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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

JS Dewes is a cinematographer, author and video editor that went to Columbia College, from where she graduated with a film production degree. Jenny cut her teeth writing scripts for award winning shorts and feature films that were screened at conventions and festivals across the US.
Dewes is at heart a creative who enjoys Pinterest, video games, graphic design, drawing, photography and all visual things. Before she became a bestselling author she worked all manner of strange jobs. When she was working as a freelance cinematographer she worked on strange jobs that included dozens of independent horror movies with a lot of fake blood, a zombie musical, a ton of anti drug PSAs and commercials for buffalo ranches.
Her strangest job was perhaps when in 2010 she got a job as a lighting director for the first lady, vice presidential and presidential speeches. Locations for the job included high school gyms, nuclear submarine shipyards and atomic laboratories. She also got to work with the Secret Service and learned about drape and pipe and can now pack a TSA Approved bag.

Dewes loved reading as a child and would read the likes of “Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice,” “Goosebumps” and “Everworld.” “The Giver” was among those books that gave her goosebumps and had the most significant impact on her future career as an author.

She read the novel as a twelve year old and it was the first major p[lot twist she had ever read that blew her mind. Over the years, she read and reread the novel and has always been fascinated by the ending which always makes her feel hopeful, sad, fearful and elated.
The book gave her so many mixed feelings and has always been her go to when she does not have anything to read. Looking back, she believes that all the fascination she had with the novel was the perfect combination of fear and wonder which only the fantasy fiction genre can provide.

Overall, young girls usually do not read science fiction novels especially in the time period in which she grew up. As such it was not until she was in her early twenties and late teenage years that she realized that there was an amazing world of science fiction to be explored.

It was at this time that she was introduced to science fiction classic novels from the likes of Isaac Asmov, Ray Bradbury and Arthur C Clarke. These are novels that have now become her favorites.

JS Dewes has always been writing in some form from a very young age. As a child, she was a writer of short stories and she would use this love to make for herself a career in script writing and filmmaking. When she was a teenager she totally fell in love with storytelling and she decided to pursue a career as an author.
In early 2015, she got into fan fiction writing and loved to write about Dragon Age II which was then her favorite video game. Writing always gave her a freeing and cathartic filling that she could not get from playing video games. Even the most well written video games do not take the time to flesh out relationships or characters and that is where she came in with her fan fiction.

When “Fallout 4” was released she fell in love with one of the leads and wrote a fanfiction story to flesh him out since she believed the writers did not do him justice. The work was well received by the fanfiction community and she had a lot of un penning the chapters and engaging with fans.
It was this positivity, praise, and fulfilling experience that motivated her to try her hand at writing her own novel. Her first script was a post apocalyptic work with a Chicago setting post a deadly pandemic that had wiped out much of the human population.

She wrote several drafts and did major revisions before she finally published Last Watch in 2021. Since then she has gone on to publish several other titles including the followup to her debut “The Exiled Fleet.”

“The Last Watch” by JS Dewes is a gripping novel set in the lonely and dark reaches at the edge of the universe. Beyond this is just the emptiness of space that is usually referred to as “The Divide.”

It is here that Argus is stationed and keeping watch alongside a motley crew of Sentinels living at their space station home. Most of the men at the space station are the worst of society and include ex soldiers, criminals, court martialed military personnel and exiles most of whom have no other place they could go.
But at the Divide, the Sentinels have a critical purpose and role as they are charged with maintaining the defense and warning systems and patrolling the edges of space against known and unknown threats. The fact is that it was only recently that mankind had nearly been annihilated by the Viators who are an alien species.

It is only after an untold number of people die and multiple wars did the remnant bunch together and finally drive out the invaders. It had been years since their society had thrown off their shackles but no one is taking chances.

But then they face a threat they never expected as the Divide is collapsing. If it collapses it could destroy everything and everyone with it.
Adequin Rake the commander of the Sentinels who had fought in the Viator Wars has to make some difficult choices. The lives of more than 2000 Sentinels are in her hands and what she does will determine if they live or not.

JS Dewes second novel “The Exiled Fleet” opens to the Sentinels fleeing the Divide whose edges are collapsing. A few of the Sentinels have survived but they find their ships engines are not working which makes leaving the Divide impossible. If they stay too long on the collapsing Divide, they may just starve. Adequin Rake brings together a team and together they find the equipment they need to get all the Sentinels out. But first they will need to evade a ruthless enemy and make new allies and in the process some of them will die.

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5 Responses to “J.S. Dewes”

  1. Peter Zecevic: 1 year ago

    J. S. Dewes’s “The Last Watch” (2021) reminds me of another Sci Fi novel, Frederik Pohl’s “The World at the End of Time (1990), in that we’re not dealing with a near earth adventure; but a galaxy or universe spanning adventure. This book was a fun read, thank you; and when I finished I began to look for another book by J. S. Dewes. And found it!

  2. John Gallant: 2 years ago

    Have always enjoyed ‘classical’SF & found The last watch a refreshing return to the style. I hope to see a strong continuation to the series

  3. Clarice Santilli: 2 years ago

    i just started reading the last watch and i cannot put it down if the exiled fleet is anything like it i will not be able to put that one down also. will there be more than the two books to this series? i am really enjoying your writing

    • katherine davis: 7 months ago

      The Last Watch was such a wonderful read. I felt I knew which direction the book was leading me and I would round a corner and WAM I would be hit with a different compass point and off you would lead me in an entirely different way. It is one of my best reads this year. I agree with many other readers and hope for a third book in the series. Thank you.

  4. Richard Domey: 2 years ago

    Thanks, great read. Good plot. Waiting for the 3rd book in the series. As a former Lt. Col, Infantry, I was impressed with your understanding of how important Rake’s strong leadership was for this successful plot.


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