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The Terminal List (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
True Believer (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Savage Son (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Hand (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
In the Blood (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Only the Dead (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Sky Mourning (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Targeted (With: James Scott) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jack Carr is an acclaimed author and a very popular writer from America, who is popular for writing thriller and fiction novels. He is an ex-Navy SEAL and uses all his experience in the combat to develop his stories. In his former profession, Carr has commanded special operations teams. He has served as a Troop Commander, Task Unit Commander, Team Leader, and Platoon Commander. Carr has worked for 20 years in the Naval Special Warfare, transitioning from a SEAL sniper to a junior officer rank to the platoon commander to a Task Unit commander.

Throughout his different posts in the US Navy SEAL, Carr has worked as a specialist in intelligence and communications, led sniper and assault teams in Afghanistan and Iraq, carried out counterinsurgency operations in southern Phillippines, and also served in the Iran-influenced areas of Iraq during the drawdown of the United States forces. After retiring from his military career in 2016 Carr has begun a new career in the field of novel writing. He writes on a full-time basis and keeps himself indulged all the time in creating stories and characters. Carr has recently started his new series called the James Reece series.

He has finished writing the first two books of this series, the first of which came out in 2018 and the second one is expected to be released in mid-2019. Author Carr looks forward to writing many more thriller novels in the years to come and hopes to establish himself among the top-ranked authors of the genre. As of today, Carr resides in Park City, Utah along with his beloved wife and 3 children. His creation of the character of James Reece is highly appreciated by the fans of thriller and mystery stories. He has described James Reece as a former Navy SEAL, who lands in trouble in his last mission.

Reece uses his military skills and training to keep himself away from danger and unravels a mystery so deep that everyone becomes shocked after its revelation. This book found many takers after its release and became immensely successful. The success motivated author Carr to develop another story revolving around James Reece. Many prominent critics have applauded Carr’s efforts in coming up with such an original story.

The readers and fellow writers have enjoyed reading the story very much. They have praised author Carr by saying that he has a bright future in writing. The debut book of author Jack Carr’s career and the James Reese series is entitled ‘The Terminal List’. It was released by the Emily Bestler/Atria Books publication in 2018. The book introduced James Reece as a Lieutenant Commander. It describes a political thriller story in which a Navy SEAL comes to know that the US government is responsible for the killings of his team members on a mission, and sets out to make the culprits pay for their inhuman act.

Author Carr has shown that whenever such a situation arises, military personnel don’t fear for his own life and risks everything to get justice for his fellow soldiers. The novel begins by showing that James Reece gets deployed on his last mission of combat. A catastrophic ambush takes place in which his whole team gets killed, but he survives. Even the aircrew that was sent to rescue them all gets killed in the process.

This huge tragedy comes in Reece’s life on the same day when he was about to get discharged from service. Every man from his team who got killed was very dear to James Reece. Hence, the tragic loss hurts him badly. But, what hurts him, even more, is to discover that the ambush was not carried out by any enemy, but it was a task of a conspiracy carried out on the orders of the government.

As Reece begins to investigate and find out the people involved in the conspiracy, he learns that people at the highest levels are involved. James does not have any family and after knowing the real intention of the government officials he finds himself free from the command structure of the military. He decides to apply all the lessons he learned over the years in warfare to avenge the killing of his teammates. With relentless suspense and breathless pacing, James Reece moves ahead with his plan and targets the enemies sitting in the upper sections of power without worry about combat rules and laws.

This novel provides an excellent story that is perfect for all the fans of Brad Thor, Nelson DeMille, Vince Flynn, and Stephen Hunter. It depicts an intoxicating and intriguing thriller that warns against the greed of absolute power and the ones who would go to any lengths to gain it. This book is a fantastic debut by author Carr. Its storyline is filled with action-packed sequences and authentic settings.

What makes it stand out from other military thrillers is that it features a vast description of weaponry. The accuracy with which Carr has given the description of the weapons is incredible. Many former military people have given their approval to the description and have loved to read such a fine story with such a unique setup. Numerous readers have showered their love on the main character James Reece.

They have compared him with the likes of Mitch Rapp, Jason Bourne, and Pike Logan. The narrative seems to have a lot of detailing and passion, which is evident from the fact that Carr is a retired SEAL. His writing seems fluid and his character descriptions are quite engaging. The readers appreciated such an interesting story coming from a debut author and praised him for his good work.

Following the immense popularity of the first novel, author Carr attempted to write its sequel. He has finished writing the book and has named it True Believer. Carr has handed the book to the publishing company for editing. It is scheduled to be released in April 2019. Carr hopes that this book also achieves huge success and gains the appreciation and praise of the audience. Many readers have already expressed their desire to read the second book. The first book has helped to set the stage for the next volume and also for all other volumes that will be published in the series later.

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28 Responses to “Jack Carr”

  1. David Dolen: 2 months ago

    I stunbled on Jack Carr after reading CJ Box. Both are great authers in the manner in which they blend factual history, technology, and current events into very riviting story lines. I believe that we, and those close to us, who have served our country, especialy during times of war, can relate to the charictors and underlying events better than the person just looking for entertainment. However, much can be learned by any reader of Jack Carr’s novels. As for me, I look forward to his next and appreciate the blend of his research, experiance, and factual historica style of writing.

  2. WElam: 11 months ago

    The first few books were really good. But the last three have gotten progressively more and more cynical. Only the Dead spends the first hundred pages on a thinly veiled diatribe. I’m all for historical accuracy – but this wasn’t history; it was a rant disguised as a novel. I had to force myself to keep reading. More James Reece, less of your twisted politics.

    • Jeff Coulter: 3 months ago

      What do you mean by his “twisted” politics? Is it “twisted” because you don’t agree with it? You think that maybe someone who’s spent their life protecting a nation out at the sharp end might take special exception to what our country has become? Try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes before you discount what they have to say.

      -MAJ Jeff Coulter, US Army (Ret)

      • Stan Cherrie: 2 months ago

        Agree completely.
        Good Job, Young Major.
        Stan Cherrie

      • Craig: 2 months ago

        I completely agree.

        Sgt Craig Nichols USAF

  3. Linda Savara: 11 months ago

    Recently received 3 of JackCarr’s books as a gift. Enjoyed them so much I bought the fourth in the series and plan on buying the others also. He has a great way of writing. I am a huge fan of Navy Seal ops type of book. I am a huge fan of Brad Thor and have read all his books. If you are looking for some great reads, check out Jack Carrs books

  4. Jim: 11 months ago

    On par (or a cut above) Thor and Taylor – which is saying a lot! I’m very picky about choosing thriller writers and their works, as quite a few get the details wrong. Not so with Jack Carr – he is spot on! Keep up the good work Jack!

  5. Gerald Barbur: 2 years ago

    I just finished The Terminal List and enjoyed it very much. I am now getting True Believer to read. I enjoy eBooks because they are always on my iPad.
    Jack Carr please continue this series.

  6. DAVID R. PLUNKETT: 2 years ago

    AWESOME SERIES….knows what he is writing about.. I did 2 tours in IRAQ… very realistic.

  7. Rick Sarazen: 2 years ago

    never been a shoot em up bang bang fan, but now i am.

    vietnam vet-airborne all the way!

  8. Brian: 2 years ago

    I didn’t think anyone could outdo Vince Flynn & Mitch Rapp but Carr does. He creates such vivid characters and scenes that it’s more like watching a movie than reading. Warning: After James Reece, other spec ops heroes are boring.

    • Contessa: 3 weeks ago

      I totally agree! Our family has been military all the way for over 20 years. I have been a huge fan of Thor and Flynn but now I total agree with Brian “I didn’t think anyone could outdo Vince Flynn & Mitch Rapp but Carr does.” Thanks for these terrific reads!

  9. Hank Greer: 2 years ago

    Let me state simply: Mitch Rapp with my favorite until I met James Reese!

    Thanks for giving me and my wife incredible “Reads”!!

  10. Carole: 2 years ago

    Honestly Mr Carr you’re an outstanding writer. These books are so exciting and the narrator is easy on the ears. Personally I’ve listened to each book at least three times. # 5’s ending made me want to contact you to encourage you to finish #6. The 8 part series was a bit disappointing so I’ve watched it twice and am acclimatizing myself to it. Thank you!

  11. Dr William Althoff: 2 years ago

    Thank-You ,Mr. Carr.

  12. Gail Blanton: 2 years ago

    I saw the 2nd Top Gun movie and was a little disappointed even though all my friends thought it was better than the 1st one. I disagree. I just finished watching “The Terminal List” with Chris Pratt and I found this MUCH, MUCH better than Top Gun. Please, please keep bringing Reece to TV.

    • Judy: 2 years ago

      Just finished In The Blood. When does your next book come out. The Epilogue left me hanging

      • Steven: 1 year ago

        With the 2023 installment, I have to wonder how Reece gets out of the situation only to land in the next installment’s situation.

  13. Steve Ross: 2 years ago

    Thank you for a great series so far. Please keep it up and keep the faith.

  14. Len Locke: 2 years ago

    Just finished “Terminal List”, great read. I was so impressed with Jack’s style of writing. Using terminology from the spec. Ops. Community. I went and ordered the second book in the series, “True Believer”. Looking forward in reading it.

  15. Paul Will: 2 years ago

    Just finished the James Reese series. “B Z”. Looking forward to “In the Blood”.

  16. JP Morgan: 2 years ago

    Just finished Devil’s Hand. Loved the way you gave a shout out to Brad Thor. I’m snowed in and need another one. Keep cranking.

  17. Jim Tapper: 2 years ago

    I just finished the Devil’s Hand. I am grateful I found this series, as I could not put them down. Thank you Jack Carr and thank you for this wonderful site!

  18. reta murray: 2 years ago

    Loved the James Reece books.

  19. susan tillman: 3 years ago

    Great interview with Tucker yesterday. Insightful! Looking forward to reading your books.

  20. BECKY KUNTZ: 3 years ago

    I’ve read your first 4 books.
    Read them each in 2 days. Could not put them down.
    You are now on my list of favorite authors
    Keep up the great work.

  21. Mary Lynn Dugan Lippert: 3 years ago

    Watched you on Tucker tonight!
    Thank you for speaking truth about
    the reality check of Afghanistan after
    years of sacrifice from our military
    families! So deeply saddened and
    praying for all!
    Will be looking for your books!
    May God bless and protect you and
    your family for the sacrifice you gave!

  22. Dr. Strangelove 👌: 4 years ago

    Great series. Eagerly awaiting #4.


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