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Jack Arbor is an American author of fiction. His novels could be classified as action and adventure novels or simply of the thriller genre. He is a best-selling author.

Arbor was officially published for the first time in 2016. That is when the debut novel of his Max Austin series came out. Readers got to meet Max, a former KGB assassin a long way from home, in this first story. The first novel was quickly followed by a thrilling sequel. The third novel came out in 2017 and made the entire thing a trilogy. It is titled The Attack.

Jack Arbor resides in Colorado with his beautiful wife Jill. He is very thankful for all of her support and her love. Together they live just outside of Aspen, which affords them with the natural beauty. In their free time, they enjoy spending time in Roaring Fork Valley hiking and trail running.

When he isn’t spending weekends writing, he makes a living working as a digital technologist. He enjoys grilling meat and tasting new types of bourbon. If they are happening together at the same time, all the better. Jack and his wife both can attest to the fact that they miss the type of coffee they used to be able to get on the East Coast.

Jack Arbor’s Austin series follows this KGB officer as he attempts to not only adjust to what has happened in the past but also do his very best to avoid a fate that he believes that he is destined for. If he can avoid it in any way, he will try.

The Russian Assassin is the exciting first novel in the Austin series by Jack Arbor. When it comes to Max Austin’s life, it’s been a colorful one. He used to be an agent for the KGB– an assassin that killed as his living. He’s been able to find a respite from it all by laying low in Paris. He has a peaceful existence there, but it all suddenly shatters apart when some news from the real world makes its way to him.

The death of Max’s mother brings him out of that calm state and quickly starts sucking him back into a world that he wishes that he could forget. He’s ready to lave the past behind, but here it is coming to get him with a hand written invitation just for him. He packs his bags and gets ready to leave.

Before he can even get them unpacked, Max experiences a random act of terrorism. The event sends him sprinting for survival and after the dust settles, he finds that he’s starting to have questions about his father and his past. If he can uncover enough, he may be able to save his family. They have all been swept up in something much bigger than them.

Max finds that his nephew and his sister have become involved in a game that started long ago. An entire generation in the past, this game began. Now his family are the pawns in it and who knows if he will be able to get them out in one piece?

The former assassin is swept up in a desperate race against time. He must do everything that he can to not only beat the clock but try and find a way to beat the game. If it involves digging up secrets from his family’s past, then that is what he will do. From Minsk to Zurich to Prague’s dirty streets, Max must do everything that he can in a game that is part chess, part puzzle, and part race at the same time.

This former agent must finally face down the demons of his past– but is he strong enough to do so? Can he wrestle with what has happened in an effort to try and save the future? Full of action and adventure and tons of excitement, this novel is as intriguing as it is unique. If you love the James Bond novels or any action thriller, then you’ve got to check out this awesome and totally engaging debut novel in the Austin series from author Jack Arbor!

The Pursuit is the second novel in Jack Arbor’s Max Austin series. In the first novel, readers had the chance to meet an ex-agent of the KGB. Max has been trying to keep his family intact while still staying on the run. He’s used to being in tough situations, but this time, the situation is definitely personal.

Max is trying to track down the people that killed his parents. They say that the best way to take down an enemy is to attempt to make them your friend. Now Austin is in a race against time once more as he attempts to bring some killers to justice.

The ex-agent will have to come up against strong forces that cross his path. While some make themselves known, still others hide in the shadow and conceal their hands. Max may soon have no time to worry about who is lurking in the dark, however, as he stumbles upon a huge conspiracy that may just have the power to change everything.

This secret goes down all the way back in time, back through Soviet history and some of the darkest times a country and people have known. Max will do anything that it takes to take these killers down; even if it means befriending the worst enemy that he has in the world and teaming up with them.

It’s a risky plan to pair up with your enemy, but Max needs to survive this entire ordeal. Whatever it takes to come out of this alive is what he is going to do. Even though he has his doubts about confiding in his adversary, it’s something that has to happen. However, now he’s wondering just whether he can trust anyone or if it’s all down to just him once more.

Determined to make things happen, Max Austin is on the case. But has he bitten off more than he can chew? Tune in and find out by picking up The Pursuit by author Jack Arbor!

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  1. Tony Lott: 3 years ago

    I have heard that there is a book 6 in the Max Austin series titled “endgame”. I have looked all over the web to try to find it in print, like the other 5, but to no avail. Any suggestions as to who may have this book in their inventory? Thanks for any help you may have. Tony

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      It hasn’t been released yet. Last update by Jack was it would be released Q1 or Q2 in 2022.


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