures unfold next.

Known for his ability to create intricate and immersive worlds, J. Parsons’ stories are filled with rich detail and imaginative settings that draw readers into the heart of the action. His protagonists are carefully developed with depth and complexity, making them relatable and engaging for audiences of all ages. Readers will find themselves invested in the characters’ journeys as they navigate challenges, face adversaries, and discover hidden strengths within themselves. With a talent for storytelling that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, Parsons’ books are a must-read for anyone seeking an escape into a world of wonder and excitement.

Whether delving into the realms of magic, encountering mythical creatures, or unraveling mysteries in fantastical landscapes, J. Parsons’ stories offer a blend of adventure, suspense, and heartwarming moments that appeal to a wide range of readers. His narratives are crafted with a fusion of creativity and expertise that keeps readers coming back for more.

With a knack for infusing magic and excitement into every page, J. Parsons’ books are sure to enchant readers and leave them eagerly anticipating his next literary masterpiece.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in the UK, J. Parsons developed a passion for mythology and storytelling from an early age. Surrounded by captivating tales and legends from various cultures, he found inspiration in the rich tapestry of myths and folklore that shaped his imaginative spirit. Living with his Welsh partner and two affectionate mastiffs, he’s cultivated a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling to transport readers to mesmerizing worlds filled with magic and wonder.

Through years of dedication and passion for the written word, J. Parsons has embraced the adventure of writing, letting his imagination soar and his creativity flourish. From his humble beginnings as a young reader enchanted by myths to becoming a seasoned author weaving fantastical narratives, he has embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth as a storyteller.

With a blend of inspiration, perseverance, and a touch of magic, J. Parsons continues to enchant readers with his imaginative stories that capture the essence of myth and legend.

Writing Career

J. Parsons has established himself as a prolific writer with several well-received series and standalone novels. His ‘Realm’ series, comprising ‘A God’s Chosen’ and ‘A God’s Champion,’ introduced readers to captivating tales of gods and chosen heroes in 2021.

In 2023, he expanded his literary universe with the ‘Arcane Awakening’ series, starting with ‘Imperial Wizard’ and followed by ‘Imperial Wizard: Ambitions,’ offering readers a deeper dive into magical realms and ambitious wizardry.

In addition to his series, J. Parsons penned the standalone novel ‘Cloud Sailor’ in 2022, showcasing his versatility as a storyteller. With a growing collection of works and a continued passion for writing, J. Parsons remains dedicated to delighting readers with his imaginative storytelling and boundless creativity.

Imperial Wizard: Ambitions

‘Imperial Wizard: Ambitions,’ written by J. Parsons, was published on November 13, 2023, by Royal Guard Publishing LLC. Serving as the second installment in the ‘Arcane Awakening’ series, the novel delves deeper into the fantastical world and characters introduced in the preceding book.

After defeating their monstrous adversaries, the city of Hobson’s Point remains at risk, prompting Verdan to confront new challenges and uncertainties. As suspicions surrounding the Sorcerer Sects escalate, Verdan must empower the city’s inhabitants to defend themselves against looming threats.

The clock is ticking for the last bastion of independence, as failure could result in dire consequences for all. Despite the mounting pressure, the resourcefulness and resolve of a Wizard facing adversity should never be underestimated.

A thrilling continuation of a fantastical world with engaging characters facing escalating challenges. Readers will be captivated by the high stakes and the wizard’s resilience.

Cloud Sailor

‘Cloud Sailor,’ authored by J. Parsons, was published on August 16, 2022, via the Kindle platform. This standalone fantasy novel showcases the author’s storytelling prowess, offering readers a unique and captivating literary experience through digital publication.

Rhys, an Artificer longing for adventure, seizes the chance to own a Cloudship and venture beyond his homeland. However, his decision comes with unforeseen repercussions that could overwhelm him. This fantasy tale interweaves elements of light LitRPG as Rhys embarks on a journey to earn resources for his ship’s expansion.

As Rhys navigates the responsibilities of a Cloudship captain, readers are treated to a blend of fantasy, life lessons, and exploration across different spires. The narrative immerses audiences in Rhys’ growth, both as a captain and an individual, offering a rich tapestry of experiences and challenges in a fantastical world.

A God’s Champion

‘A God’s Champion,’ authored by J. Parsons, was released on the Kindle platform on December 30, 2021, marking the second installment in ‘The Realm’ series. This fantasy novel once again continues to expand upon the intricate characters and immersive world introduced in the series, offering readers a further exploration of its fantastical elements and storylines.

As the Chosen of Morden, John has successfully united various factions under his leadership, establishing a strong foundation for his clan in the local region. Despite this achievement, new challenges and prospects emerge, compelling John to make decisive choices in the face of rising opportunities and dangers.

With looming threats on the horizon, John is faced with a pivotal moment that will test his resolve and determination. As the true Enemy approaches, John must confront the gathering storm with courage and strength to protect those under his banner.

A compelling continuation with rich characters and an immersive world that keeps readers engaged. The challenges faced by John make for another gripping read filled with action and suspense.

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