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Publication Order of Jack Carpenter Books

Midnight Rambler (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Stalker (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Monster (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Program (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

1. Midnight Rambler

Quite a while back, South Florida cop Jack Carpenter beat up a homicide suspect named Simon Skell, a perilous predator with an inclination for playing the Rolling Stones’ “Midnight Rambler” as he tormented young ladies. At the point when Jack lost his temper, he lost his occupation and his marriage, as well; so as Skell’s initial discharge from jail moves close to, the discolored hero–now an expert in missing-tyke cases– sees a chance to make things right. Scrambling to accumulate more proof, Jack reveals a stunning criminal scheme: a gathering of four men who hijack and slaughter young ladies on the edges of society. Collaborating with a FBI specialist, Jack must outsmart, beat, and defeat his foes in this tight, riveting novel of tension. Midnight Rambler sets James Swain’s trademark smooth-as-silk composing with a plot greater and bolder than anything he’s done some time recently.

2. The Night Stalker

Abb Grimes is popular. Simply ask the ghoulish visitors who run to his previous home to take photos. A long time back, Grimes killed eighteen ladies, some never found. As the leader of the Broward County Missing Persons Unit, Jack Carpenter was personally required in the Grimes case. Presently, days from execution, the infamous serial executioner contacts ex-cop Carpenter with an amazing solicitation.

Abb Grimes’ grandson was tricked from his home. The cops are persuaded the kid’s father'”Abb’s pained child, Jed'”is behind the kid’s vanishing, however Jack’s not entirely certain. With an individual association with the seized youngster, Carpenter takes the case, and that is the point at which the circumstance goes from unnerving to deadly. There’s another abhorrent homicide, and by and by the confirmation directs straight toward Jed. Have the unspeakable sins of his dad flourished inside this agitated young fellow?

Woodworker races against time and a police office that needs his assistance yet rejects his forceful style as he pursuits through an underworld of predators, gathering the rugged bits of a debased riddle, edgy to put a conclusion to a lethal stalker’s blood-drenched frenzy.

With unremitting activity and skillfully cleaned composition, smash hit writer James Swain has composed his most riveting thriller yet, diving much more profound into the interesting mind of getting into mischief crusader Jack Carpenter. A saint inundated in the insidious that is his prey, Carpenter fights a staggering betrayal'”and a loathsome threat nobody saw coming.

3. The Night Monster

The shadowy side of the Sunshine State, where blood runs chilly even in the tropical warmth, is the enticing, frightening domain few know not James Swain. His well sharpened sharp stories of offenders, cops, and South Florida – style tension chomp like an eager gator and never let go.

The past has caused issues down the road for P.I. Jack Carpenter, previous leader of the Broward County Missing Persons Unit. As a youthful cop he neglected to stop the hijacking of a school coed by a shockingly extensive aggressor and neither of them was ever seen again. The kidnapping has remained Carpenter’s most chilling icy case, and even now the puzzle of the missing young lady sneaks in his darkest dreams. Be that as it may, following eighteen years, it’s going to wind up frightening reality yet again.

At the point when his little girl, Jessie, requests that he feathered creature canine a camera-toting downer who’s been shadowing her school ball group, Carpenter’s direct pursuit of the video voyeur drives him smack into another keep running in with his old huge adversary, who kidnaps one of Jessie’s partners. While the Jack Carpenter (Series by James Swain) cops are resolved to stick the rap on a helpful suspect, Carpenter isn’t going to give troubling history a chance to rehash itself-particularly when he finds an example of unsolved kidnappings including the same gigantic perp.

Scalawag Billy Cunningham is no more odd to the clubhouse of Las Vegas—he’s ripped off each and every one. However, his most recent trick—a year really taking shape—guarantees his group their greatest payday yet. Billy has considered everything down to the last detail… or so he considers.

He hasn’t relied on the father-child group of agreement executioners hoping to capitalize on Billy’s head. Alternately his past love interest, Maggie Flynn, out for payback for her broken heart. Assuming Billy and his group can pass themselves off as hot shots for a week in a row, having a great time in Vegas’ most selective suites and box seats, they’ll get their opportunity to make their VIP status lasting. It’s the greatest trick of their lives—in the event that they live.

With the enthusiastic help of the capture casualty’s powerful magnate father, the uneasy collaboration of his old unit’s new leader, and valuable little time before the trail goes frosty, Jack and his trusty puppy, Buster, hit the ground running. Also, they’ll require all the help they can get-including reinforcement from a FBI man with an individual stake in the chase as they take after a contorted trail from the vestiges of a covered mental shelter with a notorious past to the boulevards of an evil residential area with a repulsive mystery.

4. The Program

Is it conceivable to make a serial executioner? FBI Special Agent Ken Linderman (last seen close by Jack Carpenter in success The Night Monster) is going to discover. A serial executioner has kidnaped seventeen-year-old Wayne Ladd, and is putting the kid through the Program, a mischievous task intended to transform young men into seething executioners. Alongside hot-headed FBI Agent Rachel Vick, Linderman must race with time as the opponent to spare Wayne before he’s transformed into a creature.

With the chances against them and time running out, Linderman and Vick will persevere relentlessly to spare Wayne, and convey a savage criminal to equity

Jack Carpenter is the hero of a progression of wrongdoing fiction books by American author James Swain. Jack was a cop in South Florida until he was terminated for utilizing unnecessary power. Out of work, he swings to private investigator work keeping in mind the end goal to stop youngster abductors and the kind.

The Jack Carpenter arrangement started in 2007 with the book Midnight Rambler. The arrangement is at present continuous. The following is a rundown of James Swain’s Jack Carpenter books all together of when they were initially discharged:

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