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Are you intrigued, invigorated and enlightened by a good mystery novel – or series – and a compelling, strong female lead? The Jack Daniels series delivers all of this – and more – with professional and laugh-out-loud funny style. There are eight books in the series, starring Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Daniels – whose personal, in-depth issues ring true with so many of Konrath’s readers that the hunt for serial killers takes a second place to the exploration of humanity beautifully detailed.

Konrath uses humor to illustrate his point, and drive the story – and if you read these books, you’ll know just how funny the humor can be!

Jack Daniels

Jack starts our series as a Lieutenant in the Chicago police, at 46 she’s divorced and suffering from insomnia. She’s in-your-face and straight to the point, her life’s a mess but she’s still a great cop. She’s so good she’s actually head of the Violent Crimes unit. She does her job well and she’s going places – and the twists and turns of the story illustrate her unwavering talents, her intellect and her ability.

Unfortunately, she’s just that amazing of a cop that she lost her husband because of it. Being head over heels in love with your work means you don’t give the care and attention your actually lover needs – and that cost her, dearly, and it’s something that affects her greatly. She often risks her career, love life and safety for the cause of justice, and she proves time and again that there are good, morally enlightened people out there.

Throughout the course of the series she deals with all sorts of real-life issues for people her age – her mother gets sick, her pets are whiny, her partner goes through issues and general calamity, and she has to deal with her ex-husbands growing and painful needs. Sometimes she even gets proposed to, and that’s entertaining – and grim – to watch unfold. She deals with some of the scariest, most challenging criminal activity you can imagine – from psychotic serial killers to terrorists and snuff video enthusiasts – and comes out on top.

Jack Daniels is human and she’s plagued by the same kinds of issues anyone with an addiction to their job are, and that’s what makes these books such an enjoyable read. The gore and the complex – but not complicated – stories are a great bonus, too. Time and again you can reflect on yourself and the people around you, and the battle of good vs. evil that rages all around us. It’s a opportunity to understand more about yourself, and the world, through humor, wit and some violence.

Whiskey Sour

We enter Konrath’s first novel in this series with Jack’s boyfriend having just left a ‘dear Jack’ letter on the fridge – because she wasn’t paying near enough attention, and we begin to understand that she’s truly married to her career. He’s gone with his personal trainer, in fact. Her newest case – and main focus point of the book – features ‘the Gingerbread man,’ a killer who’s got their eyes set on Jack herself. She signs up for a dating service, and heads on that crucial first date – but she’s bit off more than she can chew with this one, and the mystery unfolds in what readers are celebrating as the beginning of a series that’s riveting, interesting and insightful. There’s barely any filler, and at just under 300 pages it’s a solid little read that’ll leave you wanting more.

It’s a police procedural so there are true-to-life realities that cops face in the real world defined and explored in the novel. There are two FBI agents – tons of authority, not much ability – assigned to the case and they are constantly getting in the way and causing other issues, much to Jack Daniel’s dismay. While she can’t dismiss them and carry on doing good work the right way, she can show them – through example – that she is highly qualified to solve the case. Then she does prove just that – by solving the case.

So, what more is there? Well, you have seven more novels – and spin-offs – you may just want to enjoy, too! Let’s look at another:

Bloody Mary

Jack survived her last foray with a mad killer, and now she’s back into the mix of danger and excitement. Her partner’s having a midlife crises, her mother’s condition is getting worse, her boyfriend’s experiencing the throes of jealousy and her ex-husband is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. So, how does she pull through? We begin with a morgue that has extra, inexplicable body parts – two arms, no body, joined by Jack’s own handcuffs – and go from there.

The murders are brutal. The pace is fast, and the read is thoroughly enjoyable – Jack progresses as a character, and so does almost everyone around her, to humanize the experience for readers to enjoy. The second half of the novel is a legal battle that is suspenseful, very possible and was very interesting to read.

So why should you read Jack Daniel’s mysteries?

It’s funny, it’s quick, it’s short and it’s to the point. There are eight of them, so if you enjoy the first one or two as much as so many others have – then you have a fair bit of reading to go before you exhaust this character’s current story. These stories will continue to be released – and praised – and they are being watched by some of the industry giants, as the skills of the author continue to develop.

Konrath has spent time as an improvisational actor, and it shows. His jokes are witty and intellectual, while sometimes being extreme – it leaves you laughing in your seat, and that’s the best kind of experience anyone can get from a book. It also draws your mind away from the gore that is sometimes rampant with the writing – he also authors horror under a pseudonym, and it shows – and leaves you with a good balance, where you can feel comfortable. It’s well done, well thought, and well delivered.

I’d highly recommend getting to know Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Daniels and her cohorts, and giving these books a try. It’s a pleasurable experience and you’ll feel educated and entertained for your time spent! There will be more books released in the future, and they’re sure to build on the resounding success of these novels – further excitement to look forward to.

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  1. Roger Byrd: 3 years ago

    I would like to see more of the Chandler series. I thought it was the best of any of the Konrath books.

    • Michael J. McGowan: 2 years ago

      PLEASE!!!!! Let there be more in the Code name Chandler series. Its is by far one of the greatest series I’ve read.


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