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Publication Order of Dungeon Cleaners Inc. Books

Dungeon Cleaners Inc. (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dungeon Cleaners Inc. 2 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Rise of the Weakest Summoner Books

Rise of the Weakest Summoner: Volume I (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Weakest Summoner: Volume II (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Weakest Summoner: Volume III (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Weakest Summoner: Volume IV (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Weakest Summoner: Volume V (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Weakest Summoner: Volume VI (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Weakest Summoner: Volume VII (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Weakest Summoner: Volume VIII (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Weakest Summoner: Volume IX (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

J.R. Saileri is a bestselling HaremLit fiction author that is best known for the “Rise of the Weakest Summoner” series of novels.

The author made her debut as a fiction novelist in 2021 with the publishing of “The Rise of the Weakest Summoner.”

It was this novel that would achieve much success and would spawn the “Rise of the Weakest Summoner” series of novels.

The series of novels now have at least half a dozen titles, even as the author has ventured into the writing of several other series that have been just as successful.
In addition to this, JR. Saileri is still working on many other projects on the side.

One of his favorite genres which he has been writing over the years is a fantasy adventure which is sure to become a bestselling series just like his HaremLit fiction.
Despite achieving a lot of success, Saileri still considers herself a beginner novelist with a vivid imagination.

Her obsession with stories meant that at some point she had all manner of stories in her head. She ultimately decided to unleash these stories into the world.

Growing up, J.R. Saileri always thought she would grow up to become an author given that he loved reading and storytelling.

However, things changed when she grew up and she decided that she would be better off doing something else. She believed that the more traditional fields such as marketing provided better career choices.

When she went to college she decided to study IT and marketing. It was while she was doing her master’s degree and doing a mathematical statistics examination that she began to think that maybe it was time to pursue her dream of becoming an author.
She had been having all manner of stories piling up in her head for years and hence she did not have any difficulty finding ideas. J.R. Salieri began pouring years of stories on paper as she spent days writing on her keyboard.
She used to spend a lot of time when she was walking on the bus, in the classroom, and in moments before she fell asleep creating all manner of universes inspired by popular stuff in books and TV.

J.R. Salieri is now a certified IT technician and marketing expert with a passion and love for books and games and particularly fantasy fiction. As a lover of fantasy what she does as an author is mostly for fun of her readers.
Making writing her full-time job has always been a dream of Salieri and she has said that this is what has made her work furiously and be prolific as she is.

The author has made a reputation for herself making fiction works full of fantasy elements. Nonetheless, she also writes novels in other genres including steampunk, cyberpunk, and science fiction that come with elements of magical technology.

J.R. Salieri’s novel “Rise of the Weakest Summoner” is a work set on a fateful day.

A caravan was going past the village of Teira which was reeling from a bandit raid that had left it a smoldering ruin.

Within the rubble had been found the only survivor of the attack. A young woman has volunteered to take the child and raise it as her own.

But as she was leaving the scene with the kid in her hands, she looks up and sees two falling stars and decides to name the kid Asterios.

Several years later, the boy is growing up in a warm and caring home and has developed a passion for magical beasts. He has decided that he will become a Summoner.
While his knowledge and love grow by leaps and bounds, he is a practical young man whose personality is not very compatible with the school of magic he wants to pursue.
Nonetheless, he is not one to waver in his resolution and continues to soldier on despite the many challenges.

The work follows the kid as his life which has been dogged by constant failure takes a sudden turn. A few seconds before he dies, his call is answered by a powerful summon, and his life is saved.

The second novel of the “Rise of the Weakest Summoner” continues to follow the life and times of Asterios and Miria who were introduced in the debut of the series.
They had rescued a party of young adventurers who had been imprisoned in a dungeon and then went on to spend some time together.

At the opening of the novel, the two are headed to a summoning ritual hoping to find a new member to add to their small party.

On their journey, the two adventurers will have tidal with all manner of challenges some of which are connected to Asterios’ family.
The work is all about the two getting new summons and exploring dungeons even as they are getting stronger.

On their quest, their bonds grow stronger and Asterios proves to be a hardworking and determined character who never does half-measures.
Will they ultimately learn more abnd be able to harness Asterios’ unusual powers?

“Rise of the Weakest Summoner Volume IV” has to be one of the most interesting novels in the series.

Asterios’ and Miria’s visit to Teira in the last outing resulted in more questions than answers. However, they discovered some things that provided them with some strong clues on what to do next.

Pursuing the lead, they head for the Demon Continent, and on the way to the coast, they visit Tina and Grea. While there they get a request from Guildmaster Suanori to visit Nebula aport town before continuing on their journey.
Ast and his companions arrive at Nebula just in time to notice someone unusual on the horizon. They soon discover that the anxiety about Suanori the Guildmaster is not unfounded but dives right into the unexpected conflict.
However, they have all manner of questions such as what is the nature of the conflict and will they need to get the help of a more powerful summon if they are to be successful?

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