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In this crime thriller series, Mo Hayder brings us into a world of crime that hasn’t before been fully exploited and what we end up with is just an amazing series. Birdman is the name of the first installment of the many books in this crime series by Mo Hayder. The place that this crime thriller takes place is Greenwich, which is on the South-East of London. The CID has discovered a very gruesome murder of five young women. They have been killed in a very odd fashion and but it’s clear that there is a sexual serial killer on the loose. A detective by the name of Jack Caffery, who is described as being very unshakeable finds himself in the midst of all this, and this is his first case on the job. He is a member of the elite AMIP, and he is therefore charged with the task of making sure that he cracks this case and nails the serial killer. He discovers that it is not going to be easy as he thought.

Some past of his threatens to bring him down, and this is not good for the case as he has to put all his attention into it. He is also facing a lot of hostile colleagues in the force that actually think he is either inexperienced or too much of himself for the case. They think that he is unworthy of the case and thus they are really not friendly towards him at all. There is also a murder that happened so long ago that keeps haunting him. He employs everything available for him in the world of forensic science to try and nail the culprit before he actually strikes again because he knows well enough that it is only a matter of time before he does. This fast-paced crime thriller is the first in the Jack Caffery series. This novel epitomizes what Mo Hayder is all about, and that is making sure that his books are very accurate, and they give the best scope of the things as they can. You will absolutely fall in love with the characterization as well as the plot.

The book is deeply engaging and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The scenes are so vivid, especially that murder scene that is discovered by the CID. The author just paints this image, and you have to admire the quality in his work. How he delves into the minds of the characters, the police as well as the serial killer with equal measure to bring out a book that is just brilliant in its own right. The second installment in this series goes by the name of The Treatment does a lot of justice to the series and just makes the author as well as his characters more relevant.

The book takes place midsummer on Brockwell Park that is found on the South of London. A couple has been found severely dehydrated in their own house on the brink of death. They have also been bound and they have taken a lot of beatings really. What is also not known, yet, is the fact their son is missing. Detective Jack Caffery comes in again to investigate this case and here you will find more intrigue as well as pasts revisited. As a member of the elite Met’s AMIT squad, Jack is as brilliant in his work, and you have to love this character a lot. Now, there are a lot of similarities in this case to Jack’s past. Jack delves into the case, further wading deeper and trying to uncover who is behind it, he is also left to make sure that he holds his life together as he is on the verge of breaking up. There are very disturbing revelations that involve the present as well as the past and the real nightmare begins.

Jack is torn between the past and the present, and you will just have to read the book to get a wider scope of what he does to keep himself sane amidst all this happening around him. The book does not disappoint for a single bit, and Jack Caffery’s role is just amazing and you will love each moment that he comes alive, and there is a lot about the character to be admired as well as feared in equal rights. The author, Mo Hayder does a splendid job in making sure that the book is as relevant from the first page up to the last page, and you will just love all this. The way Jack deals with the investigation is just amazing and any crime thriller enthusiast will find this series a must-have a collection. The way everything is so intricately designed sets the novel on a class of its own.

Mo Hayder has been publishing books for years, and she is really a brilliant writer. This is evident in the creation of Jack Caffery that is just on another level intellectually and everything that you can think of that is to be found in the mind of a serial killer as well as the mind of a police officer who is trying to nail him, shows how good he actually is. All the characters are very well handled throughout the book, and the fact that Jack is always a step ahead of the pack keeps this series very well orchestrated. You will find yourself deeply submerged in the world of Jack Caffery from the word go up to the last page, and this is what a good read is about. Also the way, suspense has been handled to deal with Jack’s former life is just on a level of its own. You will open the page from page trying to find out what happened, and this is what keeps the series going and maintaining its awesome course. Overall it is a good read, and I would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about a good crime thriller that is not boring but is also quite easy to understand.

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