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Publication Order of DI Jack Frost Books

Frost at Christmas (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Touch of Frost (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Frost (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard Frost (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winter Frost (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Killing Frost (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Detective Jack Frost Prequel Books

The Jack Frost series is a series of crime thriller and thriller novels, which are written by one of the prominent English authors named R.D. Wingfield. This series is comprised of six books in total which were released between the years 1984 and 2008. All the books in this series depict the central character in the role of Detective Inspector Jack Frost, who lives in Denton, England. The character description of Jack Frost as is given by author Wingfield in the series is similar to that type of detective who seems more interested in doing field. He is typically very horrible in relation to the paperwork side of his detective work. However, he has an excellent record in going out in the field and solving the mysteries that take place in the town. Author Wingfield received such a wide acclaim for the success of this crime fiction series that he was approached for adapting the novel series in the form of a television series. Eventually, the series was made into radio plays as well as a television series. The ITV production produced the television series called A Touch of Frost based on the original novel series. In this TV series, actor David Jason was cast in the lead role of Jack Frost. Author Wingfield wrote and published a total of 6 books in this exciting series, beginning with the 1984 novel titled Frost at Christmas. After contributing with the final book titled A Killing Frost in the series in 2008, author Wingfield ended the series officially. Following this, James Henry decided to take over and continue with the series.

At the beginning of the series, author Wingfield has described Denton to be free from any crime wave so far. But, it appears that it has been overcome by one such deadly event. A strip joint gets robbed on a busy day, a serial rapist roams freely in the city, and a local MP gets tried as a suspect in a hit and run case. With all these cases arriving at his desk at once, Jack Frost begins to feel the pressure. But, with the help of his determination and his undying attitude, he makes sure that the pressure does not reflect on his face. Jack Frost convinces his bosses that he has everything in control and will solve all the three cases very soon. As the series continues, Jack Frost comes across a case in which the senior citizens of Denton are being terrorized by freely roaming serial killer. The police come across another case in which a normal couple complains about receiving frequent arson attack and death threats. The other cases pending in the police station include burglaries, questionable suicides, poison letters, etc. As the cases continue to pile up, DI Jack Frost is asked to deal with them. He realizes that he must be ready to cut the corners and take chances if he has to bring back the peace in Denton. However, things always tend to happen in a different way from what he expects and this makes the path even more difficult for Jack Frost. Throughout the novel series, Jack Frost’s character appears to be an untidy, hopelss, and sloppy with his paperwork jobs, but no one is able to match his abilities when it comes to solving mysteries. Other than the book series, the character of Jack Frost has also made appearances in the a couple of radio plays and 42 episodes of a TV series between the years 1992 and 2010. Two radio plays were broadcast on BBC Radio 4. In the second play, Derek Martin was chosen to play the lead role.

One of the initial books published by author Wingfield in the Jack Frost series is titled as ‘A Touch of Frost’. The Corgi publication released this book in the year 1992. The beginning sequence of the book shows that Frost, who is officially on his duty as a detective inspector, tries to sneak off to the leaving party of one of his colleagues. But, his hopes are shattered when he his handed over a new case. He learns that the dead body of a popular local junkie is discovered blocking Denton’s public lavatory drain. Somehow, Frost manages to deal with the case and attempts to join the leaving party once again. But, then another case comes his way in which a wealthy businessman’s nubile daughter is reported missing. Denton feels realizes that he had never come across such a crime wave in the city before. As the number of criminal cases arise in Denton including rapists, killers, robbers, etc., Frost begins to feel the strain. As always, there are many errors in his paperwork and this time, even his colleagues begin to point out flaws in his way of working. They try to get him sacked. Butt Jack Frost somehow manages to convince his bosses that he has everything in check and will bring results in the cases very soon. Now, the only person that he is left to convince is himself.

The next popular book published in the series is titled as ‘Hard Frost’. This book was released by Bantam publishers in the year 1995. The starting sequence of the book shows that Jack Frost continues to work as the Detective Inspector in the Denton Division. As always, he is not liked by his superior officers. In fact, they think of him as a pain in the ass, who is unruly and unkempt, and has the habit of cutting along with liking for crude humor. Even his colleagues hope that he bounces off from the police department. But, the only that has helped him stay in the department for all these years is his ability to get the job done by any means possible. On one occasion, Frost gets some time away from duty to go on a vacation. But, his holiday gets interrupted when he is asked to go on an emergency duty. Very soon, the Denton Divison falls short of men when a car full of several cops meets an accident. As a result, the load on Frost’s shoulders increases too much. He has to deal with a blackmailer, a sexual pervert, a widow, a crazy housewife, and a kidnapper, all of whom make his job extremely difficult. But, Frost continues to look for clues in all the cases one after the other and ends up solving each one of them before time runs out.

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