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Publication Order of Inspector Jack Brady Books

Broken Silence (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vanishing Point (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blind Alley (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Reckoning (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Puppet Maker (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Danielle Ramsay is a well-established author, who resides in an exceedingly small seaside town that is located in the England’s Northeast end. Ever since she was young, Danielle Ramsay has always been a storyteller. After she completed her career in Academic Lecturing, Danielle Ramsay eventually found her place in life and became a full-time writer.

Inspector Jack Brady Book Series

Broken Silence is the first book in the Inspector Brady book series. As the first book in what promises to be a highly entertaining book series, Broken Silence has been set in the North East of England in a town known as Whitley Bay. It follows the story of one Inspector Jack Brady, who is the protagonist and the lead inspector. Jack and his team of detectives look into the brutal killing of one Sophie Washington, whose body and face had been mutilated beyond any recognition. As the investigation progresses, a complication arises. One of Jack Brady’s friends has close ties with the murder victim. As it is the case with any murder mystery and crime fiction, Brady is a well-intentioned character. However, unlike a majority of the lead characters, Jack Brady has his flaws, which makes him realistic.

Brady is a workaholic, who not only loves to smoke much but also drink much as well. As it is the case with any person, who loves to drink and work so much, Brady has fractured his relationship. As a matter of fact, the author informs the readers, how Jack Brady was left with his wife after the wife had found Brady with one of his colleagues in bed. The reader also gets to learn about Brady’s personal history and get to learn that Brady has a brother, whom they both grew up in abject poverty in the small town of Whitley Bay. The two brothers also grew up with the town’s crime boss, who was a close friend to the two. As it is later revealed, the two both work in crime; one works on the right side of crime while the other works on the wrong side of it. A friendship between the protagonist and the local crime boss arises. The friendship will not only make the reader question Brady’s ability to enforce the law and judgment.

However, it does not take long before Danielle Ramsay reveals that Jack Brady is a good copper. The reader is going to warm up with the character DI Jack Brady from the start of the novel to the last page. With that said, this book has not only been well-written but has also been well structured. The text can be quite descriptive at times, though it plays a crucial role in the overall build-up of atmosphere. In fact, Broken Silence contains some gruesome description of injuries, thus, the reader needs a strong stomach. Nonetheless, the gruesome description of injuries gives the book a great sense of realism. It is evidently clear that the author, Danielle Ramsay, can create both tense situations and drama as well. Broken Silence contains Red Herrings, drama and twists as well. The reader is going to get hooked from the first page.

Vanishing Point is another exceedingly dark tale that has been set in the seaside of Whitley Bay. In this book Detective Inspector, Jack Brady and his group of investigators are looking into the disappearance and the death of young women in Whitley Bays. As the second book in the Inspector Jack Brady book series, Vanishing Point picks up from where Broken Silence had left off from. The local police department is racing against time to identify the victims and also put the perpetrator behind bars before more innocent souls are lost. As the investigation progresses, DI Brady and the team of investigators can bring to light a prostitution and people trafficking ring. However, as the police continue with their investigation, they are faced with hostility. As the police continue with their investigation, it becomes evidently clear that there is a turf war between the two gangs who are suspected of being involved in prostitution and human trafficking as well. These case eventually become personal for the protagonist, Jack Brady for reasons which eventually become exceedingly obvious when one reads the book.

With that said, Vanishing Point allows the reader to learn about the protagonist’s personal history and Nick his brother and Madley, the local crime boss. With that said, Vanishing Point is an exceedingly compelling read, which allows the readers to watch as Brady, the protagonist gets completely immersed in an exceedingly sadistic crime ring with issues relating directly to the crime ring. Brady is an exceedingly likable cop that the reader will want to know more about him. Apart from having dark violence, Vanishing Point is full of fast moving action as well. Blood Reckoning is the fourth book in the Jack Brady book series. As the fourth book in the Jack Brady book series, Jack Brady makes an expected return to the book series after being on a five-month sick leave. After sustaining major injuries while working on one of the cases, Jack Brady was handed a five-month leave so that he could recuperate well.

Upon arrival, Jack Brady is called to a scene, where a young man had been brutally killed in cold blood. Once Jack Brady and his team of investigators begin to work on the case, they are shocked to discover the motive of the killer was much similar to a case that occurred during the 1970’s. This time around, the victim is one Alexander de Bernier, who is found tortured and his body parts mutilated. Thus, Jack and his team are determined to find established as to whether the person who was responsible for the brutal killings so many years ago, had resurfaced. However, there was one thing about this case that baffled the police officers, who are not convinced that the killer was a copycat because the killer new so many details about the death that appeared so many years, some of which were withheld from the public.

With that said, it is evidently clear that this is one of the best books, in the Jack Brady book series. The author’s style of writing has not only improved significantly but also the suspense and the thrills will ensure that the readers are fully entertained.

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