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Publication Order of New Orleans Haunts Books

Brothers of Blood (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Howl of the Hunted (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Sean Havens Black Ops Books

Shadow Masters (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Primed Charge (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Presidential Retreat (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Buried in Black (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Presence of Evil (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Whispers of a Gypsy (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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BIG 4 Management Consultant Confessions (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

J.T. Patten is an American published author of fiction.

Born in Chicago, Patten has spent many years working handling special operations and intelligence. The community worked to support national defense as well as national policy. He went to college to learn foreign language and graduated. He also studied Strategic Intelligence, getting his Masters degree in it. He would do grad studies in the subject of Counter Terrorism. He also has garnered various expertise certifications in fields such as fraud, forensics, and investigations into financial crime.

This author shares his experiences with his readers. He says that he wants to give his readers a taste of what ‘the black’ is like. His stories are known for being written in a style of plot that is non-linear and gives the reader an inside view that is compelling and informative into the world of covert activity that can sometimes be larger than life. It also opens the eyes to the various emotional aspects of warriors that are battling demons on the inside and foes on the outside.

J.T. Patten is the creator and the author of the Sean Havens Black Ops fictional series of novels. This awesome action and adventure series first became available for readers to enjoy in 2014. That is when the first novel was published. It is titled Shadow Masters. The exciting sequel would come out two years later and is titled Primed Charge.

Shadow Masters is the first novel in the Sean Havens series by author J.T. Pattern. If you are looking for a great fictional series that is interesting and unique, then check out this engaging action series!

Main character Sean is introduced in this debut story for the first time. He plays many roles in his life as a husband, a father, a warrior, and maybe even a target. He is someone that has a rare line of work and his job takes him into all types of scenarios and underworld operations.

Sean has worked for the government as a black ops agent for nearly two decades. During that time, he operated and basically lived through corporate outs as well as in humanity’s darkest recesses. All of it was done in the name of the job, which was protecting the country that he holds so dear.

Sean may love America, but his job puts his loved ones in danger. He loves his family, but when they need it most, they have no protection. He always knew that his double life would probably put those around him in jeopardy, but he truly hoped that the day would never come.

The duties of his job might just follow him home. These two very different worlds that he is operating in are destined to collide. When a program that has no oversight and is totally corrupt becomes his driving force to keep going on, Havens is also having a tough time when it comes to holding on to whatever is left from his old life as well as his family.

He is destined to be unprepared for what is waiting for him, and betrayal might just be the name of the game. As he dives into a mission, Sean will find out just who is his foe and who is his friend. Taking to the battlefield in his job and at home, he is a man that does not know what awaits him.

If he is ever to be able to discover some level of sanctuary, he is going to have to navigate through a world of shadows that is just as dangerous as it is covert. Full of schemes, terror attacks, and even a rival of the CIA that was long thought to have broken up, this book is full of action from start to finish.

Sean is going to have to work hard to get to the end of this particular road. As he does his best to protect as well as punish, will he find that he loses a piece of his soul in the process? As the bodies only pile up higher, he will have to find out whether safe haven is a real thing or just an illusion.

Full of set ups and covert eliminations, this is a story of refuge and revenge. Can Sean get it done? Pick up a copy of this book to find out!

Primed Charge is the second novel in the Sean Havens series. When it comes to action and the underworld, no one knows it better than Sean.

When a team of contractors for the CIA go on their way to the South East region of Asia, their goal is to look into some bombings. The bombings took the lives of various advance officers and they want to find out who did it. The mission ultimately fails, and when it does, they pick up the phone and call Sean Havens.

Havens is an intelligence specialist and his talents result in him being sent to Burma. He will enter the jungle in an attempt to figure out where the soldiers went and what exactly happened. He arrives and while Sean is there, he finds out some information.

Havens finds out that China, Russia, and Iran have formed an axis and alliance. But he also discovers that this alliance may include plans that extend beyond the basic illicit trafficking same old story. But could it all be a lie?

This may be a ruse thought up as a type of distraction. The goal would be to prevent analysts when it comes to assessing political elections and world financial movements. Sean is feeling increasingly like a fish out of water and is doing whatever he can to get in the way of global threats.

Havens is doing his best to try and use the guile, adaptability, and the skills that he has accumulated to try and finish this mission. As his personal life butts in, he may find that actions have greater consequences than ever.

When Shadow Masters find out about the work he’s been doing, he’ll be involved in a game that could turn deadly. Will he win? Read this book to find out!

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