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Jack Flynn
Jack Flynn is a mystery writer known for his debut thriller Blood in the Water. This book has earned him respect amongst his peers and fans who cannot wait to read his next story. Flynn also doubles as a lawyer, offering pro bono services to wrongly convicted individuals in Boston. The author lives south of Boston and enjoys writing on his commute across the Boston Harbor.

Blood in the Water
Blood in the Water is a three strands story involving three characters from different backgrounds. On one side is a harbor chief working to ensure that everything in his waters is running smoothly. While the harbor chief gets involved in illegal dealings, the law looks aside as he maintains sanity there. There is also an FBI looking to keep the psychopath responsible for ruining her life behind bars. Lastly, there is an MS-13 member who wants to have more control of the harbor, so it is easy to transport drugs, among other illegal items. Somehow, these three threads interweave, resulting in a bloody gang war that ends up hurting more people than were initially involved.

Cormack O’Connell is in charge of the harbor. The hardened man has experience with the two sides of the law and has been organizing dockworkers and longshoremen for all his life. At any given time, Cormack knows everything that goes through the port. His tribute comes from different sources, but everyone knows he does a marvelous job. The Boston harbor would not run so smoothly without him. His current trouble stems from someone who is no longer willing to pay his tribute. Also, this person wants control of the harbor to ensure the seamless transfer of illegal drugs. Away from work, Cormack is a father to a young lady named Diamond.

Diamond is pretty much her own woman. Depending on who is asking, Diamond is a lover and a fighter. The young lady has seen a lot in the nineteen years she has lived, which explains a lot about her personality. Diamond’s only job is to stay alive, but this, at a point, becomes a hard task. She gets caught up in a mouse and cat game where she is the mouse at the mercy of too many cats. While Diamond comes with a strong mind, how will she handle being a pawn in a sizeable dangerous game involving seasoned murderers and men who have nothing to lose? Will she escape unscathed?

Agent Kit Steele, otherwise known as the hunter, has been pursuing her prey for ages, and now, she believes he is where she wants. While the original plan was to put Vincente behind bars, Kit has him locked up differently. All Kit has to do is get Vincente to a judge before his gang realizes what is happening. For Kit, this case is personal. The MS-13 is responsible for killing her son and husband, and she will do everything to make this terrorist pay. While her prey escaped before, Kit is keen to ensure this doesn’t happen again. In this story, Kit will come face to face with the underworld. Deals will have to be made with the gangs to take out a common enemy. Kit’s situation gets complicated due to her closeness with Cormack.

Vincente Carpio is Agent Kit’s prisoner. The gang leader has ice running through his veins. If the trail of bodies he has left behind is anything to go by, Vincent is not afraid to kill. Vicente’s brother Javier wants to break him out of prison. Unfortunately, the plan he has devised will put the lives of many innocent Bostonians at risk.

Set in Boston during the coldest of winters, this story documents the rising temperatures in the criminal underworlds. A war is waging, and those caught up in it are there to win. Cormack knows that if he doesn’t win, he will end up in a casket. He is willing to do everything to safeguard his life, but the cost may be higher than he ever imagined. Kit and Cormack work together to take two evil men, T’phong Sogw and Javier Carpio, down. Both are members of the vicious MS-13 gang and based on their history, the criminals know no boundaries. All the other characters have their parts to play. The story comes together beautifully to an explosive finale.

The book starts and ends with Kit working to defeat her nemesis, Vincente Carpio. Vincente is a psychopath who kills Americans, mutilates their bodies, and later grotesquely arranges them. His brother Javier is not any different, and the two make up a deadly freak show straight out of hell. As the story continues, another dangerous gang will get involved in pushing a tricky situation from bad to worse.
This is an intense thriller that draws you from the beginning. The profoundly flawed protagonist is easy to side with him. With a fast-pace, the author narrates this action-packed story. While a lot is going on throughout the book, this is an easy read. Nothing gets too detailed or convoluted. This is not a story for the faint-hearted. There is blood and violence like you would expect in a story where gang wars are involved. This is not to say that you will not enjoy reading it, far from it. The characters are diverse and well fleshed out, the pacing is just right, and the plot is nothing but sleek.

Blood in the Water is a well-crafted thriller overflowing with betrayal, bloodshed, and bodies. There is also a lot of mystery making this read like a mobster soap opera. Who is Cormack’s betrayer, and what is their motivation? Amid all the chaos and bloodshed, there is love. You will get to see the length a father is willing to go to protect his daughter and the extent a woman will push to shield her unborn child. All the significant characters are deeply flawed, making it easy to identify with them. Get ready to be shocked because, in this story, anyone can die, even the characters you love.

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