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J.T. Baier
J. T. Baier writes the “Matthew Riker” series of thriller novels. He is a lifelong lover of stories, and he’s worked in film production, in the publishing industry, and even real estate.

When he’s not behind his keyboard typing out pulse-pounding action scenes, he can be found in the backcountry with his bow, on some adventure with his family, or kicking back with a good book and a glass of bourbon.

“The Import” is the first novel in the “Matthew Riker” series and was released in 2020. Some skills you just never lose. Killing is one such skill.

Matthew Riker never causes trouble, keeps to himself, and never talks about his past. However one chance encounter with a small child and a woman on the run, Riker’s going to have to make a decision: use his hard-won skills to protect these two innocent victims, or remain in the safety of his peaceful life.

What follows is an adrenaline soaked thrill ride which will take him on a cross-country chase, through the seedy underbelly of a New York criminal empire, and down into the darkest places of the human heart. Fans of Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne, and John Wick, well get ready to meet Matthew Riker.

This novel is an outstanding read and action packed. Baier puts you right into the middle of all the action, blow by blow following each of the moves seamlessly. Baier is an unputdownable novel, with an ultra fast pace, and is a ton of fun. It’s got a likable and competent protagonist that is not superhuman with an engaging plot that gets more intense with each surprising twist and turn. There’s also a powerful backstory which has got enough potential to carry a whole entire saga.

“Ghost Agent” is the second novel in the “Matthew Riker” series and was released in 2020. Matthew Riker promised that he’d walk away from a life of violence. Now he has broken his word, and it is time to pay the price for it. After the events of “The Import”, he finds himself on the wrong side of his old employers, an elite mercenary group known as QS-4.

In order to escape with his life, he agrees to take this job on that even they’re not able to touch: protecting this wealthy young man with some political connections, and potential ties to a terrorist organization. He soon finds himself getting sucked into a world of big money, fast cars, and no consequences.

However the client is not interested in making his job easy. And a chance encounter with one beautiful heiress makes things that much more complicated. Failure means death, however success could mean something even worse for them. Riker, for this job is going to have to walk that thin line between damnation and survival.

Readers were hooked right from the very first chapter. Not only was the novel exciting, but there’s also the added twist of having a main character walk this moral line. It’s very unexpected and readers were fully absorbed in this excellent story. Another novel in the Riker series filled with action, mystery, adventure, bad guys, and an odd ball team that Riker put together. There are some great characters and well done character development and lots of fantastic dialogue as well.

“Long Way Home” is the third novel in the “Matthew Riker” series and was released in 2021. Matthew Riker returns to Iowa in order to attend his high school wrestling coach’s funeral, he finds that a lot has changed since he set foot in his hometown.

His cousin struggles to help at risk teens, and his best friend might be involved in moving drugs. Worst of all, there might be much more to the death of his coach than the random carjacking that the papers are reporter.

While Riker gets closer to the truth of this matter, he decides that the best way to honor the memory of Coach is to figure out who killed him and bring them to justice. Before too long, Riker learns that there is a whole lot more happening in this small town than he first assumed. In order to save the people that he cares about the most, he’ll have to lay everything on the line.

Evil’s arrived in Kingsport, Iowa, and it is calling in some reinforcements. Kingsport’s only chance for redemption is Matthew Riker.

The pace is full speed ahead and the action scenes are absolutely fantastic. Riker is just as likable as he is capable, and it’s fun seeing how his confidence affects the other characters in the novel. He’s such an excellent character with a huge heart and makes things right in the face of almost impossible odds. The Lion is also a world class villain.

“Relentless Pursuit” is the fourth novel in the “Matthew Riker” series and was released in 2022. Matthew Riker stared into the face of evil, six years ago.

Riker has gone up against drug cartels, terrorists, and kidnappers, however the greatest evil that he faced in his entire QS-4 career was this man called Charles Fraction. And now, Fraction has resurfaced, and Riker is going to stop at nothing in order to take him down.

Riker and his small team of allies are on the hunt. Their quest to find Fraction is going to take them across the world. With a guy like Fraction, each and every single clue that they have is a possible trap, however Riker’s got zero choice but to continue this pursuit. Because as long as Fraction is free, everybody in Riker’s life is in grave danger. Including the woman that he loves.

Charles Fraction plans on changing the world, and he really wants Matthew Riker to be there as he drops a nation to its knees.

Baier gives his readers what a good thriller novel should be: heavy on action, just complicated enough in its plotting, never outstays its welcome, and has a satisfying conclusion. This is another tough to put down novel, and Riker is such an awesome character, one of the best of the genre at the moment.

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