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Jack Cavanaugh is a published author.

Cavanaugh has over two dozen novels published under his name. He has won several awards for his writing. He first came into print in 1994 with the release of his debut novel The Puritans, which was the first of his series an American Family Portrait. The series spans nine volumes and covers the history of an early seventeenth century nation to the current day.

He has always been an artist that takes the craft seriously. He studies as well as teaches at conferences for Christian writers. Jack is also a former pastor that used to oversee three churches located in the county of San Diego. His background in theology is the perfect place to provide inspiration for spiritual elements in his books as well as different characters and plots.

Cavanaugh is a popular author. His novels have sold well and as a result have successfully been translated into a variety of foreign languages thanks to a somewhat ‘universal’ topic scope. He has written extensively on the topic of American history as well as many other topics. These include English bibles that have been banned, South Africa, German Christians that were living during the times when Hitler was in power or the times of communism, angelic warfare, and American revivals.

He enjoys finding time to write and his schedule includes writing screenplays for major motion pictures as well as serial fiction in e-book form distributed over the Internet. He is happy to report that Death Watch, his novel, was optioned to be adapted into a movie. He is married and lives in the area of southern California along with his wife. They have three adult children together.

Jack Cavanaugh is the creator and author of the American Family Portrait series of novels. The series kicked off in 1994 with the release of the debut book and the sequel and the third book quickly followed. The ninth volume of this series came out in 2008 and is titled The Guardians. The series remains in print even after all this time!

The Puritans is the first novel in the American Family Portrait saga by author Jack Cavanaugh. If you are interested in stories that take place in different times and settings other than current day, this might be a series that you want to check out!

Readers get to meet the character of Drew Morgan in this story or the first time. He is young man that many find themselves envying. He has been hand selected for it by the Bishop Laud. The king is the only man in all of England that would have more power than this man.

Drew has been given an assignment that is important. He has been told that his mission is to go to the Puritan villages and infiltrate them. Then he is to find traitors, mark them, and turn them over to the crown and the church to deal with. The bishop has also informed him that it is his job to find out the identity of a pamphleteer that has gained great notoriety named Justin.

It all seems like a simple enough plan to follow, but will things truly go along that smoothly? Drew is about to find that his fortune will change when he meets the daughter of a Puritan curate and starts to fall for her. The loyalty to his assignment will surely be tested by the arrival of this new situation.

Drew finds that he is awakening to himself in an entirely new way and has more to consider than just his assignment. When his spiritual yearnings start to root in him, it may just end up that his personal fortune will be the thing to suffer. When Drew betrays unwittingly something that he knows is right, could the stage be set for an eventual conversion?

Drew takes off in order to totally change everything. He has plans to start again in Massachusetts, the newest colony of what people are calling the New World. Drew wants to try and ask for forgiveness from people that he feels he has betrayed. At the top of this list is the woman that by now he knows that he loves from the bottom of his heart.

The young man believes that he has finally traveled far enough to be out of the reach and the power of the bishop, but is this a reasonable assumption for him to make? Bishop Laud may have more of a way to influence him than Drew believes. Will the bishop be able to extend himself over the ocean to this new land and become an obstacle to his new mission?

It is a threat that remains still. But for Drew, the greatest test may yet still stand ahead. His affection, his loyalties, and above all what he is made of and his character will be tested to the highest degree. What will happen when the faith and ways of the old world collide with one individual’s quest to find out who he is? Find out by reading this intriguing first book of the Portrait series to see what happens!

The Colonists is the second novel in the Portrait series that continues an engaging story of spirituality. Benjamin Morgan was able to do what so many do not back in 1727 and achieve a dream he had all his life. It is only unfortunate that he was required to die in order to do it. He is Drew Morgan’s great-grandson, and his death split up his family in Boston into different factions that cannot stop fighting.

The death means that his children will have to face life without his guidance. His dream of a Christian heritage being passed down through the generations of his family may be threatened by all of the fighting as well. Philip is an academic at Harvard that goes to an Indian village as his father wanted, while Priscilla goes into the world of commerce. Jared ends up on a ship that is full of pirates.

When a merchant attempts to take the family’s assets, the family must band together and fight for their father’s dreams. Read this book to find out whether they are successful!

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