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About Jac Jemc

An American writer of horror fiction, Jac Jemc is an award-winning author with much to say and offer, having written for a number of years now. Well known with both critics and the reading public at large, she’s made a name for herself worldwide, with audiences from all over relating to her work. Making a name for herself, her writing is quite unlike anything else out there, elevating horror as a genre in the process. Pushing the boundaries of what it really can achieve, she manages to continually surprise the reader with countless twists and turns.

Speaking to the reader directly in a sense, she’s a writer with much to say, making sure that her message is heard loud and clear. Her audience reaches readers from all over, as she’s become a household name for many and a permanent fixture on countless bookshelves. Entertaining and compelling in equal measure, she captures a real sense of darkness that truly envelops the reader, immersing them in her world. Allowing them to really feel as though they’re a part of the story, Jemc is an expert at both world-building and creating compelling characters.

Crafting detailed protagonists who feel wholly realistic and grounded, she really brings each of her characters to life for her audience. Feeling as though they get to know them, her readers can relate to her characters, allowing them to feel is if they’re essentially jumping off of the page. Over time this has seen her audience grow on a daily basis, with each of her books saying something that is distinctly personal to her. With so much more to follow still, she’s clearly a writer who isn’t planning on finishing any time soon, as there’s a lot more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a keen interest in the written word, Jac Jemc always had a passion for literature which she nurtured from an early age. Over the years she’d develop this, sharpening her skills a writer, while simultaneously finding what it was that she really wanted to say. Taking much of her inspiration from her surrounding world, she would put it all back into her work and writing, establishing her own creative voice.

Attending the Arts Institute of Chicago, she would receive her MFA there, and she’d also be a writer in residence at The Danish Center for Writers and Translators, and the University of Notre Dame. Later she would go on to work at the Northeastern Illinois University, and then the University of San Diego in California, where she still teaches to this day. Continuing to write and work, she regularly writes, with lots more set for the future, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

The first book that Jac Jemc would publish was titled ‘My Only Wife,’ and it would come out back in 2012 to much acclaim. Following this she went on to write ‘The Grip of It’ in 2017, and then ‘Empty Theatre’ in 2023, all of which would be completely stand-alone titles. She would also produce some collections of her short-stories as well, including ‘A Different Bed Every Time’ in 2014, and ‘False Bingo’ in 2019.

She would also work at the literary magazine ‘Hobart’ for some time as their web non-fiction editor, making a name for herself. Winning numerous awards and nominations, she’s gained plenty of critical acclaim too, including being the finalist for the ‘Paula Anderson Book Award’ in 2013 for her debut novel. With her essays and non-fiction also being included in the ‘Best American Essays, along with her short-stories winning awards too, she’s a writer who will carry on upwards and onwards.

My Only Wife

First published back in 2012 on the 10th of April through ‘Dzanc Books,’ this was the initial debut novel from Jac Jemc, introducing her as a writer for the first time. It isn’t included in any long-running series as such, it would provide an entirely self-contained story that was instantly accessible. With elements of horror wrapped within a mystery, it’s a psychological love-story with a lot to say and offer its audience.

Ten years prior the narrator arrives home to his wrecked apartment and his wife disappeared completely without a trace. To this day he obsesses over her still, wondering where she could’ve possibly gone, with the memory of his wife haunting him still. Recounting his time with her, he’s too stuck with his ideal version of her to try and find her, continually idealizing her in his mind. Where did she disappear to all those years ago, will he ever be able to find her again, and what will happen to him as he asks ‘what became of my only wife?’

The story itself is sparse, instead weaving a series of heartfelt and beautifully written vignettes for the reader, telling what is essentially a love story. It’s a love story recounting the narrators passion for his wife, as he holds the perfect image of her in his mind over the years. Capturing something extremely profound, it provides several layers of meaning, as it’s a story that stays with the reader long after they’ve put it down.

The Grip of It

Originally released on the 1st of August back in 2017, this would be the second novel from Jac Jemc, published through the FSG publishing imprint. Another stand-alone title, it wouldn’t be a part of any series, with it being a horror novel this time round, with elements of the paranormal. It would also be a ‘Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Horror’ the very same year that it was released, making it successful with both critics and readers alike.

Moving to make a new start and break-away for James’s gambling addiction, Julie and James settle into a new home in a small-town just outside the city. But it’s here that they find a series of increasingly strange occurrences, as the house begins to take on a life all of its own. With rooms inside of rooms, and marks upon the walls transferring onto their skin, they find themselves both becoming lost within the history of the house. Who lived there before, why is this all happening to them, and what will become of them both and their home as they find themselves within the grip of it?

As a paranormal thriller this works on a number of different levels, really managing to elevate the tension throughout. The story itself is extremely well paced, setting up the action perfectly, while also fully establishing the main characters as well. Keeping the readers constantly guessing and turning the page, it also makes sure to say something important, ensuring this is definitely a book to remember.

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